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The Devil's Advocate

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2015 5:07 pm
by Shezbeth
"I departed boldly unto to meet the devil.
What I was greeted with was so in conflict with all repute...

... small wonder, considering the source."

- Me

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am going to take a liberty.

I am going to dispense a bit of my own personal experience and insight.

What I am about to dispense is going to fly in the face of countless traditions, stories, media (popular and non-), and material.

<clears throat for effect>

The 'Devil' you have been told of - as the focal point of most occult traditions - is the Divine Feminine.

I'll put it a different way; the Female represents the dark side.

Now! Before anyone brandishes pitchforks and torches, let me explain,....

The Feminine is the keeper of Resolve, and the Dark side of the force is the Force 'unrestrained, raw, passionate', etc. Now, I could suggest that the prosecution might be able to rest on that statement alone, I have found the exhaustive method is more effective; though I will detail more, this one post will be vastly insufficient and this will not be my final word on the matter.

First, I would like to address the issue of reputation, and I shall do so rhetorically. I realize the inadmissibility of rhetoric in a courtroom,... but the courtroom is the domain of the Reason. Therefore, in order to make a truly impartial observation (or at least, as unbiased as is humanly possible) the reader will be required to take a step back.

For ease and simplicity, I will start with the Abrahamics.

What is a Sin? Christianity - who have no monopoly on sin - with their '7 deadlies', and Islam is most specific and tyrannical about what is or isn't kosher (ha! see what I did there?). Running with the 7, let me ask you this; while admitting and allowing that any of those list can be observed to be non-conducive when taken to excess, are not all 7 the basis of all human enjoyment?

Leisure (Sloth)? Sens-/sexuality(Lust)? Love(Pride)? Nutritional Sustenance(Gluttony)? Righteous Opposition(Wrath)? Competition(Envy)? Accomplishment(Greed)?

Again I reiterate - all things in moderation and nothing to excess - but the responsibility of passion is discipline rather than repentance.

Understand the symbolism inherent; the 'devil' (I'ma keep referring so, to further dispel the negative stygma) does not 'forgive sins'.

When one errs (trespasses) they are rightly held accountable and are expected to learn from it. There are no 'whoopsie's, 'sorry's, or 'my bad's,... and yet the devil is the first to accept a sincere and responsible admission of fault!

However. Do not lie to the devil or you will be destroyed. It is not the lie for which you will be destroyed, but the lack of honesty and resolve to deceive for which you will be held to account.

Recognize: The devil does not break nor contracts engage false ones; only the counter-parties do that. I'll come back to this.

Answer me this: How does one acquire an ignominious reputation as is enjoyed by the devil? Well, I would venture to guess that one who exists in a backward and mind-controlled society - and is aware of it - knows quite well what it is like perceiving something and being the exception and/or gross minority.

In fact, when one allows for the dubious credibility of surviving populations (who tend to do so by massive reproduction - of the 'real winners' of the population X_X - and/or outright war,...) and their want to provide both sides of an issue, it seems readily APPARENT to me why a force/archetype/entity/union/however-you-DON'T-slice-it which in TRUTH is and represents all that it is and represents would be so readily and consistently maligned by a thought-form-presence-(awareness?).

Re: The Devil's Advocate

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2015 5:38 pm
by Christine
Let me clear my throat ... HFW! The word that comes to mind is portent. (So frequently words come and I know they are the right ones):

por·tent (pôr′tĕnt′)
1. An indication of something important or calamitous about to occur; an omen.
2. Prophetic or threatening significance: signs full of portent.
3. Archaic Something amazing or marvelous; a prodigy.

Goes back to baking cookies.

Re: The Devil's Advocate

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2015 6:15 pm
by Pluto's Child
Oh, he's just being provocative to look different.

He will be assimilated !


Re: The Devil's Advocate

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2015 8:01 pm
by Eelco
Isn't this just redirecting a dichotomy where there never was one to begin with?

As an entity the Devil is as much an thought construct as any part of the whole.
I for one have never deliberately projected a sexe or yin/yang side to it.
Although I had to stop myself from typing him just there.....

