This week in review

"If life is just a highway, then the soul is just a car. And objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they are."
-Jim Steinman
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Re: This week in review

Post by LostNFound »

Back two posts, Laurie, Epstein is still in the news, The MSM has tried and tried to make it go away but nothing they do can make it disappear. They do their false flags to try and control the narrative but too many people are awakened now and they are freaking out that they have lost control. So at any rate, Epstein and the people involved with him are definitely in the news and I suspect they will remain. Some may disappear for sure but others are right out front and it is the victims that are keeping it up now plus a host of constitutional judges that have been put into place in the past few years.

Now as for the remembering 911, all those things you posted above we must not forget for sure because those that were really responsible for that travesty are still to pay for their high crimes against humanity. George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condalesa Rice, All the staff and cabinet of the Bush regime. The Judiciary, The congress, All the alpha bet soup agencies. Any one that was in on the entire False Flag to take away our freedoms that day.

Lets not forget the Patriot Act that was written way before the actually "Another pearl Harbor event" as Dick Cheney coin prior to the event. The Patriot Act, Some say virtually destroyed our constitutional rights. All in the name of security. It still is in play today and gets renewed by the traitorous congress every year.

Let us not forget the military police state that came about much more so after the event.

Let us not forget the MSM's complacency to brain wash the American public into excepting the "War on Terror" and the entire scheme to make us believe that Iraq, and many other countries had "Weapons of Mass Destruction" when it was the US Government that truly had the WMD's and were/are the real terrorists. How many other governments around the world are the same?

Let us not forget how General Westley Clark sat in front of the world and told us all about the plan the US Government had to invade and destroy 7 sovereign Nations in the middle east and how many have they accomplished since then?

Let us not forget how Syria and Iran are the last two hold outs and how the Obama regime sincerely tried to get us to go to war with both of them because they stand against the Central Banks and the World Globalists. Oh and let us not forget how they have tried and tried to get us in a war with Russia, China, North Korea and even Argentina. Here I have to say this because it stands out as a truth. Trump has tried to bring us home from all of this war shit. He has kept us from going to war with all those above countries I just mentioned and he did get us out of Syria and is brokering a peace deal with Iran as we speak, just like he did with North Korea.

So when one really takes a look at the event of 911, this country and world have never been the same and the Deep State as it is called or should I say the one world Government elites, have created all the nightmares after that worse nightmare that they willingly butchered Americans and God knows how many other nations of peoples to further their agenda of the one world government. For love of money and power and control.

This is my post on this remembrance. Below I will post a video that may not last to long on YT, so I would suggest one downloads and saves it.

Let us not forget how the social media tech giants are censoring anything that does not match their narrative and It is for sure that the MSM story we were all fed about 911 will be pushed ever harder as it has been while the real truth is leaking through ever seam that is available. They will censor everything they can until they are stopped and that only happens when enough people of the world stand and rise up. War is their game and they will do anything to keep it going. The Pedophilia is how they live and survive in their dark world and they will do anything to keep that going also. but the truth is slowly but surely seeping out and the light is spreading. So If you can catch this video.

I did not know a complete record of this interview with Trump existed, I thought all of it got expunged. Low and behold it surfaced today and Youtube has censored it entirely. They did not delete it as far as I know, but it’s a fat chance you’ll ever find it and they refused to serve it to an Android device. Maybe by the time I tried it on a phone they wiped it out? TOO LATE, I already saved it and will serve it from here. RIGHT CLICK TO SAVE, and I only have enough bandwidth to serve this one about 60,000 times so make sure you SAVE IT.
HERE GOES: the most damning case against 911 ever stated was stated by our own president.
Since 911, we have been lied to about how the World Trade center was built, and Donald Trump, one of the greatest architectual people of our time stated the exact opposite of what the MSM said.
MSM: The steel beams on the outside of the building were merely ornamental and a plane could go right through them.
Donald Trump: I was taken through the WTC personally by an engineer that built it. The steel beams on the outside of the building were incredibly strong, and were the strongest part of the building. It seems impossible a plane would ever go through them. Bombs must have been used in addition to the planes.
Press For Truth Presents: 9/11 The Toronto Hearings (FULL DVD 2019)

I was 51 years old when the monsters destroyed the world, I am pushing 70 now, when will the perpetrators be held responsible for this travesty?

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Re: This week in review

Post by Spiritwind »

Thank you Steven for your post. That was indeed news to me about Trump not buying the “official story” on 9/11. As you know, I’m not a fan of Trump, and know nothing about the Q phenomenon. On the other hand I’m not rabid about it and have more of a wait and see what happens approach.

I do find it very interesting, all of it, on several levels. And it does seem to all tie in, even the Epstein situation (don’t know what else to call it). I noticed over at TOT (The One Truth forum) they put the Q thread over in proven hoaxes, to Ainawa’s consternation. The head honcho there also stated a while back (months ago now) that vaccines do not cause autism, end of story. While his reasoning does make some semblance of sense, I am always hesitant to take such a stance on most anything. The old, I’m right, so you must be wrong, just doesn’t cut it anymore. Having grown up in a religion that says basically the same thing, we’re right so everyone else is wrong, taught me a lot back in the day. They weren’t exactly right, but they also weren’t wrong about everything.

There is evidence to support both views, is part of the problem. And that includes both Trump is bad, or Trump is good, as well as Vaccines cause autism, or that they do not. I have looked at the evidence and drawing a conclusion is not as clear cut as most would like to think. Even Epstein’s real role in all this seems a bit murky to me. Not that he had anything to do with vaccines, but in a very round about way, perhaps he did (as he was a proponent of eugenics).

I have a handful of friends and relatives that are full on Trump supporters, you being one of them. None of them are stupid or uninformed, and have a great deal of “evidence” to back up their reasoning. Then there are the Trump “haters” whose vile rhetoric is off the charts. Like, seriously. I just won’t join the debate, because as far as I’m concerned, nothing on this planet is black and white. It’s all murky and unclear. Except some things. But anyway, what can we expect with the Piscean Age on its way out, and the Aquarian Age on its way in.

