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Domineering male Kings using females as contracts …

From the kings of trickery themselves

To further the unwinged bloodline by abuse

of the Feminine …

Hence the lies Wars and suppression of truth

Handed down through subsequent generations

on planet Earth.


Dragon Blood and Fire

The blood of the Dragon Lineage is highly psychocreative, and could readily achieve a state of conscious ’implosion’ of the ’Star Fire’, through their DNA This enabled them to access the esoterically described ’Fourth Plane’ of consciousness, and travel between the stars in a cocoon of ultraviolet radiance. Such a skill was a vital cause of the rise to eminence of the so-called ’Dragon Queens’. The capability for interstellar navigation without having to use craft was particularly potent within the matrilineage. The Dragon males, too, possessed the skill to a lesser potency and were highly sought after as navigators of commercial and military craft.

The power of the matriarchal Dragon and inter-galactic commerce. Other races looked to technology to augment their comparatively blunted faculties, and began to annex themselves to sophisticated metallic prosthetics and flying craft in an attempt to recreate the implosion effect of personal gravity waves powerful enough to allow them to navigate the stars successfully.

Cyborg Revolution

However, they were unaware that the necessary ’high spin’ state was actually diminished by their heavy metal implants that further bled capacitive charge from their bodies. As they became increasingly ’cyborg’, the males in particular, quite literally lost their ’Fire’. The eventual rebellion by the patriarchal cyborg, allied with the Orion unwinged forces, overthrew the Dragon Queens, and the vengeful pogroms decimated the great houses. A remnant escaped with precious genetic material and a few remaining children ­ the diaspora spreading throughout the universe.

One of the major battles of these Orion Wars, introduces the Anunnaki families to this particular chapter of our Earth’s history in the form of the earliest written chronicles of Ancient Mesopotamian history and myth. The planetoid Tiamat was involved in one of the fiercest battles between the Dragon forcesand the Orion/Sirian alliance based on Sirius. An and his consort, Urash, were persuaded to accept a political alliance with the Dragon Queens or face annihilation by the planetoid’s superior power. In the battles, the planet Maldek was completely destroyed along with its entire population.

Sirian / Dragon Alliance

The alliance was sealed by the marriage of the Dragon Princess Antu, to her half brother, the Sirian King-An. At the time the Dragon princess was unaware that she was half sister to the king, sharing their Sirian father, but of different mothers (she-Dragon, he-Sirian). She had been taken from her parents at 6 to enter the motherhood, where all previous memories were erased as a part of her training as emissary and priestess of the Dragon House. The Dragon Queens had found that emotion inhibited the access of the mind to the superconscious state that enabled star navigation.

This highly propitiatory political marriage combined the two most powerful bloodlines in the galaxy, ensuring the continued augmentation of Sirian/Dragon psychocreativity. Little respect was shown between the Dragon Queen and consort.

The Mother Matriarchal Dragon Queen herself watched the two, and yearned deeply for the ability to feel love again and express passion within her own heart, and share that intimacy without the constraints of political seals.

So she was overjoyed to hear From M … wake up … that finally the day had arrived …

For all concerned.


The journey, the challenge is to step into the
projection room and stop being lost in the script.

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Honey of the Queens - THE ORION QUEENS

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I am posting this article here with a brief explanation. Over the course of the past several days seeming divergent sources of information have been directing focus on the Bee realm and reestablishing connection to the Orion Queens. This line of research has been one that several of the ee ladies have been going deeper and deeper into over the course of years.

The suggestion of the moment is that this is surfacing now through multiple channels of consciousness. Gabe Cruz in his Bases' interviews has tapped into a field of knowledge that we are also exploring, he has graciously shared with us.

What feels so real, so vital is that we trust our inner knowing and give voice to it... each of us is a piece of the whole.

Highlighted are aspects of this article that are inner revelations, the vital dynamic of longing and fulfillment that is held within each of us as creation.

http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sumer ... iles26.htm

Honey of the Queens - THE ORION QUEENS

by Dan Winter with Deborah Louth

from ImplosionGroup Website now: http://www.bioactivefield.com/

There is a Sufi myth which says something like From Length is Longing Born.

I've always fancifully thought this was a nice apology for separateness. As if after the big bang, the little sparks darting about through stubble, were us, imagining ourselves separate, and thus able to have a secret thought. This was a convenient imagination in that it allowed us to experience the way momentum which was continuous, became discontinuous.

