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an honest question about world war 2 philosophy

Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 5:18 am
by Naga_Fireball
I can't help but see the huge, irreconcilable breakdown between German standards and Greek expectations of freedom in America. In a moment I'll get into it, but first, a disclaimer.

I love Jews & people of color. Yeah I've said bad words etc regarding gangs and other social stigmas. But it doesn't mean I follow Hitler or agree with anti semites!

In fact, Jews and Germans in America are so similar actually that it's scary and funny. There are the stereotypes, like the Jewish lawyers and the German farmer with a drinking problem, etc, there's always someone to use as a bad example..

But in general these are hard working people who are extremely focused on individual discipline and merit. Jews and Germans are people who generally enjoy hard work whether or not anyone sees.

Which brings me to the uncomfortable Greek life question.

"GREEK LIFE" refers to the phenomenon of America's high school graduates being snapped up into an underworld of secular intrigue, drug culture, rape & other violence, hazing & murder .

Fraternities and sororities set the tone for young professionals who would otherwise have grown up to be independent, but instead plunge into a nightmare of backstabbing, betrayal, codependency and sex abuse.

Of all the cultures on earth we could have adopted, why do we accept that one? Why are our students living the "Greek Life" in the first place?

Why should we honor the spirit of a time when gluttony was revered over honesty, and self-pleasure outweighed the will of the gods?

And here's another question. What about the new wave of gaydom sweeping the land from one end to the other? In a country where wars are fought over things like communism and concentration camps, why do Americans let their kids be indoctrinated by a culture that pushes drugs & rape on college kids and tells elementary school children that Sodomy is ok??

I know that my opinion will bring down a lot of backlash, but consider that I said nothing about love itself.

I'm talking about the simple & plan culture of self-pleasure, predatory callousness toward one's fellows, and betrayal that is commonplace at colleges & universities that encourage fraternity & sorority lifestyle over one of individual virtue & accountability.

I remember hating the sorority girls, thinking they looked like Prostitute Barbie with a hangover, and the fraternity guys were just a bunch of stupid creeps drinking beers on rented porches. Trailer trash on a higher step.

There's a difference between gay and fag, too.
A gay person is capable of exhibiting manners and displaying empathy. Fags are as rude as the straight people who are irked by them.

The rainbow umbrella protects a pretty sizable mushroom cloud of angry, bitter presumption too... it's not all coming from the Bible belt or some Afghan cave.

Anyway, not sure what I hope to achieve by this thread.

Except to say, Hitler had some good ideas but implemented them horribly and in a way that was inhumane.

I do find myself fascinated by the individual work ethic of Germans and Jews, and hope that I am wrong about the gross laxity of Greek culture. Unfortunately I've met other examples of the Greek hierarchy & warped way of thinking, and am not very impressed with it all.

Re: an honest question about world war 2 philosophy

Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 11:54 am
by Christine
Naga_Fireball ~ You certainly cover a lot of territory in this post and since it is well known that Claudia and I cover a lot of material on WWII (the war that never ended) as well as Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich, I will make a few short comments and see where this thread goes.

First when using words such as Jew, anti-Semitic, even the name Hitler one has to be careful of what they are defining with this usage. In saying Jew are we speaking of Judaism as a belief in a religious doctrine or a group of people who loosely or culturally identify themselves as being Jewish? There is a very broad spectrum, just as one would say Christian (another Abrahamic religion) we can't classify any people in a single category.

The word anti-Semitic has pretty much been proven to be a false label used by "jewish" propagandists (here I refer to those who are Talmudic/ Ashkenazi Jews or Zionists [more on that word later]). Semitic is a group of semi-nomadic people identified as those who spoke a common language which include Arabs. ... ng_peoples The label word anti-Semitic was developed and implemented to trigger an emotional response in people so they immediately shy away from investigating further.

The same goes with the word German, are we speaking of the Germanic people and if so do we recognize the philosophy of the Nordic peoples who originally populated Germany centuries ago? Or do we refer to the countrymen and women of current day Germany who have been bludgeoned into a belief that they are the most libel creatures on the planet given that there grandparents followed Hitler? Germany is a country that has been coerced into the same tyranny that prevails in all the Western world.

On Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich, my own personal investigative journey along with karelia has taken me through multiple layers of purposeful deception. I have said over and over and will repeat it; we cannot ever hope to uncover the truth of WWI and WWII through the lens of current day thought patterns which have been deeply embedded in our psyche via the same 'education system' that you speak about at the end of your post. I rather feel that the term philosophy also needs to be defined correctly, whose philosophy? The Third Reich's or the Allied Forces' or an all (every culture other than Native People ports this belief) prevailing philosophy that one race is intrinsically better than another?

Without clearly defining word usage we will further muddle the puddle as it were ... our world is a construct of language really and so without deconstructing the meaning of words we will inadvertently continue to keep the falsified patrix/matrix alive.

My investigation into root races (White, Yellow, Black and Red) continues. Recently via the pathway of studying Hollow Earth and the Nordic myths along with some surprising finds about my own genetic lineage (almost fully Nordic, albeit white) coupled with my journey to Standing Rock and walking the Red road I will make a brief statement. Yes, each race has an intrinsic place in our Human genetic makeup, each race carries genetic DNA markers that one can loosely call memory. Up until now most 'national (note the word nation contains the word native) leaders' have have fought to protect/promote their races superiority/right to exist. We can see through the direct writings of Adolph Hitler that he, let's not forget he was an individual as well as a leader of a massive Germanic uprising, that his philosophy was primarily founded in protecting a Nordic way of life, he was a lifelong vegetarian whose role in the world's view has been greatly distorted. Does that make him infallible, certainly not though we can use our own wisdom to discern that what we were taught about these horrific wars is far from the Truth.

In closing, what is not hard to surmise is that the state of affairs on our planet is directly related to the 'victors' of war, the manipulators of money or banking cartels (dare I say 'jewish bankers" ?) ... perhaps with deeper study we can also discern that the Third Reich (another term bandied around without closer inspection) or the Third Realm (Middle Earth) was in need of protection.

Re: an honest question about world war 2 philosophy

Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:02 pm
by Naga_Fireball
I appreciate your response.

I guess I'm just a bit sad that we as a nation lack the work ethic of our German and Jewish counterparts.

We esteem narcissism over self sacrifice. Unfortunately Greece was a slaver culture at its height.

Didn't mean to gay bash so hard, but I actually see it as a huge problem in America.

There's a group of Americans who came here to build a better life for their families and for the future of their kids. There's a group who came only for hedonistic self pleasure.

And in between the two groups is a faction of predators that would make you shit a brick if you saw it going down. I mean the underworld figures who supply the drug connections and properties involved in the corruption of our youth!

Also that student loan money is being targeted by these drug runners sickens me.

Imagine situations where small time suppliers saw the money in college and moved up from a position in the kiddie pool to start selling to kids over 18.


I guess part of the problem here is that I have some of the weaknesses these predators capitalize on.

I don't like how the gay guys who come thru La Vida Loca looking the worse for wear spend the remaining energy on self pity rather than fighting back against their drug lords.

I see a lot of weird as hell dynamics here because it's a college AND prison town.

We have way more filth than our share. Bad karma..

Guess I'm in a sad mood today, and obviously mr Hitler wasn't too happy near the end of his life either. If the stories are true that his doctor was poisoning him all those years.