The UN is Conquering America Through the Control of All Water

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The UN is Conquering America Through the Control of All Water

Post by Spiritwind »

The UN is Conquering America Through the Control of All Water ... re+Free%29" onclick=";return false;

Do you remember when Detroit went bankrupt and former President Obama refused to intervene in order to help Americans in a beleaguered American city? This was both baffling and maddening to the American people.

After all, this “hope and change” President promised to fundamentally transform America. Little did we realize that the Detroit bankruptcy would open the floodgates to the total foreign control of American’s most precious resource, namely water, where the UN has gained a significant foothold in Detroit and its influence is spreading across the country.

When Obama refused to help Detroit’s bankruptcy and its ensuing water crisis, subsequent UN involvement was a portend of what was coming.

Today, we see California on the verge of extinction because of the effects of a profound water shortage and now a series of contrived fires in Northen California. Not to worry America, the United Nations has promised to intervene in all of America’s coming water crises.

The U.N. High Commission on Human Rights special rapporteur on safe water and sanitation, Catarina de Albuquerque, is in possession of a mandate which dictates that it must directly intervene with the U.S. government, first in a confidential manner and then in a public manner.

This is why Obama did not help the people of Detroit, as he was helping the UN establish a foothold in the United States when it comesto the control of our water supply. It is interesting that Obama would bail out GM, but not its host city, Detroit. Now we know why.

The UN is interested in water, not automobiles, at least not in the present moment. Now the UN has turned its sights on California.

Detroit Is History and California Is Next

In previous article, I briefly touched upon the fact that California would experience a mass population exodus due to the artificially contrived water shortage. A few of the readers had trouble believing that the water situation was as grave as I stated in the previous article.

Here is a chart that counters these misguided beliefs as it depicts the severity of the California drought.

What if California could not produce food, what impact would that have on the nation?

California produces a sizable majority of American fruits, vegetables and nuts; 99 percent of walnuts, 97 percent of kiwis, 97 percent of plums, 95 percent of celery, 95 percent of garlic, 89 percent of cauliflower, 71 percent of spinach, and 69 percent of carrots and the list goes on and on. A lot of this is due to California’s soil and climate.

“Lemon yields, for example, are more than 50 percent higher than neighboring states. California spinach yield per acre is 60 percent higher than the national average. Without California, supply of these products in our country and abroad would dip, and in the first few years, a few might be nearly impossible to find. Orchard-based products specifically, such as nuts and some fruits, would take many years to spring back.

“Soon, the effect on consumer prices would become attention-grabbing. Rising prices would force Americans to alter their diets. Grains are locked in a complicated price-dependent relationship with fresh fruits, vegetables and meats.

“When the price of produce increases, people eat more grain. When the price of grain rises, people eat more fruits and vegetables. (In fact, in some parts of the world, wheat and rice are the only “Giffen goods” – a product in which decreasing prices lead to decreasing demand.) Young people and the poor in America, more than others, eat less fresh fruit when prices rise”.

The UN Has Private Partners In Its Thirst for Control Over All Water

The theft of American water has been ongoing for quite some time. The infamous corporate raider and robber baron of the oil industry, T. Boone Pickens, is leading the charge to unscrupulously enrich himself as he leads the globalist depopulation efforts to create a series of artificially contrived water shortages.

Pickens was one of the first to rush to capitalize on the impending water shortage by his insidious acquisition of the largest underground aquifer in the US, the Ogallala Aquifer, containing a quadrillion gallons of water, This massive underground reservoir extends from Texas to South Dakota.

In Roberts County, TX., Pickens has purchased nearly 70,000 acres, as well as the water rights to personally remove up to half of the Ogallala aquifer of which he plans to sell back to nearby residents in order to enrich himself. Much of this aquifer extends into prime farm land located in America’s bread basket.

One man, T. Boone Pickens, is acquiring the ability to turn the American heartland into a dustbowl.

Pickens will soon have the political power to charge so much for water, that farmers will be forced to abandon their farms and ranches in a Hunger Games rendition in which government sponsored interests will eventually become the sole purveyor of the nation’s food and water supply as the anti-humanist, Pickens, makes more money from water than he ever did with oil.

In order to acquire the water and expand his control over the Oglala Aquifer, Pickens needed more political power. In 2006, Pickens bought off the Texas State Legislature for $1.2 billion.