In my mind, it’s really a spiritual war we have going on. So much remains unseen. That’s why I hesitate to draw any hard fast conclusions about most things. I’m nobody, really, yet I do know things, for some strange reason, that most others simply do not know. The funny thing is, every time I hear people talk about unity, things usually start to unravel pretty quick. Maybe because of my Scotch Irish heritage I’m more inclined to maintain my independence at all times, and the unity part just kind of synchs in when it’s needed. From my understanding the Scotts were fiercely independent, yet always knew how to pull together in times of need. They fought as one, but without the need for one person being in charge. You have to be able to put personal differences aside. And, apparently, while in sounds good in theory, most have had this ability almost programmed out of them. Such a shame. For if we really ever could come together for a worthy common cause (and you would think were already there now) we, the many, could, and would, prevail. And I do think things are coming to a head, as in the bigger part of the iceberg which we don’t see is going to come more and more into view. For some, who haven’t wanted to look at any of this, it’s going to take some work to integrate a different view of reality that is so vastly different than what they had before. And it’s going to get pretty much impossible to ignore. I keep thinking, maybe that IS part of the bigger plan happening here.

I mean, as much as the forces that want to push a very dark reality on us seems to gain traction, I know that it is only part of the story. I know, beyond any shadow of personal doubt, that there are also powerful forces who want to bring back balance, honor, integrity, and respect for life.

So, once again, I will see what happens and hold back any hard fast conclusions about the current world theatre in play. My love for life and truth is what I will stand on. I cannot join the divide.

I was even thinking about the weird gender agenda we are having pushed on us. You see, even if I don’t understand, and even if I do think what is happening is not a natural phenomena at all, I still won’t jump on the hate bandwagon. I see stories of poor vulnerable individuals, who are already confused about probably way more than just their gender. I would never want to be their judge and jury, I don’t stand in their shoes. While I don’t agree with basically the state, the government, jumping in and acting like a damn dictator, I still think people should be able to do whatever they damn well please, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. Does that mean I want a transgender, known sex offender, reading story time to my grade schooler? Hell no! When did plain old common sense and reason leave the building? Anyway, I gotta get busy, so enough rambling on from me (for now, LOL).

But kindness, it really never should have went out of style, and I just don’t care if I’m considered the weird one.
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Re: This week in review

Post by Spiritwind »

Here are two posts from Ashley Aurora’s FB page that cover a couple of topics we are hearing much about these days (thank you!):

Never heard of Greta Thunberg until tonight.
Assessment: A sweet poster child for a very specific agenda.
I did a bit of digging and watched a video that was complete progaganda pushed by Conservation International.
Interestingly, the video used all the key phrases and popular buzz words such as ‘regenerate’ to convey an urgent call to protect Gaia and move away from non renewable energy.
The video also contained sigals and programming codes intended to induce alpha brainwave states.
This urgent plea from a young girl leading a crusade against climate change paired with an “expert” who reminds us of ‘natural solutions’ presents a convincing message.
Yep, the U.N. Reports that fifty percent of biodiversity has been murdered.
The lakes are dying, trees are dying, ecosystems collapsing.....
Truthfully after years working within the food system and advocating for regeneration and biodiversity, I have bore witness to the destruction of pachamama.
Whether it’s forests paved and shopping malls take their place, or whether it’s oceans contaminated by human waste, the shit is real.
And, it seems to be cleverly and purposely crafted to uphold a narrative - whether due to the collective psyche of humanity self-sabotaging itself or an elitist agenda to pave a timeline of totalitarian control- we are witness to an external mirror of our own design and perhaps existential demise.
Climate change was officially brought into conversation by Al Gore and his ghost-written book An Inconvenient Truth.
Gosh, he did such a great job; another poster child serving the lie.
Lots of misinformation and skewed numbers and demonization of carbon in Gore’s manifesto.
They convince us of their power immortal, attempt to persuade us to idolize authority and then give us shitty actors to reinforce the program, narrative and agenda.
Climate is changing no doubt, shit I am changing, are you?
Let us not forget our heart, our sacred intellect and power - our ability to interface and cocreate with the elements, for they are a reflection of the ecopsyche.
We influence the weather too.
And, let us definitely not ignore geoengineering and the cute little projects that try to play God such as ionizing the ‘stratosphere.’

Remember though, the game.
HAARP has nothing on the power of the collective consciousness.
We are participating more than most understand, quite the dream world.
Our shadow family and the rest of humanity have been collectively agreeing to the rape of Gaia.
We have been hurting ourselves because this is what has been normalized.
The elect, the elite, the demonic reflections of our unintegrated traumas trick and persuade humanity into forgetfulness.
The Veil is Very Thin.
Remember something very important:
Multinational corporations must have a sustainability department. I met the heads of Monsanto in this dept. They are compartmentalized and many unaware, yet on a somatic level, I knew that they knew.
Careful. Stay aware. Be present.
Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, Not All that Glitters is Gold.
There is a specific agenda.
I love you. Links in comments.
Check out who rules Conservation International: thanks Wiki
“Peter Seligmann is a member[6] of the Council on Foreign Relations; the Zolberg Institute on Migration and Mobility[7] at The New School; a director at First Eagle Holdings[8], formerly Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder Holdings Inc.; and the Mulago Foundation[9]. He has served as a member[10] of The Coca-Cola Company's International Public Policy Advisory Board and as an advisor[11] to the Jackson Hole Land Trust.
On July 20, 2000[12], President Bill Clinton appointed Seligmann to the Enterprise for the Americas Board.”
M. Sanjayan, Ph.D
In May 2012, CBS News named Sanjayan its science and environmental contributor[17] and his 2013 CBS Evening News report on elephant poaching was nominated for an Emmy in the investigative journalism category.[18] National Geographic Society recently selected Sanjayan for its Explorers Council, a distinguished group of top scientists, researchers, and explorers who provide advice and counsel to the Society across disciplines and projects. Sanjayan is also a Catto fellow at the Aspen Institute.[19]
Jenn Morris
With over 20 years of experience in international conservation and economic development, Jennifer has created and implemented cutting-edge initiatives working with diverse partners — from indigenous communities to multinational corporations — to achieve CI’s mission of protecting nature for the well-being of humanity.
I see your love shining out from my furry friends faces, when I look into their eyes. I see you in the flower’s smile, the rainbow, and the wind in the trees....

