An Artist of non linear Gnowledge...

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An Artist of non linear Gnowledge...

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What an exciting find!

Introducing a woman of Gnowledge (suppressed and denied in her life time by the male 'Art Priest' establishment) who had the courage to leave safe ground and stay on task with her 'guided' inspiration; which meant for many years at a time, she would not show large bodies of the work to anyone else!

Hilma Af Klint was Swedish born, an abstract pioneer who was a spiritualist and a mystic... an inspiring figure that I found extremely interesting to learn about. She was not known during her lifetime and she said that humanity at that time was not yet ready to receive her work made in the 1900's.

A fascinating fact is that Hilma was a pioneer when 'thought forms' were the subject at the very beginnings of abstract art. NOT something we are usually taught in the Western Art School tradition. I say this with conviction as I have attended 4 in Australia... where my personal orientation was always metaphysical art. It was only incidental that I was pointed by someone 'left of field' - to discover her work today. The symbology in her work is visionary and others here may be astounded to recognise many enigmatic esoteric glyphs within it.

Through her highly expressive, wonderfully mysterious abstractions, Klint aimed to understand and communicate the many dimensions of human existence, beyond what the eye can see. In 1896 she formed the “The Five” with four other women and together they conducted séances to contact what they were believed were spirits who wished to communicate via pictures.

“The pictures were painted directly through me, without any preliminary drawings and with great force. I had no idea what the paintings were supposed to depict,” Klint once said.

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A closer viewing of her amazing work...


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Re: An Artist of non linear Gnowledge...

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Neonblue - Thank you so much for this wonderful thread and sharing the story of this amazing non-linear artist.

I love to draw and paint when the mood takes me; self taught, just a hobby with average skills. I particularly enjoy drawing Mandalas or fine detailed shapes and spirals and energy that intertwine - it is a mediation to me. Anyway, my artist friends who paint portraits, to stunning landscapes etc termed my drawings as childlike.

After looking at this lady's artwork, I suddenly realise my own drawings/paintings are all non-linear too. Duh... I laugh at myself for not seeing the obvious. lol.

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