This purchase of water-related law making power has allowed Pickens the ability to do accomplish four goals:

(1) He created an eight-acre town and an accompanying local government, and subsequently made his tiny municipality into a powerful Water Supply District;

(2) As such, Pickens automatically acquired the right to issue tax-free bonds and thereby, giving himself the lucrative benefit of borrowing at a tremendous discount;

(3) Now operating as a public entity, Pickens is armed with the power of eminent domain which will allow him to expand his water acquisition potential in which he bullies local residents, along the aquifer, to sell their properties for pennies on the dollar;

(4) Pickens used his 1.2 billion dollar bribe money to get the Texas legislature to pay for a 250 foot wide water pipeline corridor all the way to Dallas where Pickens will make an estimated yearly profit of $165 million at taxpayer expense. Pickens has become the poster child for the phrase “crony capitalism.”

Pickens told Business Week that he is only planning on selling surplus water, but according to the United Nations research and scientific studies report, nearly two-thirds of the entire population inhabiting the planet will face severe, life-threatening water shortages by the year 2025.

So, Mr. Pickens, what surplus could you be talking about? And you only thought you had to worry about Obama collapsing the economy through his socialist policies.

T. Boone Pickens’ control over the water supplies through America’s heartland is only the tip of proverbial iceberg.

Nestle is STILL Depleting the Great Lakes

There is a second front which is being used to create an artificial water shortage in the United States. Perrier, a subsidiary of the multi-national Nestle corporation, has invested heavily in Michigan and the Great Lakes.

Locked behind two sets of chain link fence, huge siphoning pumps are deliberately hidden from view in the forest. They are pumping the Great Lakes dry and shipping the water overseas. Much of the Great Lakes water is headed for China, filled in massive cargo bags which are pulled across the ocean by a large supertanker.

By using a gaping loophole in the 2006 Great Lakes Compact, Obama’s appointees are allowing the Nestle Company to export precious fresh water out of Lake Michigan to the tune of an estimated $500,000 to $1.8 million per day profit.

Obama’s Federal water managers are allowing the theft and subsequent export of our Great Lakes water out of our country across thousands of miles of oceans into the Asian basin plagued by huge population centers that are suffering from their constant lack of fresh water.

Nestle is not just taking water from the Great Lakes, they are contributing to the misery in California as Nestle is, today, in the midst of the California water crisis, draining California aquifers, from Sacramento alone taking 80 million gallons annually.

Nestle then sells the people’s water back to them at a grealy inflated price and this is being done under dozens of brand names.

The Defense Intelligence Agency Warns the World

Even the Defense Intelligence Agency has clearly echoed the dire warnings of the United Nations report by stating that unstable water supplies will greatly impact all and water will subsequently be used as a weapon.

The DIA report evoked a reaction from former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton,just prior to leaving office as she commented that the DIA’s findings are “sobering” and that as the world’s population continues to expand, the demand for water will increase but fresh water supplies will not keep pace and by the year 2025, the world will face catclysmic and very deadly water shortages.

In yesterday’s article, I made the point that the technology exists to artifically create droughts as I revealed the series of Air Force documents known as “Air Force Owning the Weather 2025.”

Why is the year, 2025, figure so prominently into the dire forecasts of the globalists? I almost forgot that the CIA front group, Deagel, forecasted America’s population would slip to 65 million by the year 2025. My oh my, it is just raining coincidences.


I have written many articles about how past despots have used water and food as a weapon. If one controls water, one will control food.

The United Nations, through The U.N. High Commission on Human Rights special rapporteur on safe water and sanitation, Catarina de Albuquerque, has asserted its authority under the guise of protecting human rights to assume control of an area which has severe water issues.

Will Americans, one day, be forced to enter a camp to receive life-sustaining supplies?

At the end of the day, someone thinks that California will be abandoned. Consider what is happening with California’s U-Haul prices:

“U-Haul Prices 6/18/15:

Denver to Los Angeles = $985
Los Angeles to Denver = $2,273
Difference: $1,288

Here’s another one:

Atlanta to Los Angeles: $1,112
Los Angeles to Atlanta: $3,582!!!
Difference: $2,470″

Somebody knows something. But apparently, Obama does not know enough because Time Magazine reported that he will golf Saturday on a lush, green course in California later today.

Nero may have fiddled while Rome burned. And it could be said that Obama golfed while America burned. This is a lot of coincidences to have been complied inside of only one article.