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Re: This week in review

Post by Spiritwind »

And, here is the second one from Ashley Auroras FB page:

“Activists for normalizing pedophilia are on the move. Public acceptance of adult sex with children is the next domino poised to fall in identity politics. It’s being sustained, among other things, by the rapid sexualization of children in the media and in K-12 education.

We cannot dismiss the campaign to legalize pedophilia as fringy stuff that will get nowhere. It’s real and it’s here and it’s gaining strength. It’s a very logical outgrowth of the nihilism inherent in the sexual revolution. If you doubt this, just consider, for example, how unthinkable to many Americans was the recent celebration of infanticide (in the guise of abortion rights) by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Likewise, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam—supposedly a pediatrician—spoke cavalierly about whether to dispose of a living infant who survives abortion.

They and governors of many other states are betting that your shock will simply wear off and we’ll all eventually get with the infanticide program. People do tend to settle into such shifts, believing it won’t affect them. But the selective dehumanization of children has been going on for a long time now. Why should we think it’ll be any different when the time comes for legalizing pedophilia?

As with any propaganda campaign that pushes outrageous changes on an unwary public, it’s all about timing. Academics might refer to timing as the Overton Window or the Availability Cascade. But we should all be able to understand the process of conditioning the public to accept the unacceptable.
First, the groundwork is laid through carefully planned propaganda. There are various types of messaging for various audiences: the medical establishment, the education establishment, legislators, judges, the general public, and so forth. Then the agitation begins with poster people who are “just like you.” And before you know it, it’s all over.

Unveiling pedophilia as “just fine” will likely be an ambush if we aren’t prepared. It promises to be as swift as the “transgender tipping point” campaign that shrewdly coincided with the Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision in 2015. It will be accompanied by a defiant campaign to paint any resistance as a relic of outdated morality that oppresses the rights of an identity group and the civil rights of any children caught in it........

The Sexualization of Children Is Well Underway
We’ve already being desensitized to the sexualization of children and implanting gender confusion in them. Parents from Long Beach, California to Queens, New York are taking their toddlers to drag queen story times at local libraries. Some, like the mother of nine-year-old Lactatia, now actually groom their boys to be drag queens and encourage them to get other children to do the same.

Media outlets spread the idea. For example, “Good Morning America” recently celebrated an 11-year-old drag queen who danced suggestively on the show and does the same at adult night clubs. The studio audience looked groomed to be a picture of Middle America. They cheered his gyrations on cue, and approvingly.......

Our public schools, with the backing of the highly politicized American Academy of Pediatrics, are also now in the business of nudging any young child to get injections of puberty blockers if he or she claims to be transgender. Some states are now threatening to take away custody from any parent who is not on board with that. K-12 classrooms are becoming labs in which kids are being programmed to serve such agendas.

Your children have been defined by the left’s sexual nihilists as totally sexual beings. So what next? The logical answer: from sexual beings to sex objects. We may well see even more legalized exploitation of children unimaginable to many Americans today....

There are two main avenues to legalizing adult sexual relations with pre-pubescent children: 1) to designate it as a sexual orientation; and 2) to lower—or abolish—the age of consent for sexual activity. Both efforts are on track by pedophilia advocates, especially in academia and in the mass media.....
In arguments to push social acceptance of adult sex with prepubescent children you will find nearly an exact parallel to all of the arguments for all manner of “progressive” causes, including, of course, LGBT preferences.....

I don’t question the need for people to get the help they need to avoid engaging in destructive behaviors. We should all have mercy for those who struggle, especially people who feel utterly rejected and demonized by society, particularly if they want to regulate any wild urges that would hurt others, especially kids.

The argument in all of the above is that pedophilia is a sexual orientation that is not chosen.

The sad irony is that when people feel so marginalized and dehumanized, especially if they are unnecessarily barraged with humiliations, when they finally get what they want they tend to take revenge. They cannot distinguish between kind people of goodwill who have legitimate critiques of their demands and the bullies who embittered them in the past.

So be prepared: simply having an opposite opinion will get you marked as an enemy, even if you always treated every human being with compassion and dignity. If you cave to political correctness, you are allowing your goodwill to be weaponized against all you stand for.

So here we are. The argument in all of the above is that pedophilia is a sexual orientation that is not chosen. So if we accept it as such, wouldn’t any therapist who didn’t affirm the orientation be accused of “conversion therapy?” Would pedophiles even be permitted to get help?.......

In 2013 the APA “erroneously” referred to pedophilia as a sexual orientation on page 698 of the first printing of the DSM-V. After a public outcry, the APA said it would correct the error in subsequent printings, changing the term “sexual orientation” to “sexual interest.” Their public relations folks also added for good measure that the APA still considers acts of pedophilic disorder to be criminal.

Okay. But ask yourself this: With all of the meticulous attention the APA applies to every controversial aspect of the DSM, and the bated breath the news media holds for any new edition, how exactly does a reference to pedophilia as a “sexual orientation” end up in there by accident?

Sadly, the error smells more like a trial balloon. Both the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association have long been politicized to promote every outgrowth of the sexual revolution. Groupthink is deeply embedded in both organizations.

Bottom line here: if you track the promotion of pedophilia in academia and the media, all that remains is for the medical establishment to officially proclaim that pedophilia is a sexual orientation. Then anti-discrimination laws kick in to protect it in its entirety, and children are at the mercy of some judge’s interpretation of “penumbras” to determine what constitutes harm....

No person of conscience can allow this sinister pedophilia project to gain any more momentum. If we do, it will produce an unexpected avalanche of comings-out with an aggressive campaign complete with poster children (and their parents!) to support it. This is no more a conspiracy theory than to say the same thing about the transgender project in 2014. It’s pure logic, and it’s totally in keeping with our society’s trajectory.

This is no more a conspiracy theory than to say the same thing about the transgender project in 2014.

