Buddha and the Happy Ancestor

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Buddha and the Happy Ancestor

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G and I went to Ross. I love Ross. lol...if I have to shop, at least give me a place where there are aisles of Buddha and incense and mermaids and....well, kind of like my store. LOL! I digress.

G and I went to Ross. As we walked, I was stopped in my tracks by two very large oil paintings displayed side by side. I know I can't do them justice, I wish I could describe them. But...they were like...eh...4' by 4'...same size. The left one was the head, only the head, of a peaceful Buddha. The one on the right was the head, only the head, of a happy ancestor. In other words a colorful, decorated skull. So I was taken aback. I stood and soaked this in for a minute or two.

G, of course, then asked what I was doing. I explained about the skull, smiling because the masks have been dropped and the amnesia is gone and...yadayadayada. Meanwhile, I explained the peace that was being pursued on the left, possibly even attained. The freedom from attachment. The similarities, the differences...

So. He says, "well, why the hell would I pursue "enlightenment" while I'm in this body? The moment I die, I'm one with the Soup again. I come here to be differentiated from the Soup. So why would anyone spend their life pursuing what they came here to be separated from???"

Wow, now that was a good conversation... we come here to experience these senses in quite the vivid way. Our souls and the vast consciousness expand because of our experiences in the physical. So, why would we spend our entire lives trying to somehow experience less physicality? Less emotion...less ecstasy...less human-ness...

That was a hard question to answer. I tried, but I guess it just didn't matter whether he understood my opinions or not. I'm not sure I ever did make a point in that one. Damn, isn't it funny how the questions get tougher as we go? LOL Maybe I'm just a lot less concerned with anyone else's path but my own. Yeah, I will help. Yeah, I will answer when I'm moved to. But damn, people have some good questions :) Between G and this new store, I'm reminded that karma does it's job quite nicely. It's either karma or just my turn...
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