By Dave Hodges, Guest author
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Re: The UN is Conquering America Through the Control of All Water

Post by Fred Steeves »

Interesting piece. While I don't doubt some of this is going on, I think authors writing with a cause is mind also tend to use little tidbit facts that support their cause, without going to much effort to nail them down for accuracy and/or relevance. I was rather shocked at the U Haul pricing disparity between Los Angeles and Atlanta, so I spent the morning coffee time before work doing a little digging. Here's what I found: The U Haul price disparity from Los Angeles/Atlanta price disparity, is mirrored in Chicago.

Chicago to Houston ($2,588) - Dallas to Chicago ($473). People apparently are leaving Chicago in droves as well (pardon the pun :)) But not because of water.

Here's the kicker: Los Angeles to Chicago ($3,878) - Chicago to Los Angeles ($3,869) ... ice-versa/" onclick=";return false;

Another little thing that bothered me (and I'm not a fan of the U.N.) was the continued trashing of the U.N., but then cherry picking U.N. statistics to back the opinion. Perhaps the stats were accurate/perhaps not, but generally when someone is speaking out against any said tyranny, it gives me pause when they turn right around and use said tyranny as an information source.

It's like people here in the States are rallying for the governments to tightly control guns, yet when you ask them at these rallies if they trust the government, by and large they say no.

Anyway, not trying to be a nit picker. Again I'm sure there is substance to this gentleman's article, but we also have to be careful. I'm pretty sure I could find other little discrepancies if I chose to keep on digging. Some of the stuff concerning the Great Lakes looked a little iffy as I was sniffing around. Such as if we want to really track down wher a LOT of that water is going, by the billions of gallons, look no further than Chicago who has it's own little loophole going on.
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Re: The UN is Conquering America Through the Control of All Water

Post by Spiritwind »

Hi Fred, nice to have a response. I would agree that the author seemed to have his own slant rather than being totally open minded in an information sharing kind of way. We do have to be careful. In fact that's why I didn't post it right away. Also, the U Haul prices were from 6/18/15. That would be kind of hard to track down to verify. For sure, water is a very contentious issue and will continue to be more so in coming years.

Here is another more current article. I have not done any research to verify, but have seen posts about Nestle for a long time now, so lean towards thinking this one is most likely true.

Michigan OKs Nestlé Water Extraction, Despite 80K+ Public Comments Against It ... against-it" onclick=";return false;

Don't have the time and energy to go into this very deeply, but water is a vital subject that should be of interest to us all. Flint, Michigan is one place I'm glad I don't live, and there is tons of information out there that these pipe lines so many indigenous people and many others are protesting about are doing exactly what we all new they would do. LEAKING!!!

And as far as the UN goes, they seem to be a mix of appearing to do some good, but ultimately supporting an agenda that in its far range goals I do not support. So many things have been sold to us with fancy sounding words. I had an ex who was very charming and a great grandfather who hired actors and even made a fake town front to advertise his swamp land to unsuspecting people who were risking all to follow their dreams.

My biggest goals these days is to actually just live in a way that is already "in community". It requires extending trust, even though it can be risky, and to live life with an eye for how we can help one another thrive. Since I've started doing this some amazing things are starting to happen, with a flow that is hard to put into words. Everyday now, the difference in this approach stands in stark opposition to how I was "taught" and how most others seem to view life. And by "taught", I mean through religion, parental figures, peers, and social programming through other various media outlets that tell us all how we should live. What we should eat, wear, where we should work and live, what to think and believe, how to live within some kind of allocated status system that says it's ok for the wealthy to not only rule the poor, but to benefit from their blood sweat and tears as if it's some god given right.

Such a simple thing, to not be stingy and not feel the need to keep accounting of whether you're being treated fairly. No fear of being taken advantage of, as no expectations are attached, just a simple knowing that you're all on the same page, which can be seen through the actions we take. It's a whole different orientation that has to be experienced to understand.

And for me, water is alive. There are vast deep reservoirs of water on this planet and new water is being created all the time. There is some scientific evidence to support this, so this is not just based on my intuition alone. Water can heal, and it holds our memories and the emotions associated with them. Water is essential for biological life here. There is no doubt to me at all that there is a counter force that shows up in all these actions to control the waters of this planet that wants to steer our minds, our consciousness, in ways that at the least seem to minimize our free will choice and allow us the freedom to fully explore who and what we are without all the interference. I cannot support that and will call it out wherever I see it. Water is life.
I see your love shining out from my furry friends faces, when I look into their eyes. I see you in the flower’s smile, the rainbow, and the wind in the trees....

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