Planet Ocean - A contemplative film

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Planet Ocean - A contemplative film

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[bbvideo=560,315] ... H1s9GCqPKo[/bbvideo]

The images of the bio mass in the sea are breath taking. The hierarchies and patterns of predication is interesting. The Living waters :)

The narrator comments that we have no predators above us! Pah! How insidious our predators are -they are of us and some not… all at least having seduced us to be unknowing about their existence / BUT not necessarily essentially ‘above’ us. Another telling commentary was “Nature does not tolerate excess...” But heh - here we are, over 7 billion of us and counting!

Are WE ourselves not - the biggest, the most dangerous and effectively the most conspicuously evil predators on Earth?!
'Forgive them, for they know not what they do' - has become so irresponsibly OLD!

And so interesting, the creatures living in the abyss of the ocean are full of light and the fact of their existence there is like descending back into a biological time machine...

Is this what we meet within the inner abyss?

**Note as food for thought: the the creatures of the abyss are blue / full of copper - (seeing in the depths)…. reminiscent of the theory re blue bloods / Rhesus negative blood lines.

Another 'wild' thought arising from viewing this film: In our hunger for scarce reserves of oil, is it possible that we could now be farming our deepest source of bio - black goo? And all the while, be also dredging up some of the deepest memory belonging to our Mother Earth? And if so, could it be that at least some of us are accessing it?

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