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Guys and Dolls (lol)

Posted: Mon May 23, 2016 5:45 am
by Naga_Fireball
Vivid but brief dreams last few nights.
In one dream near the end I see a local social worker and give him a hug. Which is apparently me being insecure about a certain message being repeated to him in regards to my taste in men. Long story. But this guy got thrown into the Oh No, It's Love Blender with my lawyer. My reaction was to say Oh no he's not my type. Now I'm kind of wondering if it hurt the guy's feelings. I just tend to prefer men with bigger bodies due to my past issues with weight..... Lol

The next dream is even stranger and funnier. In it i am chasing my prom date from junior high school year. The one who is a gay lawyer. He gives me this hilarious smile then climbs up this wooden scaffold that is sitting where a playground should be. No matter how bravely I climb he's faster and soon vanishes from the dream.

0_0 sigh. Well people do say to dream big, but get real, right? ;)