THE GREAT RESET: Why Hide History? This Might Enlighten You...

"Silence is golden when you can't think of a good answer."
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THE GREAT RESET: Why Hide History? This Might Enlighten You...

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Robert from the Observation Deck is an astute researcher and this video (I'm only 7 minutes in) promises to be a good one. Here's my assessment and why I feel so deeply that discussions of divisions (all of which are due to propaganda) are a useless waste of our vital energy. We are sitting on the edge of a large shift in consciousness, it's on going and from my perspective there are only a few questions worth answering.

Why was history hidden? And what the fuck are we going to do about 5G? ... These two questions of course are intrinsically linked to every other issue we confront.

We are in the middle of the greatest take down of knowledge the world has ever experienced and while I am the forever optimist it is only by digging so deep that we comprehend what true Union is within ourselves. We can enjoy ourselves and find many avenues to express our creativity of course.

However what is it that we all have in common? Spirit.

Without further ado:


Image Observation Deck
Published on May 24, 2019

THE GREAT RESET: Why hide History? This May Enlighten you

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THE GREAT RESET: Why Hide History? This Might Enlighten You...

This weeks episode looks from the dawn of time to the evolution of mankind or at least the claims of evolution. From the big bang to Darwin's theories towards the secret vaults of ancient books and onto the hall of records. Who has the most to gain, what is it they may be hiding and why are they so concerned that it is kept under lock and key?

This episode explores the possible reasons behind all this cloak and dagger behavior. It journeys into the unknowable and poses some interesting ideas, logical and philosophical. Heck! I even take a crack at the meaning of life stuff and draw my own conclusions about the need for the few to hide knowledge from the many.

I hope you find this episode "food for thought" and start asking yourself how to move forward in life. As always, please share and support my work and above all... Question everything, believe nothing and stay curious. See you on the other side.

BTW Here is a video of a priest talking about how they made up the idea of hell: Kinda what I was saying in this episode.
The journey, the challenge is to step into the
projection room and stop being lost in the script.

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