When Is Enough Going To Be Enough?

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When Is Enough Going To Be Enough?

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In light of Maggie’s post on my Farm Life thread (viewtopic.php?f=17&t=968&start=230" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;), I am posting this very thought provoking article that quite lays it out there, I think, and gives much food for thought.

When Is Enough Going To Be Enough?

Electrical warfare on the people of America?

https://www.warp-drive-physics.com/plan ... bnmthZzij8" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I really did not want to do a huge write-up on this ...  This stuff is becoming way too common place, almost cliche' with new ways to inflict more destruction.  

So many people are talking about the California fires not being natural.  After being skeptical at first, I did some research, looked at hundreds of photos, and listened to what people were telling me.  Here is one particular article which I found very interesting:

http://www.starshipearththebigpicture.c ... ngineered/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

There are WAY too many people who are wide awake now, and see what's going on.  However, there are many people who are quite clueless and naive to what fires can actually do .....

The above is what super hot wildfires look like. (Sorry, you’ll have to go to the article to see the pictures)

The below is ...  not ....   except for the very bottom photo, which actually DOES look like raging fire damage. ...    however, upon further research, these are EXACTLY what urban fires look like.

In fact a close friend, a 20 year veteran and assistant fire chief has seen devastation like this quite regularly, and he claims this is a very common sight to see for urban fires.  The houses burned to the ground, and the trees still standing.  But, after a few days, the trees eventually die.

The below picture is the fire-line, where the firefighters made their stand.

(Again, go to link to see pics)

This is what's left of Santa Rosa, California. ...   Firefighters in the area have said they have never seen anything like this devastation, but I'm going to have to add that they are probably either rookies, or inexperienced.  Because this is what fire does.  However the reports of the origins of these fires are somewhat mysterious.

These fires came up out of nowhere, accompanied by electrical activity in the atmosphere.  The link above shares some of those reports about electronics malfunctioning, and even backup battery power failing in a hotel where fires suddenly sprang up right near it without any warning, just spontaneously.

It is possible that experimental tests have accidentally caused this to happen.  Actually, that is very likely.  It is most likely that Humanity is not as smart as we think we are, where the safeguards were not in place when using new forms of advanced technology that we don't truly as of yet fully comprehend.

Let me share something I received from my friend Ernest:

“Note. Concerning the latest suggestions that the current California fires were started with DEW direct energy weapons, I submit the following which came to me from a scientist that is currently involved in this exact research and a close friend. I totally trust his analogy concerning the trees which has sparked this debate. They will remain anonymous to protect their privacy.

Hi Ernest, Interesting footage! It is pretty amazing seeing what fires can do. I guess I have to say that it doesn’t surprise me that much that there are still trees standing and alive after an interface wildfire. If you want to see some other historical wildfires that went into urban areas, and compare how much is left of houses vs the other infrastructure vs trees you can google “fort mcmurray wildfire aftermath” “slave lake wildfire aftermath” “Okanagan wildfire aftermath”. All of them have lots of trees still standing, and some still green.

A couple things of note: houses typically burn from firebrands falling on top of them, and lighting their roofs. Trees don’t have the same surface area, so flaming things carried by smoke in the air don’t tend to light them on fire. Once a roof is on fire there isn’t much you can do. Also, we are pretty used to seeing houses burned in urban areas, where firefighters showed up at some point and managed the fire. In situations like this, the houses are often (sadly, but what can you do) left to burn without anyone putting it out partway through. The whole structure burns to the ground, because essentially everything in houses is flammable or can melt.

Trees are adapted to fire, and while yes some species are very flammable (like pines) they are ALWAYS still standing after fire. Trees are NEVER consumed in forest fires. A lot of those standing trees were somewhat burned; I don’t totally agree that some of the ones pointed out were unburned. Yes, some were even green, but because of their structure (small and narrow, not big and flat like a house) and how wet they are (lots of live sap in trees!) they are still standing after fires.

Fires often burn with mixed severity, even in trees. This is my favourite photo of variable intensity/severity wildfire, from up in NWT.

None of us were there, and I’m not walking around on the ground now, so it’s very hard to confidently say what happened. But, essentially, I would chalk it up to structural differences between trees and houses, and the fact that houses that burn in forest fires are usually burned by falling flaming debris, not by a wall a flame. It’s just not a continuous enough fuel to carry a “crown fire”, like we see in the boreal. They also often light each other on fire this way! But, isolated single trees that aren’t meeting a surface fire are just not that likely to burn."


Arson takes many forms.  Sometimes, accidents do happen as our technology becomes very advanced, and not enough oversight is present to safely determine how it should be used.