So if you’re not all in with pedophilia, prepare for the smear campaign. Today “pedophobia” is defined simply as a fear of children in the same sense that acrophobia means a fear of heights. But it could easily take on a new meaning as our culture sinks ever lower.

Consider this: If pedophilia is ever normalized, what are the chances that the word “pedophobia” and the term “pedophobe” will be used as slurs against people who disapprove? Against churches that disapprove? Could they be used in the same way the terms “homophobia” and “transphobia” are used as slurs today?” - Stella Morabito
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Re: This week in review

Post by Spiritwind »

I find this very troubling, for multiple reasons. This is not justice in any way shape or form. I’m predicting he will most likely die in there from lack of decent food, medical treatment, and just plain not having any rights or ability to defend himself. Isolation is a form of torture. And that is what this is. If these people were on the playground at school they would be sent to the office and probably expelled for being bullies.

Assange "struggles to say his own name" as he appears in court
Jack PeatOctober 21, 2019" onclick=";return false;

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange appeared to struggle to say his own name as he faced court to fight extradition to the US.

Assange, 48, is accused of leaking the country’s government secrets in one of the largest ever compromises of confidential information. Clean shaven and with his white hair combed back, he appeared in the dock at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Monday wearing a dark blue suit over a pale blue sweater and white shirt. He mumbled, paused and stuttered as he gave his name and date of birth at the start of a case management hearing.

Protesters gather outside
Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone and journalist and documentary maker John Pilger were among Assange’s supporters in a packed public gallery, while dozens of protesters gathered outside court.

Assange’s barrister Mark Summers QC said there is a “direct link” between the “reinvigoration” of the investigation, which was concluded during Barack Obama’s presidency, and the Donald Trump administration. “Our case will be that this is a political attempt to signal to journalists the consequences of publishing information. It is legally unprecedented,” he said.

American state
Mr Summers also claimed the US was involved in invading his client’s legal privilege. “The American state has been actively engaged in intruding into privileged discussions between Mr Assange and his lawyers in the embassy, also unlawful copying of their telephones and computers (and) hooded men breaking into offices,” he said.

District Judge Venessa Baraitser refused to grant defence lawyers more time to gather evidence and told Assange his next case management hearing will take place on December 19 before a full extradition hearing in February.

When his case was adjourned, Assange complained that he had not understood proceedings, and said: “This is not equitable.”

He said: “I can’t research anything, I can’t access any of my writing. It’s very difficult where I am.”

Up against a “superpower” with “unlimited resources”
He told the judge he is up against a “superpower” with “unlimited resources” and appeared to be fighting back tears as he added: “I can’t think properly.”

Assange was jailed for 50 weeks in May for breaching his bail conditions after going into hiding in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for nearly seven years to avoid extradition to Sweden over sex offence allegations. He was due to be released from high-security Belmarsh prison last month, but a judge remanded him in custody because there were “substantial grounds” for believing he would abscond.

Assange faces 18 charges in the US, including allegations he conspired to break into a Pentagon computer and worked with former US army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning to leak hundreds of thousands of classified documents.

Former home secretary Sajid Javid signed an order in June allowing Assange to be extradited to the US over the computer-hacking allegations.

Grave concerns
In May, WikiLeaks said it had “grave concerns” about Assange’s health after he was moved to a medical ward in Belmarsh prison. When he did not appear for a scheduled hearing, chief magistrate Emma Arbuthnot referred to the Australian as “not very well”.

WikiLeaks said at the time: “During the seven weeks in Belmarsh his health has continued to deteriorate and he has dramatically lost weight.

“The decision of the prison authorities to move him into the health ward speaks for itself.”

In a statement before the hearing, Massimo Moratti, Amnesty International’s deputy director for Europe, said: “The British authorities must acknowledge the real risks of serious human rights violations Julian Assange would face if sent to the USA and reject the extradition request. “The UK must comply with the commitment it’s already made that he would not be sent anywhere he could face torture or other ill-treatment.

“The UK must abide by its obligations under international human rights law that forbids the transfer of individuals to another country where they would face serious human rights violations.

“Were Julian Assange to be extradited or subjected to any other transfer to the USA, Britain would be in breach of these obligations.”
I see your love shining out from my furry friends faces, when I look into their eyes. I see you in the flower’s smile, the rainbow, and the wind in the trees....

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Re: This week in review

Post by Spiritwind »

And, you might have missed this little tidbit...

Detective Who Led Epstein Investigation Died After “Brief Illness” At 50 ... lJN727PmJo" onclick=";return false;

Again, another story that didn’t quite make it into the mainstream news’ narrative involving Jeffrey Epstein.  In June of last year, decorated former Palm Beach detective Joseph Recarey died after a “brief illness” at the age of 50, and that’s basically all we know, but do a search for him and you’ll barely see anything in the mainstream media, or even alternative media about his death.

* Is the Death of Epstein Even Credible?
* Why Did The Epstein-Mossad Honey Trap Story Disappear?
* Where’s Ghislaine Maxwell?
* Epstein Pedo Perpetrators Evade Justice

In 2018, The Palm Beach Daily News reported on his death, but there wasn’t much to report concerning the cause.

Joseph Recarey, a former Palm Beach detective who had a knack for making others smile, who tackled the island’s largest and most important investigations, and who cared deeply for his family and friends, died Friday, May 25, 2018, after a brief illness. He was 50.

Recarey was one of the most decorated police officers in the history of the department with more than 150 commendations, 11 officer-of-the-month awards and a 2013 Palm Beach Police Foundation Officer of the Year award, Reiter said. He worked in several units, including the Organized Crime Vice and Narcotics Unit and the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Public Integrity Unit. He was a lead detective in many major investigations, including the high-profile solicitation-of-minors case against billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

No other information about the cause of death was released.

In reading the account, it seems ironic that it is mentioned that Mike Mason, one of Recarey’s closest friends and a former Palm Beach police officer, said he “last saw Recarey on a recent Thursday. Recarey took off work the next day to spend time with his family.”

Now, the story was printed on a Friday, but I’m not sure if “recent Thursday” would apply to the previous day or possibly another Thursday in the past week or two.

