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Re: Hello? Is this thing on?

Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2018 12:23 am
by Blue Rising
Reality Check:

Most folks over here, my online friends, have no use for discussing "alien life" or unidentified flying crafts. We all know how elementary that would be. And many of us have researched and decided they can be of several origins. Some of us know some of our star family in the stars, some have visited hither and yon...

Well, G sent me a pic from Peru. He's in a bit of an energy hot spot right now, where ufo sightings are quite common. It just so happens that he took a picture of a condor yesterday, but when he looked at the picture in his camera it is most definitely not a condor. The picture changed. After he took it. It has very odd distortions, and a couple of black...I don't know...shapes. Anyway, he and I know what happened. You probably do, too, you who read this.

Sending the pic to me froze my phone, talking about it messed up the connection of the's just what it is. Pretty "normal"...

There is a younger lady I work with that I thought would get a kick out of the pic. She wears a crystal pendant once in a while, it's flourite, I believe...double terminated. So I asked if she would like to see the pic, and she said she would. I was excited! So I showed her, and she stepped back and freaked out a bit. It scared her. Like....what?????

It truly sent shivers, because the thought of aliens and ufos .... scares her. She said she would probably have nightmares about the picture.


Reality Check. Why am I in two such different worlds? Ya know what? I know that if this side of me was discovered, or my store was discovered, by any co-workers, I would probably not be hired back next year. It's not even a probably. This situation is just...surreal. It's like a repeat of previous demise(s)...


Re: Hello? Is this thing on?

Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2018 1:46 am
by Spiritwind
It is interesting to see just how far from the norm some of us are. Since most of my daily interactions are with people who are just like me, I tend to forget that, until I’m around people outside my little world. It would be hard for me to work a “normal” job anymore. Even when I make my forays into the outer world I get reminded that in many ways, I am the alien here.

And yet, in some ways, those of us who have an expanded sense of what’s out there and actually around us all the time, live in a reality that is vastly interesting, in so many ways. Why are we not afraid? I really can’t answer that.

Odd occurrences, strange synchronicities, inner visions, and other dimensional beings are just part of every day life, for me going all the way back to childhood. That’s why I am so thankful for all of the people, like you Blue, that I have come to know, strangely through my PA experience. For that I will be ever thankful. No need to go it alone anymore.

Funny thing is, as the veil between realities continues to grow thin, we’ll suddenly find ourselves the go to person for all the regular folks out there that are terrified that the world may not be as they were indoctrinated to believe it is. Though, I fear, some will never see, even when it slaps them up side the head. I know you, like myself, had the JW experience growing up. They are a prime example. Almost everything I’m into today (except for farming and gardening) would fall in the class of what has been deemed demonic, and therefore bad (like, excommunication bad). I do often wonder why the programming just didn’t stick with us.

You do walk a thin line, there. My store, when we had it, was in a tiny town that had 19 churches, and maybe three bars. But, and this is funny, I did actually have a Lutheran Pastor come in to buy some frankincense one day. Shocked the heck out of me. But the hairdresser at the end of the street we were on did not even want to cut my daughter’s hair. A lot of people would stop and look, but would not come in. Oh well, such is life. I did meet some great people, though. Wouldn’t trade the experience for anything!