These fires, in my opinion, were started deliberately, but not intentionally.  If energy technology was involved, it was very likely an accident.  Tesla had teleported a large energy charge to Siberia back in his day which caused a very, very, very large explosion.  It was purely an accident, an unintended consequence.  However, to put people's fears at ease (mine included), this was an isolated event, and just like any other fire, it does not mean the world is going to end.

These instances are being blown up out of proportion as people begin to wake up and see what's going on in the world, regarding secrecy and disclosure.  

This is an example of how people's fears can run a muck in a pre-disclosure world, and in a partial post-disclosure aftermath......   By "aftermath,"  I mean, there has been some disclosure, but more people are aware that many inventors over the years have indeed been killed for coming out with great achievements. 

This is another aspect in how the world must change and adapt to new and higher frequencies and standards of harmonious living,  without the onslaught of the control paradigm of greed and tyranny which no one is asleep to, any longer.

I would say it's a safe bet that most people who are balanced, intelligent, and thoughtful, do indeed know things like, that our mainstream media has no more credibility, and that censorship and the demonetizing of youtube content is an attempt to shut people up, but it is an attempt in vain.  

Yes, some people are still "asleep" and opinionated, and lack seeing the full picture.  However, people are not dumb as a rule, although people can be dramatic and let their fears run over everything they try to accomplish.

....  just like wildfires blazing.

This is also a practical example as to why we need disclosure, because people have already found out about many things, and these things now need to go public so that the people can see that there is some responsibility and integrity behind these new realities that we face in these times today.

We're not as smart as we think we are.  We're destroying our planet.  The lies and deceit that is nearly openly declared these days by politicians and bureaucrats has seriously gotten people's attention. 

What people want, are to be able to manage their own lives, without any interference from things that we don't want, such as the banning of the internal combustion engine as Europe has threatened to do, or the forced use of standardized technology, that we are all forced into using, and that we've had to adapt to use, and now could be forced again into another type of technology.  We want the choice, I do believe it is fair to say.

We don't want to be denied the choice any longer, either, it is ALSO fair to say.

We would have had antigravity nearly at least 50 years ago had it not been stolen by the MIC (military industrial complex) and other agencies.  We want to feel safe to come out with free energy and other advancements without the threat of death to inventors who make discoveries.  I was practically handed a list of inventors no longer living who had invented amazing things, of which those things have been kept tucked away in private and passed down to others in secret, to preserve our future for whenever THEY decide the time is right. 

Secrecy has brought dishonor.  It is the secrecy of the shadow groups hidden behind fronts of various 3-letter agencies that has been the real threat to "overthrow the monetary system" as the Feds told Otis T. Carr and his group long ago.  When scientists are no longer paid for their inventions, but they are stolen; and scientists have dodged microwave beams that nearly ended them just because they wouldn't merely "give" their technology away, and weren't told why secrecy requires no paper trail, without offering honorable reasons for signing nondisclosures to protect the secrecy, without fair exchange and compensation and trade to support secret agencies and shadow groups (without being given the choice to protect secrecy, causing harm to people all over the world), of which THAT is the root of those who would dishonor fair exchange and trade which is a small overthrow, not on behalf of ordinary people, but a dishonor to a system of fair trade and exchange (monetary system) on behalf of the SHADOW GROUPS THEMSELVES --  then THAT is the dishonor.  

We want the life that we are not herded into like cattle, but free to choose and to DECIDE what is best for ourselves, not for our neighbors.  ....   otherwise the wild fires that rage won't be able to be doused any longer by good intentions and false promises, for example as seen by the recent uprisings in Germany and France that threaten civil war unto Europe.

These fires are DEEPLY symbolic.  If knowledge is no longer valuable, then we are only existing as slaves to the elite, to the globalists, to the New World Order.  Trillions of dollars have been stolen from the people who could be living lives benefited by technology, where people can live healthier and happier and longer, have more opportunity and work less hours so that we can spend that time on the things that truly matter in life, like love, joy, and harmony, and have the chance to not overpopulate by establishing off-world colonies that are not slave colonies.  

Back in the 50's, we were all but guaranteed that we would make more money, have more opportunity, and work far less hours, all due to technological advances in advanced farming and automation, and to have the opportunity to live in abundance without having to scrounge tooth and nail for every penny .......  but to be able to live where basic necessities like food, shelter, and clothing, and education and healthcare were a given to an enlightened civilization ...  where work was an option not a burden to bare under the yolk of CORPORATE DEBT ENSLAVEMENT.  

When will enough be enough?  When will we be living on a credit-based system, instead of DEBT-based?

When can we devote time to higher learning and higher achievement without sacrificing everything and making too many compromises especially when the children are at stake?  

When will enough be enough?

(I strongly encourage those interested in this topic to visit the original link. There is more discussion following this article worth reading.)
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