* Epstein Case Bombshell: Blackmail Tapes & “Related Items”
* Jeffrey Epstein’s “Suicide” Co-Conspirators: Investigative Journalists Point Out How The “Conspiracy Theorists” Are Being Proven Right (Video)
* Epstein’s “Suicide” Was A “Political Assassination”: No One Should Trust The State If The Enemies Of The State Keep Dying Before Trial
* Sex Trafficking Charges Dropped Against Jeffrey Epstein – Attorney Claims He Died By “Assault”

Regardless, all we know is he had a sudden, brief illness and died as a result at the young age of 50.
Recarey was just one of two people willing to put his career on the line to go after Epstein.  Palm Beach Police Chief Michael Reiter was the other man that joined him

The Seattle Times reported on the two men and the work that took place in the case and the revelations that Reiter and Recarey brought to light.

For Reiter, business tycoon Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t any more formidable than any of the other 8,000 or so wealthy and powerful people living on the island. Police had handled sensational cases involving wealthy residents before — from the murders of heiresses to the rape case involving William Kennedy Smith, of the Kennedy family.

The easternmost town in Florida, Palm Beach is a 10.4-square-mile barrier island between the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean populated by some of the richest people in the country. President Trump has his “winter White House” in Palm Beach, and the town makes news as much for its glitz as it does for its unusual efforts to preserve its well-mannered image, like banning shirtless joggers.

But it was a little surprising, even to Reiter, to learn that one of its residents had a revolving door of middle and high school girls coming to his gated compound throughout the day and night.

In their first media interviews about the case, Reiter and Recarey revealed new details about the investigation, and how they were, in their view, pressured by then-Palm Beach State Attorney Barry Krischer to downgrade the case to a misdemeanor or drop it altogether.

The piece is worth your time to read, not just for the information the two men provided, but also regarding how they were being followed, their trash was disappearing and political pressure that was brought to bear on them, along with what they were discovering in terms of physical evidence.

“It became apparent to me that some of our evidence was being leaked to Epstein’s lawyers, who began to question everything that we had in our probable cause affidavit,” Reiter said.

The day of the search on Oct. 20, 2005, they found that most of Epstein’s computer hard drives, surveillance cameras and videos had been removed from the house, leaving loose, dangling wires, according to the police report.

But the girls’ description of the house squared with what detectives found, right down to the hot pink couch and the dresser drawer of sex toys in Epstein’s bathroom.

* Epstein Victim Jessica Collins: I Was Forced Into Sex With Joe Biden & John McCain (Video)
* Epstein Victims Should Be Wary Of Gloria Allred & Here’s Why
* Co-Conspirators Targeted During Epstein Hearing: “Epstein Did Not Act Alone”

Reiter said his own trash was disappearing from his house, as his life was put under Epstein’s microscope. Private investigators hired by Epstein’s lawyers even tracked down Reiter’s grade school teachers, the former chief said. Questions were raised about donations that Epstein had made to the police department, even though Reiter had returned one of the donations shortly after the investigation began.

Recarey, meanwhile, said he began to take different routes to and from work, and even switched vehicles because he knew he was being tailed.

“At some point it became like a cat-and-mouse game. I would stop at a red light and go. I knew they were there, and they knew I knew they were there. I was concerned about my kids because I didn’t know if it was someone that they hired just out of prison that would hurt me or my family,” Recarey said.

Despite relentless political pressure, Reiter and Recarey soldiered on, and their determination yielded evidence that supported most of the girls’ allegations, they said. They had phone records that showed Epstein and his assistant, Kellen, had called many of the girls. Epstein’s flight logs showed that the calls were made when Epstein was in Palm Beach.

They obtained dozens of message pads from his home that read like a who’s who of famous people, including magician David Copperfield and Donald Trump, an indication of Epstein’s vast circle of influential friends. There were also messages from girls, and their phone numbers matched those of many of the girls Recarey had interviewed, Recarey said. They read: “Courtney called, she can come at 4,” or “Tanya can’t come at 7 p.m. tomorrow because she has soccer practice.”

They also found naked photographs of underage girls in Epstein’s closet, Recarey said.

There were also witnesses: Two of Epstein’s butlers gave Recarey sworn interviews, confirming that young girls had been coming and going at the house. One of the butlers, Alfredo Rodriguez, told Recarey that when he was tasked with cleaning up the master bath after Epstein’s sessions with the girls he often discovered sex toys. Once, he accidentally stumbled on a high school girl, whom he identified, sleeping naked in Epstein’s spa, he testified in a 2009 court deposition.

Rodriguez said he was given the job of paying the girls, telling Recarey that he was “a human ATM machine” because he was ordered by Epstein to keep $2,000 on him at all times. He was also assigned to buy the girls gifts. Rodriguez gave Recarey copies of pages from a book that Epstein and his staff kept with the names and phone numbers for many of the Palm Beach girls, Recarey said.

Rodriguez, however, held onto the bulk of Epstein’s “little black book,” and in November 2009 tried to sell it for $50,000 to an undercover FBI agent posing as a victim’s lawyer. He was arrested, and sentenced in 2012 to federal prison, and died three years later following an illness. The book — listing personal phone numbers for a cavalcade of Epstein’s powerful friends and celebrities — eventually became public as part of a civil lawsuit. It listed more than 100 female names and phone numbers under the headings “massage” in every city where Epstein had homes.

It makes you wonder if that “brief illness” was brought on by outside forces.  The man was in good health and only 50-years-old.

This sudden death is made all the more strange because of statements made by Reiter. In 2010, Reiter gave an exclusive interview to the Daily Beast where he states that during the investigation both him and Recarey became aware that they were under surveillance for several months by an unknown source. Reiter also previously stated that State Attorney Barry Krischer was hesitant to prosecute Epstein, causing Reiter to send a letter to Krischer complaining of the “highly unusual conduct” involved in the case. That State Attorney Krischer turned a blind eye to this case is made all the more disturbing when you recognize he was also in charge of Florida’s Crimes Against Children Unit, a position in which he could directly affect cases against individuals accused of crimes against kids.

