David Goldberg's FINAL WORDS: Classified docs reveal DEADLY "Project Zyphr"

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David Goldberg's FINAL WORDS: Classified docs reveal DEADLY "Project Zyphr"

Post by Christine »

Hi friends, like most of us I imagine we are watching the Coronavirus "pandemic" coming out of Wuhan China with either concern or disbelief, or most likely both. Having been told over and over about deadly viruses from SARS, Swine Flu to Ebola we may find ourselves doubtful as to the "truth" of what we are seeing all over the media. At this point I am not so much doubtful as to the reality as much as concerned about the full blown intent to drive humanity to it's own destruction and chaos. At this point it is most likely a bio-weapon developed in Canada and stolen by a husband and wife team of Chinese virologists and sent to China. The thing is this, it doesn't really matter how and who released it into the general population, what matters most is how we react. The AGENDA is in exponential roll out and if we let ourselves fall to confusion, bitterness, in fighting or fear we simply won't be able to take sobering and enlightening action.

Over the course of my deep slams into the rabbit holes of deceit I've learned a few things via observation, probably the most important one is that our collective consciousness once turned UP high is an effective power station that does change the outer reality. This isn't said with a single drop of arrogance for indeed there is also a much higher directive that is not mine to determine. Once again I am feeling it's a good time to make preparations for self sufficient living, gather with friends and community to share skills and support each other. Maybe, and that is a clear maybe we Human Beings have shed enough of our personal identity to act with honor and virtue toward one another... maybe.

In watching one of my now favorite daily commentators on world events they mentioned this video which I had never heard of before so am posting it here for our mutual consideration.


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Re: David Goldberg's FINAL WORDS: Classified docs reveal DEADLY "Project Zyphr"

Post by Spiritwind »

I watched this video this morning. At only 26 minutes long, it wasn’t too big of a demand on my time. I had never heard of him before, and since I don’t follow politics or have any inside track on the documents he references, I obviously can’t prove or disprove what he says. But, intuitively, it’s all right in line with what I do think is in the works.

It makes me think of what just happened to us here on the farm. We lost three goats to a predator, an injured cougar who was in great pain and desperate for a meal. When they do strike, this predatorial force, it will be stealth, and many will not see it coming. They plan to win, whatever that means, and they will use every trick they’ve learned to catch us all unawares. Those who see the proverbial handwriting on the wall, can prepare as much as possible, but there is no guarantee we will intuitively know when the hammer is coming down.

They, too, are desperate to achieve their target (shutting us up/taking us out), maybe because there is something that stands even above them, that they must answer to. I don’t know, but I do feel it coming. I grew up as a JW and they preached the end is near pretty constantly. It’s kind of like the boy who cried wolf. Pretty soon, people are so immune they don’t realize this time it’s for reals. Anyway, from my little vantage point away from the fray, I still firmly have faith in something much greater than myself. No time to lose heart or move into fear. We’re all going to leave the physical bodies we inhabit while here, sooner or later. Might as well choose to stand tall, come what may.
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