Fearless Fawn ... welcome to Earth Empaths

"I am one of many eternal spirits birthed from Source, joyfully contributing in the grand waltz of Creation alongside shimmering star brethren"
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Fearless Fawn ... welcome to Earth Empaths

Post by Christine »


Innocence without fear ... our natural state of being. Welcome to the forum it is always lovely to hear a new voice.
The journey, the challenge is to step into the
projection room and stop being lost in the script.

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Re: Fearless Fawn ... welcome to Earth Empaths

Post by LostNFound »

Wow! Welcome to the forum Fearless Fawn, This is such a great moment. Today I and my love were sitting on the back patio and low and behold a beautiful doe was standing about 50 feet away and watching me and my wife. She was just munching on the oaks and elm trees. We watched her slowly move to other trees and shrubs to munch and she just seemed to meander around the big empty lots next to us. I caught a perfect side profile of her and the color was like a white tan. Just a share with you and welcome again.


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Re: Fearless Fawn ... welcome to Earth Empaths

Post by Sandy Clark »

Welcome Fearless Fawn, look forward to sharing ee space with you. :-)

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