* FBI & NYPD Ignored Bizarre Sexual Abuse Expressed By Epstein Accuser
* Doctors & Attorney Agree On Death Of Jeffrey Epstein: Homicide “More Likely”
* Judge Jeanine Pirro: The Facts About Epstein’s Cellmate Need To Be Looked At – Homicide Versus Suicide
* Bombshell: Jeffrey Epstein Signed Will 2 Days Before His Alleged Suicide

According to his obituary, “In 2013, Joe retired as a law enforcement officer as one of the most decorated Detectives in the history of the Palm Beach Police Department, and accepted a position to work in the private sector. He joined Gold Coast Beverage Distributors, the fourth largest beer distributor in the country as the Director of Loss Prevention. After Gold Coast was sold, Joe was again recruited to join Gold Coast Holdings as the Director of Facilities, where he was responsible for more than 90 restaurant locations and several commercial buildings. Joe will always be remembered for his generous spirit and pursuit of justice for victims. His passion for helping others was contagious and his steadfast devotion to his family was extraordinary. Joe never missed an opportunity to make people laugh, no matter the circumstances.”
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Re: This week in review

Post by Spiritwind »

A lot going on in our world, and I have a feeling it is not going to abate any time soon. I admit, I live in the US, so miss much of what is really going on in the rest of the world that is newsworthy. Would be nice if we had more folks posting on the forum, but alas, other than Steven/LostNFound, I’m pretty much the Lone Ranger (even thought about changing my name from Spiritwind LOL).

Bigger, longer blackouts could lie ahead in California ... 47838.html" onclick=";return false;

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A wildfire in California wine country that may have been caused by a high-voltage transmission line called into question Pacific Gas & Electric's strategy of selectively cutting off power in windy weather to prevent blazes and could force it to resort to even bigger blackouts affecting millions as early as this weekend.

The repeated shut-offs and the prospect of longer and more widespread ones brought anger down on the utility from the governor and ordinary customers.

"We will hold them to account," warned Gov. Gavin Newsom, who has repeatedly blasted PG&E — the nation's largest utility — for what he calls years of mismanagement and underinvestment that have left its grid less resilient.

Twice over the past two weeks, PG&E has cut power to large areas of northern and central California to reduce the risk of its equipment sparking fires. Nearly 2 million people lost electricity earlier this month, and then as many as a half-million this week.

But PG&E's decision to shut down distribution lines but not long-distance transmission lines may have backfired this time when a blaze erupted near the Sonoma County wine country town of Geyserville.

The fire burned at least 49 buildings and 34 square miles (65 square kilometers) and prompted evacuation orders for some 2,000 people. No serious injuries were reported.

PG&E said a live, 230,000-volt transmission line near Geyserville had malfunctioned minutes before the fire erupted Wednesday night, and a broken "jumper" wire was found on a transmission tower.

PG&E Corp. CEO Bill Johnson said it was too soon to say whether the faulty equipment sparked the fire. He said the tower had been inspected four times in the past two years and appeared to have been in excellent condition.
But PG&E stock plummeted 31 percent on the news. And the blaze could mean wider blackouts ahead.

"It's kind of a logical next step to say, 'Well, if our high-voltage transmission lines are at risk, we've got to shut those down too,'" said Alan Scheller-Wolf, professor of operations management and an energy expert at Carnegie Mellon University.

PG&E, he said, "can't win."
The utility acknowledged that the discovery of the tower malfunction already had prompted a change in its strategy.

"We have revisited and adjusted some of our standards and protocols in determining when we will de-energize high-voltage transmission lines," Andrew Vesey, CEO of Pacific Gas & Electric Co., said at a briefing Friday night.

With dangerously high winds in the forecast this weekend, the utility said it is planning another major shutdown that could hit more than 2 million people throughout the region starting Saturday afternoon and last up to two days.

The preparations came as firefighters simultaneously battled flames in both Northern and Southern California: the fire amid Sonoma County's vineyards, and a wind-whipped blaze that destroyed at least six homes in the Santa Clarita area near Los Angeles and led to evacuation orders covering an estimated 50,000 people.

The possible link between the wine country fire and a PG&E transmission line contained grim parallels to the catastrophic fire last year that tore through the town of Paradise, killing 85 people and destroying thousands of homes in the deadliest U.S. fire in a century. State officials concluded that fire was sparked by a PG&E transmission line.

The line that failed this week is newer and should have been more robust, said Michael Wara, director of the climate and energy program at Stanford University. Its failure will probably make PG&E more cautious, which means more widespread blackouts, he said.

"There's going to be more collateral damage," Wara said.
Turning off big transmission lines reduces the stability of the electrical grid, leading to bigger outages, Wara said. Transmissions lines also take longer to re-energize because everything connected to them must be inspected, he said.
PG&E's CEO has said it will take about a decade before widespread outages aren't necessary.

Minimizing blackouts will require PG&E to harden its grid with stronger poles and newer equipment less likely to fall or spark. Cameras, weather sensors and a more segmented grid would allow the company to target blackouts to areas in the most danger.

PG&E began resorting to large-scale shut-offs after its equipment was blamed for several blazes in recent years that killed scores of people, burned thousands of homes and ran up billions of dollars in claims that drove the utility into bankruptcy, where it is still trying to put its finances in order.

The repeated and sometimes lengthy blackouts have frustrated Californians contending with uncertainty, spoiled food and disrupted plans. Many have complained about poor communication from the power company.

"I feel like we're being held hostage for their failings and their incompetence," said Logan Martin, 55, of Santa Rosa.

This year's fire season in California has so far been mild, with fewer deaths and fewer acres burned following two years of deadly conflagrations. Experts say it is impossible to know how much the blackouts contributed to that, but PG&E has cited numerous instances of wind damage to its equipment that it said could have caused fires if the lines had been electrified.

Losing power doesn't put a huge burden on firefighters, but they need to know outages are coming so they can install generators where needed, such as pumps for retardant, said Thom Porter, chief of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

Firefighters sometimes draw water from rural water systems that use electrical pumps, but there have been no reports of problems getting water to fight either of the major blazes burning in California now.
This story has been corrected to show that nearly 2 million people lost electricity earlier this month, not 2.5 million.
Cooper reported from Phoenix. Associated Press writers Jocelyn Gecker and Juliet Williams in San Francisco and Stefanie Dazio in Los Angeles contributed.

