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Follow up on the "Dark Journalist" X series. A personal note is that after publishing my article, X-PROTECT XXVIII | The Dark Journalist and personal observations of his material I was contacted by Maarit and we found ourselves in a deep sharing on many streams of gnosis primarily of her knowledge of the Sammi people, her Finnish ancestry and root languages. She is an outstanding researcher with no horse in the race and found herself called to speak up. Without knowing why at the time I found DJ's linking of the Sammi people to the men in black particularly distasteful, unsubstantiated and detected a discordant note of deception. It was at that point I found myself compelled to speak up and use a more critical mind in looking at his material.

I will also make note here that I contacted DJ on three separate occasions, the first on June 30th which he responded to including giving me his phone number. As my life was in an upheaval at that time I didn't follow through on calling him. The next email exchange was myself sending another greeting in which I showed admiration for his work and again a request to speak though by then I was starting to see beneath his narrative and knew if we spoke I would need to question him about his intent. My last email to him was on October 6th in which I sent him a link to my article with an invitation to speak transparently in what I consider a code of honor, opposing points of view when openly shared are the gateway to finding truth. He never answered. On his subsequent show on Corey Goode which I listened to for about an hour which was all I could stomach I tried to make comment in the running live chat and found myself unable to. I logged out of the Earth Empaths YouTube and signed in to Not In Our Name YouTube to find I was blocked and could not make comment there either. This actually set up in me a sense of amusement for the truth once seen cannot be unseen and any journalist that censors those who wish to openly share information or question their narrative is not a journalist, just another puppet being played.

Fortunately there are those who speak publicly that are willing to engage in a heart to heart, people to people coversing, Randy Maugans has consistently been one. I will take this moment to thank him for all the people he routinely speaks to off camera giving freely of his valuable time and listening with compassionate support.

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hL5aNNE ... nfztIvz-GQ[/youtube]


OffPlanet Media
Published on Dec 12, 2018

The internet alternative media has been a haven for important presentations of vital research; as well as also harboring a fair amount of opportunism, outright misrepresentation of facts, and shoddy ethical practices. It is up to viewers, listeners, and readers to decide once they are given better information.
My thanks to Maarit, who contacted me with her concerns about the factual misrepresentations she found in the Dark Journalist "X Series". We chose to focus on the most basic levels of the information---minus the "woo woo"---and go straight to the heart of the credibility claimed by DJ, himself.

Dark Journalist, who operates under the nom de guerre Daniel Liszt (real surname, Robillard), has insisted on integrity and factual information when pursuing alt-media figures such as Corey Goode and David Wilcock. Yet, when approached by this writer and others for information about his background and claimed journalism credentials, was elusive and passively combative. Claiming "higher ground" by championing high profile author-researchers and disclosure figures such as Joseph P. Farrell, Catherine Austin Fitts, Richard Dolan, and Linda Moulton Howe. Liszt has established his platform as being " an independent investigative reporter ". Fair enough.

In this interview, we outline ten points of factually based errors, misstatements, exaggerations, and very poor research, which place his "X Series" steganography into serious question. While no single information source is infallible and we allow for that; we also note that he has been repeatedly offered corrections on this factual information which he chose to ignore, altered to fit his narrative, or dismissed. Based on the information presented here, and in viewing other shows in this long series, it appears that the Dark Journalist has ventured into fabrication, convolution, and blurring fact with legend in attempting to use an arcane form of cryptography to amass data into a branding of UFOlogy and Conspiracy.
The journey, the challenge is to step into the
projection room and stop being lost in the script.

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