Vet Ranch Challenge

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Vet Ranch Challenge

Post by Shezbeth »

EDIT: I probably should warn, this is by far not the worst, but some of the vids are a little graphic.

I've only recently gotten myself an 'official' Youtube account, from which I have been exploring 'subscriptions' at length. I invite you to look into my absolute favorite find of the bunch: Vet Ranch.

The channel is operated and run by a non-profit animal health rescue in Texas. Oh f- all that, just watch this video and TRY to not tear up. I couldn't, and I had my 'shields' up. Go on, I DARE you.

Please - if you have a youtube - like and/or subscribe. Why? 'Cuz they get financed exclusively by donations and Youtube to fund their operation, and clicking 'likes' and 'subscribes' is all one has to do to have a small impact on the future of animals like this one:
(a dog, I know, but its not its fault, its hoomans fault)

Check it; if you don't cry, I'll yield!

If you do cry tho, you gotta go and like ALL the vids, that's the challenge,.... ^_~" onclick=";return false;

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Re: Vet Ranch Challenge

Post by Christine »

I haven't found the moment to watch but already feel the tears in my eyes. Thanks Shezbeth, this keeps in perspective the "why" of the "what" we strive to correct. Honor.
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Re: Vet Ranch Challenge

Post by Pluto's Child »

It's better to click on the link than watch it here, that will earn them something" onclick=";return false;

There are links to their site etc on youtube.

It's outrageous that anyone should even consider killing that young & healthy dog for a small flesh wound & very easily treatable skin conditions Image

Taking my dog to the vets tomorrow, he's got two lumps on his side that are very worrying, they spray the grass with roundup & he eats it, and he has a microchip :cry:

I had no idea about microchips 10 years ago when he got chipped unfortunately.

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Re: Vet Ranch Challenge

Post by CharlotteReyer »

:( That was painful

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Re: Vet Ranch Challenge

Post by Naga_Fireball »

Dear Shezbeth,

It's good, no, Great, to see you here.

My phone is on "leftover Sprint data" speeds ie i used the good stuff, but if a person is able to get thru the frequent pauses (yay no ads in your video), your vid isn't that long and certainly has a happy ending.

I find it disturbing that ending the lives of these poor animals is considered 'therapeutic'. Bless Dr Matt Carriker for doing such amazing healing for this friendly and precious dog.


I'm thinking this thread isn't just another invitation to dump past trauma.. but it is interesting you posted this now.

I think it was yesterday or the day before that I was recounting to myself a pretty bad experience that occurred around age 10 or 11...

Our dogs were typically strays or the offspring of strays we had taken in. I know that my mom was able to spay her cat (she didn't trust us after that and went to the neighbor), but unfortunately as a tobacco growing Appalachian family, we lacked the sort of regular income at the time to take care of these things properly.

I think my grandparents had extra every once in a while, but they put a lot of pressure on my dad, and he was a bit mentally ill from a very difficult childhood full of bullying and frequent moves. Ironically he despised animal cruelty to the point where he was callous toward humans.

We had a female dog who was part hound and actually part coyote hybrid. As a result, she was very fertile and produced two litters of puppies if i recall.

We gave away at least 4 or 6 of these at our local Food Land store. One of the happiest days of our lives, me and my sisters and mom seeing people adopt these superbly cute furballs... lol they were so fat.

But unfortunately we still had four left. We kids did not have a concept of the cost of food and my dad didnt even think of poaching a deer to make dog food. See, I'm a survivor lol.

So his fragmented arse tells us to "hurry up and pick our favorite". We picked one with beautiful blonde fur and blue eyes. Apparently while we were at town one day our dad took our three juvenile tame family dogs out to the field and executed them.

Complicating things further, he recounted how disappointed he was that we didn't "pick the intelligent dog" because apparently one resisted him after recognizing the rifle for what it was, and he literally had to drag her by the collar and point blank blow her brains out.

So he blamed us kids for him going thru the trauma of seeing that and doing that. Not his best day of problem solving and shame on my grandparents...

Oh. And the horrible Murphy's law bit. The next day or week after he did that, our living puppy Bluey, wandered in front of a fast moving vehicle and was struck and killed in front of all 3 of us girls.

We came home to at least two more incidences of father having executed the family pets. The least expected was when he shot our two female cats, Batman and Black Baby. I will never own a cat with half the personality of those two... it's just not possible to replace the magic of childhood in an animal when you are 33 years old.

But anyway. I was actually very touched by the story of Love Bug. . He truly is the lucky exception in a terribly cruel world.
Brotherhood falls asunder at the touch of fire!
He finds his fellow guilty of a skin
Not coloured like his own, and having power
To enforce the wrong, for such a worthy cause
Dooms and devotes him as his lawful prey.
~William Cowper

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