And now here is Lance White’s FB rant/response to the above article, that probably captures the sentiments of many living in Northern California:

Today's RANT: We just had our 2nd blackout in N. California - the 1st was 3 days, this one 2, and they claim tomorrow will be "windy", so power will again shut off. This is all B.S., IMO! I bet the CEO, Bill Johnson, never has to deal with a blackout. He MAY have to deal with black eyes soon from mobs of angry people, if he continues to postpone handling the decades-long disregard for repairs, upgrades, crews of tree cutters yearly, and replacing old equipment, so that those at the top could Hoover up huge salaries, bonuses, vacations, homes, and the most insidious of all, "Golden Parachutes".

Everyone's life is thrown into total disarray and chaos every time PG&E shuts down... even with a generator and candles, all the extension cords have to run all over the house, since you can only run a few things at a time with a generator. Candles and flashlights at night for light, and hopefully, the food doesn't spoil. After 3 days of not being able to be on the computer, or do anything "normal", then the utility comes on and one has to reverse it all back to Abby Normal. That's another period of "down time", reversing what had to be implemented. Basically, nothing gets done other than a LOT of scurrying, cleanup, racing against the clock, etc. It STINKS! Y'all with me here?! Some have it even WORSE!

The powers that soon will have been, who run the world (into the ground!) can't WAIT to own California, and have made several attempts to get folks to move away. It's prime land, and our innovative ways of organic, natural food, water and air, is no doubt a thorn in their aging backsides. All of that would be flushed down the toilet if we did what David Icke said is their modus operandi: Problem - Reaction - Solution. We now have a growing problem - longer blackouts and no power - the reaction is building towards a critical mass - what will be the solution? What would you do if you were Dr. Evil, and wanted to own California?

NEVER GIVE UP or IN, PEOPLE! Don't let "them" win!!! PERHAPS we need to work TOGETHER and UNITE with some groups investigating the truth of the matter, others looking for "PG&E's SECRETS", while other groups look at creating various non-blackout SOLUTIONS. We all have skills and a voice...let's USE THEM!

The fat cats have taken their hefty profits for a very long time, shuffling repairs and safety issues under the thick, pile carpeting in their luxurious mansions. It's time to "pay the piper", and give it back to the people - not punish us for their greed and lack of foresight! Do we need lynching mobs for them to wake up and smell the coffee?! I hope not. There's hope yet... from today's article:

"PG&E's decision to shut down distribution lines but not long-distance transmission lines may have backfired this time when a blaze erupted near the Sonoma County wine country town of Geyserville.

The fire burned at least 49 buildings and 34 square miles (65 square kilometers) and prompted evacuation orders for some 2,000 people. No serious injuries were reported.

PG&E said a live, 230,000-volt transmission line near Geyserville had malfunctioned minutes before the fire erupted Wednesday night, and a broken "jumper" wire was found on a transmission tower.

PG&E Corp. CEO Bill Johnson said it was too soon to say whether the faulty equipment sparked the fire. He said the tower had been inspected four times in the past two years and appeared to have been in excellent condition."
I love how CEOs avoid ANY responsibility for what they KNOW is their own doing! "too soon to say". Yeah, right. And if you beLIEve that, I have a bridge to sell you! Link to article:
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Re: This week in review

Post by Spiritwind »

There obviously is much going on in our world, and has been since I last posted here. Not posting about the “virus” itself, because, I literally can’t stomach much more in that regard. But, it started the dominos falling, and this one could be a biggie. Working on almost doubling our garden spaces, as I figure I may be feeding more than just the two of us. Already giving extra food away, and it feels good to do that. Glad I got started on this “new lifestyle” a few years back, and kind of stabilized my own health issues. Got a medicine cabinet right out the door too!

(Oh yeah, and just have to add - Costco, as of today, is requiring customers to wear a face mask just to come in the door. Interesting, in light of the fact that this has been going on now for three months. Also interesting that, last I heard, Bill Gates was on the board of directors for Costco. Got my little mind to thinking....)

Up Next: The Collapse Of The Food Supply Chain
May 5, 2020 ... chain.html

If you’ve spent any time around the conspiracy realists who understand the true nature of the central banking fraud, the political fraud, the war on terror fraud and all of the other deceptions that are sold to the public by their misleaders, you’ve no doubt heard some iteration of the following remark:

“As long as Joe Sixpack and Jane Soccermom have their football and their cheeseburgers, nothing’s ever going to change.”

The implication is that if we can halt the flow of mindless entertainment that distracts the masses and the chemically-processed garbage that keeps them fat and sluggish, we could have a revolution by the morning.
Be careful what you wish for.

The sports were the first to go. (In fact, the cancellation of the NBA season was the moment I realized they were going to go all the way with the plandemic psyop.)

And now, in case you hadn’t noticed, the cheeseburgers are disappearing.
The latest news is that McDonald’s is now taking direct control over how much beef and pork each franchisee will receive.

This comes on the back of ominous statements from major McDonald’s suppliers like Tyson Foods, whose chairman is now warning that “millions of pounds of meat will disappear from the supply chain” as the plandemic starts to cripple food processing plants.

Now, there are no doubt many people who are relieved to hear that McDonald’s may be forced to limit the sales of its chemical-laden, poisonous garbage “food products” (and, trust me, I’m one of them).

And there are no doubt many who are relieved to hear of the impending collapse of the factory food processing system that has so utterly disconnected us from the real sources of our food.

But, once again, I must warn you to be careful what you wish for.

What is happening right now is not cosmic revenge for the poisoning of the public with toxic garbage that the factory food processors and fast food purveyors have been engaging in for decades; it is actually the next step in the complete reengineering of the food supply and the fundamental transformation of the human experience that such a reengineering entails.

First, we have to understand that this is no mere American phenomenon. It is happening in Canada. And the UK. And Europe. And China. And Japan.

And it’s not just beef and pork supplies that are being disrupted. It’s milk. And produce. And rice. And wheat.

And it’s not just the food processors whose entire industry is being upended by this chaos. It’s wreaking havoc for farmers. And truckers. And supermarkets. And restaurants.

