Randy Maugans - Dream April 2012

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Randy Maugans - Dream April 2012

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I will share this here & now as it feels so pertinent. It is a dream from April 2012.

Gripping the Wall… (The following was a dream I received early this morning, April 8, 2012)
I imagine being in a totally darkened space. The walls are as a partition, a (seemingly) solid endless curtain. As you move about the space you grip this surface…heavy, black, impenetrable. Using just your eyes it appears there are no openings. But as your natural senses fail to penetrate this veil, over time you perceive tiny little breaches…micro holes.

Soon you begin to assimilate the wall…in fact your physical being begins to shift and you perceive a change in your surroundings. Tiny micro-holes begin to open…seeing them, you now realize the surface is not so solid---and that your own being is also taking on a similar quality. Your senses…those five physical ones...at first deny this state…they protest to the mind that you are still trapped…but the KNOWING inside you fights that so-called “reality”.

The substance and the senses are both reaching a balancing of frequencies. Sound begins to take on a new dimension; the heartbeat slows, the breath becomes more measured. Fingers extend beyond this veil and the eyes follow. Tiny pin dots of light begin to show…the substance of darkness slowly starts to yield to these pinholes---one tiny micro-ray of light fills the mind and as it perceives this new truth, it begins to explore the surface, again and again…millions of pin holes begin to reveal themselves…the substance of the space begins to collapse. BOTH the wall and the body take on the same vibration until the very space itself dissolves…into nothing. And you emerge into the brightness of the reality which was always just on the other side of this impenetrable wall.

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