This is variously known as evil (live/recursion spelled backwards), separateness, wave vs particle, continuum vs quantization, catastrophe theory, energy vs. matter, etc. In essence, it permitted spin in it's flame like recursion to settle into some of the most dense spin slip knots, with VERY HIGH LEVERAGE. In this sense, we think of spin become recursive (or simply well nested or self embedded) as consciousness, or awareness.

Focus spin (image-ine separate), you get little fractals (recursion), and that is conscious self-awareness.

So what does the Sufi saying here mean about creating longing, by creating the illusion of length or separateness?

Yearning or longing in the Gurdjieffian sense, means creating the necessary and desirable force to connect things at a distance. They always said in the Gurdjieff school, that it was good to amp up, or supercharge the batteries of yearning, in order to fire up the universe to bring together things at a distance... things separate.

We wrote in our article 'Can Intent Steer Waves', about the pine cone, shape of the PINEal gland, which braided light to the super light speed bending time, which was called 'PINE-ing' or yearning. We read now in the classic Reptilian style of learn it by eating it, that Pineal glands are the favorite food of the Dracos.

This article was inspired as my friend Deborah and I began studying the disaster (dis-astare: disconnected from stars), of the beekeepers' practice of killing their queens.

We knew that ultimately this was probably the single most awful cause of the death of the entire American bee 'industry'.

The scientist's scratch their head at the supposed death of the immune strength of virtually every bee hive in the nation, while with their other blind hand they pass laws saying, you beekeepers MUST kill your queens every time your hive burps with ANYTHING even slightly uncomfortable to the... checkbook.

... requeen if you have a failing queen,

... call state inspector if you have a failing queen

... requeen if there is a hint of assertiveness in your hive

... requeen if the hive reproduction rate is even slightly inconvenient to your wallet

'In one sense queen producers don't sell queens, they sell ëtraits' ' or their shallow idea of what BEE MEMORY SHOULD BEE... a 'newly arrived queen, fresh from the mailman's pouch...

Alien royalty may not be accepted by your bees. Or she may not be up to the task, not well prepared for the job, and only a drone layer become...'

(Discontinuity of memory = weakness to immune identity.)


quotes from Buying Queens: What do You Need to Know', by Walter Clark, Bee Culture Magazine, March 94.

Deborah advised me that while beekeepers imagined that the natural state of affairs was that new queens killed old queens in some ritual, THEY REALLY HAVE NO IDEA IF CRITICAL TRIBAL/HIVE MEMORY IS PASSED BETWEENS QUEENS IN THAT RITUAL.

Remember in DUNE, when the dying Reverend Mother queen, passed her memory to her successor?

The skulls touched, and sparks of memory inhabited the dream space of the younger queen. After that, all of the life memory of the old queen, flowed in the young.

Now let us look at HIVE life, as if memory of shape was the entire economy of the hive. This is in a sense true, in that the physics of a unified field, is only a memory of shape. If you have only one unified substance, then all economies are only those of shape histories... err rather .. her stories.

You (the honey bee) wander off into the fields, you are looking for the folder nectar of what the flower produced. The flower harvest the flower shape of MAGNETISM (called geomancy), and puts that into blossom. If the magnetic long lines of the bioregion, look like a flower, then you get flowers. If the local geomagnetic lines look like a tangled mess, then you get desert, no flower, no nectar, no honey, no memory.

Therefore nectar is literally the best of the FOLDED SURFACE OF THE LAND. (EL-LAND-GUAGE: the language of the land). Sweetness is always only a measure of how efficient/extensive is the BRAIDING. Braid the magnetism of the land well, you get sweetness.

Then you (the honey bee) arrive back at the hive with your harvest of sweetness... You say to the rest of the hive with the SHAPE of your elegant little dance, turn at the ley line: align with the sun, then there you find nectar.

If tribal memory lines hold up, the shape of the magnetic lines of the land, become the genepool of the queen. The queens DNA, becomes a folded record of how the land lies. Immune system becomes el-land-guage.

It wasn't only Arthur who was one with the land. The grail serves the principle of embeddedness itself: a honeycombed with memory data, stored in a fractal for best compression/braid/sweetness.

Interrupting the continuity of the genetic memory line of the queens DNA, constantly with the practice of replacing queens, ULTIMATELY HAS TO COMPLETELY INTERRUPT THE HIVE MEMORY OF THE SHAPE OF THE LAND. This coded memory of the shape of magnetism, in the long wave is the lands magnetic braid concrescing/converging into nectar...

Immune identity (eye-dent-I-tie), is a her-story of how fold can be coded in a braid on one folded surface. The most fractal recursive folded surface of the hive, after the honey comb itself is the DNA of the queen.

It is the ultimate repository for tribal collective memory. The blood line strength of the hive, has to be the queen.