And to make it all even more horrific, the crisis won’t just effect the food supply itself. It will effect all of those workers in these industries who are being laid off as a result of the disruption, who now find themselves among the ranks of the recently unemployed who are lining up at food banks, which, as you might imagine, are struggling to keep up with the record demand on their dwindling reserves.

In case you can’t see the bigger picture yet, what is already in the process of happening is a fundamental disruption of the entire food chain that much of the world relies on.

The impact of this disruption is only just now beginning to be felt, and the ripples caused by this cascading chain of failures and crises will directly effect every single person reading these words at some point in the near future. Demand for food aid is already leading to stampedes in Kenya and protests in Bangladesh and looting in Colombia and clashes in South Africa.

Given that we’ve already seen supermarket freakouts and shopping brawls breaking out in the US and Australia and the UK, can there be any doubt that severe food shortages will cause widespread chaos in the streets of the developed world? (In case there is any doubt, I’ll just leave this here.)

If only the Problem that is causing this Reaction had an easy Solution!
Oh, wait! There is! It’s called “lab-grown meat” and it’s being served up by Bill Gates and his corporate cronies.

Yes, as James Evan Pilato and I discuss in the latest edition of New World Next Week, everyone’s favorite billionaire philanthropist just happens to have a burning desire to help the planet by switching them over to lab-grown meat for some reason.

(Hmmm. Funny, that. Must be part of that same selfless impulse that motivates him to inject as many poor, starving children as possible with his experimental vaccines.)

Before the vegans in the crowd start celebrating the realization of their dream to get the world to stop eating meat, we should all realize this for what it is. This is not a kumbaya moment where the world acts to reduce animal suffering, but the ultimate achievement of the global food corporatocracy’s wildest dream: to replace the food supply with a fully synthesized, patented, corporate product that cannot be grown in the field or raised in a farm. If this corporate takeover of the food supply happens of your food will come directly from Big Food, Inc.

In fact, not only was Gates an important early backer of “Impossible Burger” and its lab-grown synthetic biology food substitute, but, as Corbett Report member Camille of PleaseStopTheRide points out, he is also investing millions into “hacking your microbiome” to reengineer your gut bacteria.

You see, as it turns out, researchers are discovering that the microbiome — the mixture of bacteria, fungi and viruses that develop in the gut — can have serious effects on children’s physical and mental development, especially in the first year of life.

So the same man who is extremely concerned about overpopulation is also plowing millions of dollars into researching how food supplements can help poor third world children grow up big and strong. What could go wrong?

But don’t worry about Gates; his investments are already paying off. The “fake meat” industry is raking in the cash in the corona world order, with Impossible Foods Inc. in particular using the generated crisis as an opportunity to expand into 777 more grocery stores across the US. (Hey, at least it wasn’t 666 more stores!)

And there you have it: Problem – Reaction – Solution, food supply edition.
But if you’re interested in this controlled demolition of the food supply chain, I have some advice for you: Don’t post it to Twitter. They’ve already thrown talk about food shortages into the same category as warnings about the safety of 5G technology and banned it from their platform. If there was any greater sign that this is going to become an issue of vital importance in our lives in our very near future, I don’t know what it is.

By James Corbett, Guest writer

PS: For those who are still interested in “the virus” there is another view to consider, if you haven’t already. There are countries (and a few US States too!) that did not blindly follow “the rules (like, who made those rules?!), and therefore they are not showing signs of what is being described in the above article. ... kdown.html
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Re: This week in review

Post by Spiritwind »

This is just a small sampling of some of the more alarming news this week. I realize I’m located in the US, and specifically in Washington State, and it’s not the same everywhere. I’m actually really glad I’m not in California anymore.

I’ve mentioned this book, Political Ponerology, numerous times, but mentioning it again here. One of the first things the author and his associates noted just before the takeover of their country was that previously friendly, and amiable, people began to behave somewhat hostile to those who were questioning what seemed to be happening, if it strayed from the mainstream narrative.

And I can feel the hostilities growing amongst those who feel that anyone with a different outlook, regardless if it is based on ample personal experience and reliable inner knowing, is actually becoming a threat. I’ve seen comments referring to the selfishness of those who won’t unquestioningly tow the line, and accusations of them just worrying about themselves, without regard for others. This is alarming. My questioning has very little to do with my own personal welfare. I see what is playing out as possibly having far reaching consequences, that will ultimately be detrimental to all life here. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I sincerely hope I AM wrong!

And I’ve never claimed there is conclusive evidence that this is a “hoax”, or that there is no biological element to this. What I am saying, is whatever it is, it isn’t natural, and it’s not just happening as an accident of nature. Everything that is happening, in my opinion, is happening as a result of careful, long term planning of epic proportions. I spent two very intensive years studying psychology, how the system originated, some of the early pioneers in this relatively new science. And I know that almost everything that gets rolled out to the public was originally developed for military purposes.

Psychology was primarily employed for purposes having nothing to do with concern for humanities wellbeing. It had everything to do with learning how to have power over and control individuals, and eventually whole populations. Now their grand dream is to literally control the world. Yes, psychology can be used to benefit our lives, especially the practice of self reflection, which is a form of self applied psychology. Anything can be used to benefit life, or to harm, depending on how it’s used.

And this has all the hallmarks of a psychological mind-fuck at a level I never thought I would actually witness in my life. I see the tsunami coming, and will take no pleasure in being right. No pleasure at all.

Future Air Travel: Four-Hour Process, Self Check-In, Disinfection, Immunity Passes ... ty-passes/

Washington Governor To Residents: COVID-Test-Deniers Will Not Be Allowed To Leave Home To Get Groceries ... eries.html

Trump mobilizing U.S. military to deliver coronavirus vaccine ... HEZn-2yQgM

Senate Votes to Allow FBI to Look at Your Web Browsing History Without a Warrant ... -a-warrant?
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Re: This week in review

Post by Spiritwind »

I’m feeling ornery today I guess.

Gee, Independence Day is less than 6 weeks away! I can’t wait to celebrate!

Oh, sorry, that was in another life....
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