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Cathryn: From his website" onclick=";return false;
"In this pivotal time when life on earth is in transition on so many levels, the bees enter our awareness worldwide through their struggles. They can become an inspiration for a change in our cultural, emotional, and agricultural landscape. The Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner emphasized that “we need to study the life of bees from the standpoint of the soul”. In the end, the world shows us whenever the soul element is missing in our lives. The current plight of the bees shows us the repercussions of our limitations. As our life-long allies, the bees mirror our own struggle to live in this world. Their encouraging message is to wake up – to wake up to this fragile, wonderful and precious world, to wake up to a heart-centered reality. May we all wake up!"

I so echo this statement and find validation in its message" onclick=";return false;
"Currently, all of our colonies are endangered and at risk of collapsing. Insecticides. We are all at risk together. We’ll have to collaborate with humans to save all our communities. I know I speak bluntly. No time left for imprecision: it is better to speak blunt truth than to play nice. You pay a price either way, bee or person."

A concise descriptor of 'our' symbiotic plight...

Thank you yet again Cathryn, for your passion, consistency and persistence of focus.
You chime the bells so clear, that alert in us the will to change...

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Re: The Hidden Hive of History: The Forgotten God of the Ancients

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There is something I want to express but I am not sure if i can, anyway here goes. Just as there is the still magnetic light and the false light, then there is the 'dark' and the dark of creation; dualities and polarities, there is also a duality in the hive and the bees. On one side there is the ancient knowledge of love and the bee godess 'we' the flowers, and the ancient images. Then there is the the hive process and the 'queen' symbolism within the hierarchy of evil. Where we are still the flowers but the intent and purpose behind each is so different.

This ancient cult of the sisters of darkness takes when it can and only destroys in return. I was puzzling over this paradox with the bees and hives and then Christine posted the interview with Chris Hart, Miles, and etc, this interview shed light on the puzzle and the piece fell into place. The queen bee, the 'orion queen' (and I don't know if this is fact or not), and the hive, collectively human kind. Again they have taken the reality and inverted the process creating their own symbols and there is no wonder at all that humanity is pitted against itself (male against female) with such a cult. There is also little wonder the patriarchy arose.

Now they are taking the androgyne, the divine couple, and weaving it into something quite quite monstrous via gender obfuscation and transhumanism and the resulting false androgyne is designed as their hive worker......
We tend to think of this group of so called overlords as males, well heck, they ARE females, and it is my guess that the next level down has more than its share of these sisters of death.

Please don't think this has anything to do with same sex couples, it can't have, we are all incarnated many times, not always the same sex, we are either, neither and both. It is our humanity, our beingness.

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