So why do we consider the death of hive immune strength after killing the queen, a mystery. We say there is no mystery here, if the queens continue to be sacrificed with no continuity path for their memories, we will have no bees, no honey, no nectar, no plant pollination, no civilization.

In 'Myth of the Birth of the Hero', Otto Rank, in the style of Jung, urges us to know why every mythic hero is born without a father, virgin birth. What was the purpose of 'concealment of patriarchy'? Was it the source of the seed or the egg that must be hidden?

We later learned that most of the virgin birth hero's, Christ, Moses, etc... were the result of tantric bloodline crosses with extra terrestrials. ('Magda, Avata, and Kin'). Kundalini causes virgin births. Mary dreamed of an Angel. Sarah mated with an ET, and gave birth to Joseph (Technicolored Genetic Coat) and Benjamin (Gold).

The key principle that we were missing, was to know that it is simply the charge of lightning spin itself which teases the egg to split.

Specifically, in the 'Flower of Life' sense, the egg's membrane, receives spin, decides this spin can fit/phase lock on the flooded surface, so decides to dimple. The geometry of the dimple in the egg, precipitated by seed, is the exquisite path to turning inside out. Ectoderm and Endoderm switch places. The inside becomes the outside, and the outside becomes the inside.

This is exactly the electrical geometry of the onset of compassion in the electricity of the heart beat.

We call this onset recursion: birth. The geometry of turning inside out, is a sequence of symmetry operations. Inside out, is pent/hept. Implosion is 5/7 dodec/icos centripedal. Stasis is Hex. Explosion is 7/5 centrifugal.

When Jesus in the Joseph line, seeded Magda of the Benjamin line, the Orion queen blood line survived into the grail/Merovingian, Prior de Zion, Baphomet... The queen's blood continued. The egg's of the females of the line contained the whole.

The seeds, the males contained the part. Fractionation existed in the males, not the females. This was because the egg born in a woman is born with her mother, with her mother... (The first cellular woman 'Lucy' was tracked by the fractality of the mitochondrial foldedness to Africa, not possible with a male...)

So a memory of foldedness survived in the perfect contained, embedded, fractality of the geometry of perfect egg. If you could visualize the spin path into the egg of your mother, inside her mother, inside her mother...

Then you could remember like a wormhole into a fractal, your reason for being and imagining yourself separate in the first place. This was the key visualization necessary to group/hive memory together in the advanced Merkabbah/fire breath mediation.

Only the pine cone spin path to the zero point, back into the memory fractal could keep your collective dream whole, instead of fractionating into separateness.

So why did the Orion queens in the personage of their assigned priests, work so hard to kill the blood line of the queens, slaughtering the brightest women in Europe during the inquisition?

It became apparent that the very magnetic body of star systems, with all the attendant psychokinesis (magic/wicca), was being born in the blood line of the descendant queens.

The bird tribe Ophanim were about to give birth. The Orion queens, had authorized only gold mining droids here (Sitchin).

A self-replicating Isis/Eve was not authorized.
The Orion Queens had ruled the galaxy for millennia with male sex-slaves. Freedom to reproduce here on Earth, could upstage their own power. If the DNA brooding here, got free, their harvest of sweetness here might end.

The priests feared the women here on Earth, for the same reason they feared them on Orion.

The Magdalen/Orion Queen/Draco blood was exoskeletal.

The Draku meant using magnetism from without to create: technology.

The Sirian prince, Ea, Ea-Su, Iesu, Jesus, Aku blood was endoskeletal, using magnetism bent from within to create: emotion.

The blood line cross between them (Holy Blood, Holy Grail), was the outside inside, turning inside out, of those blood lines, into a new container for the incarnation of Ophanic, Time Lord, Angelic Logoi family which conceived the plot in the first place.

On the practical side, it meant emotions powerful enough to bend galaxies, would be born, here at the nexus.

Priests who killed queens destroyed a memory path backward, preventing leverage forward in time. What we do to our bees memory, is such a fractal of what has been done to us.

The arrival of the Draco, is like a Dragon knocking at the base of the spine with Kundalini, for our culture.

Will the reptilian brain pour sweetness into the high fractal cortex, feeding the eagle with the wings of vision that soars?

Will the reptilian in us learn to turn inside out, passion into compassion, carving the wormhole soul into the hoary braid of DNA?

Or will the sweet memory of the Queens die as uncelebrated as the witches?

Leaving the priests to fornicate with children.

The flowers with only sting to pollinate them.
The journey, the challenge is to step into the
projection room and stop being lost in the script.

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