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Sacred knowledge of vibration and the power of human emotion

Posted: Sun Mar 27, 2016 5:53 am
by neonblue
I looked at this material (in the video below) many hours later - after waking from a dream this morning, full of old wound 'stories'/experienced and probably overlaid by like experiences since - originating from my long ago past - that consciously (I thought) I had already resolved... Pah!

Upon waking, my body was full of the repressed/congealed energy of these 'unprocessed' emotions, and it took a couple of hours for the sensation of those painful emotions to release from my body. All the while I was struck about how (as the felt core centre of the 'hurt' unleashed from my solar plexus) the energy of the emotion gradually dissipated through to my feet. And was felt sensed, to move out through the nerve endings of my toes... i.e, was felt as I can only describe as what might have been a bio-electrical discharge. I had the realization about how the intentions (conscious or otherwise) and emotional impacts from our energetic interactive responses, operates. The conclusion being that, that which radiates from those affecting us harmfully, then become enmeshed with our responses, within our own emotional bodies...

NOT a newie NO! But the experience I have described, brought it home for me.

As I was in the midst of processing the effects of the dream, I was fortunate enough to chat with Claudia, in a cross reference to what i was intuiting. She agreed with the emotional body response as being experienced as bio-electrical. I have no doubt either - that her empathic presence assisted my releasing of the repressed hurt. She suggested that I put myself in a mirror regards the affects of the content of the dream, which led me to recognise my ego play and to pin point my key emotional responses... for which I needed to take responsibility. A process, I would now recomend and will continue to employ.

The power of the unconscious, as it surfaces - tends to alert us to repressed issues and, the nub being for me today - was the irrefuteable recognition that our pain bodies are connected to it in the healing process.

After doing an internet search for related information I found this video... which gives many pointers to this kind of process:


**Worth remembering: The molecules of emotion, a kind of neuropeptide, change the chemistry and electricity of every cell in the body and mind. Feelings literally alter the electrical frequencies generated by our bodies producing a nonverbal communication.

Re: Sacred knowledge of vibration and the power of human emotion

Posted: Mon Mar 28, 2016 7:35 am
by neonblue

'Rest in Peace' - the self cherishing mind:

I had an image come to me today while reflecting upon why certain wounds have stayed lodged in my subconscious and pain body, still affecting my dream life and consequentially no doubt, my way of being in the world...

What I saw in my minds eye was a classic grey tomb stone with the words: 'Rest in Peace' etched into it. I read it as a signal that I may finally be ready to put to bed those things that my hurt egoistic aspect has held on to. As I looked at the tombstone I watched swirling shapes form on either side of it - as though winds forces were eroding it away... until there was very little of the stone remaining. It now looked somewhat like the stump of a decayed tooth. Next, the ask that ocurred to me was to pull it out of the ground, so that the roots are gone too.

As I imagined myself doing this, it took some time, strength and patience for this to happen... my thought being that it was my stubborn default of not letting go easily that was making it so difficult. Eventually it popped out of it's spot and the thing had 3 large white roots (much like elephant tusks)... but softer and wet as though living. The holes they came from filled quickly with blood and puss - (yes, you guessed it)... just like in the site of an infected tooth. My imaginative response was to look for a way to clean the site of the wound... and imediatly in came a flow of sea water that filled the holes and washed the blood and the canker debris away.

The 3 roots remain for me to examine, until I fully understand their source(s) and why I planted them so deep... in my self grasping mind and emotional responses that sublimate into the unconscious.

*** 'The self grasping mind' is a Tibetan Budhist term for the way of the ego, that came to me as a fitting way to (at least in part) explain the dense weightedness I have been experiencing for several days now. Otherwise, (what may be obvious enough) the visualization journeying I described above, was a way to work with my intuition and subconscious mind toward self healing.