If he is real, and i know he is because so many people want it to be..(therefor he/she exists in some form of solidified energy)
It doesn't matter..

Hello Mara,
Oh there you are,
Dear friend,
I see you,
I love you...

With Love

Re: The Devil's Advocate

Posted: Wed Dec 23, 2015 9:06 pm
by Shezbeth
There you go, jumping ahead,.... Xp

Re: The Devil's Advocate

Posted: Thu Dec 24, 2015 10:11 pm
by Shezbeth
Now then,... who here is familiar with the legend/story of Bluebeard?

For those who aren't, here's the short version:

I would like to pose the question: Who is the foremost adversary to the protagonist, the young wife?

I would like to suggest that a truer answer is the young wife. It was she who allowed herself to be placed in such a dubious situation without appreciating the potential gravity and/or consequence. However, how could she?

In her nescience she could not have appreciated the gravity of the situation, no matter how apprehensive she may have felt (expressly); this is a critical aspect to nescience that might be unappreciated, that it occurs even beyond the deliberate pursuit of knowledge.

Which is to say, her truest adversary is inexperience. In so saying, there is no individual or group - whether past, present, or future - which is principally 'at fault' for the manner in which the feminine has been deliberately suppressed (and I don't mean the militant, social-justice-warrior variety). That there are agencies that have participated - and do still in some cases - is a result of the natural sequence of things throughout the ages. The human lifespan is too fleeting for an individual to even grasp significant enough awareness of things, and without the prescient awareness of cause and effect on a massive scale it seems unlikely that a group would fare any better.

What we do have now is the opportunity/responsibility to act from a scient (as opposed to nescient) consciousness.

Re: The Devil's Advocate

Posted: Sat Dec 26, 2015 11:27 pm
by Shezbeth
On 'dealing' with 'the Devil'.

First of all, do not approach the subject/idea without an honest and sincere interest in discovering the truth for one's self. The Devil is the fiercest opponent one will ever find, but that doesn't mean that the Devil is an enemy, but if one approaches absent sincerity or is engaged in a profound self-deception,....

I believe the common colloquialism 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' has a lot to imply on the matter.

Re: The Devil's Advocate

Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2015 9:02 pm
by Shezbeth
Let me invoke an image in you, if you don't mind.

Imagine that there is an overwhelming consensus. Imagine that, with notable (but minimal) exception, the general consensus - outside of divergent details - is consistent. Just about everyone sees things the same, and just about everyone agrees.

Now imagine that there is a LONE VOICE of dissent; this is all theoretical and I'm NOT referencing me, if anyone is thinking so.

So, in this dynamic there is the majority opinion (rule?) and the minority opposition.

NOW, let me ask you the question. When the majority body is in agreement, WITHOUT addressing the viability of the differing positions, what does one imagine the general reputation of the minority will be?

In my estimation, it would be somewhere between 'Wrong' and 'The most heinous evar'.

Now, allow me to add another layer.

What if the majority perception is founded and built off of a self-deception, and/or an externally applied deception?

What if that sole/minority position is in fact based in truth?

What then, of the 'God/creator' and the 'devil/opponent'?

Hypothetically, what if the classically besmirched 'Devil' is in fact the one speaking the truth?

Re: The Devil's Advocate

Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2015 2:33 am
by Naga_Fireball
Have all of you googled Yazidi and Melek Taus?
Very controversial sect who worships the Peacock Angel (lucifer).

Once when I thought the lucifer was attempting toshow me something it was "I TEACH",
From a CNN article about a newly instated & graduated young teacher who wondered on the curb regarding the rightness of her life path , & she saw this car go by with the license plate " ITEACH".

I think he does exactly that and at times with less mercy than would render us useless pupils

Re: The Devil's Advocate

Posted: Fri Jan 01, 2016 12:00 pm
by Pris
Pluto's Child wrote:Oh, he's just being provocative to look different.

He will be assimilated !


LOL! Good one! :lol: