2400-Year-Old Ancient Bunkers and Nuclear War Shelters Found in India

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2400-Year-Old Ancient Bunkers and Nuclear War Shelters Found in India

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I’ve long thought history, or rather the story of life here, is cyclical in nature, and tends to repeat itself. And, I’ve also long thought that there was a great battle fought here in antiquity. It would explain so many things. We may even be heading for another great reset, although I am ever hopeful that we can avert it, if we can re-awaken some of our long lost abilities, that would almost seem like super powers to some. Time to wrest the helm from the psychopaths in my view.

2400-Year-Old Ancient Bunkers and Nuclear War Shelters Found in India Published on December 5, 2019

Original Source: http://trueblog.net/2400-year-old-ancie ... ndia-2458/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;?

India is one of the oldest cultures in the world. Recently India has strengthened its reputation with some phenomenal discoveries that have been made in a number of caves in the Bihar area. India is the country where you discover every day a lot of temples and artifacts that are so advanced for the era in which they were built that scientists cannot explain. Remember the Padmanabhaswami temple or the Weerahhadra temple where a 2000-year-old image of a bicyclist can be seen carved on one of the walls?

Two artificial bunkers were recently discovered in Barabar and Nagarjuna, both located in the Bihar area.

According to the researchers, these bunkers were made 2600 years ago. According to the inscriptions found inside these bunkers, it appears that some sort of ascetic Buddhist or Hindu would have been sheltered there. The details regarding the construction of these bunkers are extremely interesting. The finishes are perfect. Perfect cuts and angles in stone. Considering the huge age of these bunkers, they were almost impossible to build with the technology of that time.

These details, I am thinking of technology unknown to the people of that time. Maybe even assuming that these bunkers could be built with extraterrestrial technology.

Researchers argue on the purpose of these bunkers, but my question is who built them?

Watch the following video to learn more about these shelters:

Barabar Caves.Ancient bomb shelters of India? Пещеры Барабар. Древние бомбоубежища Индии?

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