Reclaiming health with a specie appropriate frugivore mucus free diet, human physiology&the compression of acid crystals

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”
― Rumi
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Reclaiming health with a specie appropriate frugivore mucus free diet, human physiology&the compression of acid crystals

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In spring 2018, I discovered the state of acidity of my body. The acidity was attacking my own tissues and I was forced to pause and research in more depth. I experimented a lot, not letting beliefs be in the way, until reaching a sense of knowing. I made a lot of transitions, not only with the physical matter of food but on all levels, observing the laws of cause and effect and the results of my actions, decisions and choices. Two years later, I feel relieved to have not only stopped the degenerative process but also reversed it: it is a great relief to become empowered about our health and also to realize that there are keys that can help us through the experience we have here with our bodies. A lot of afflictions now belong to the past, yet there is still a long way to go since our environment is increasingly toxic. Later I will come back to share my experience with quantum machines and heavy metals. I never knew anything else than living in a highly toxic body as my health was weakened from an early age. The lymphatic system of my mother was already weakened and vaccines did shut down my own lymphatic system, causing chronic constipation on cellular level. All this waste has to exit the body now, step by step. I will compile in this post 3 of my articles around what I have been discovering and observing from my own experience and 2 short videos I edited on the theme.


In front of the conflict of interest in the fields of science and medicine, which bury the symptoms without understanding the cause, we are invited to become experts of our own healing. The mucus free diet by Arnold Ehret, a pioneer who died nearly one century ago, is not one more food propaganda but a long-term treatment of continuous regeneration that allows the body to put back into circulation and remove old (from decades ago) metabolic waste. The principles taught by Walter Last are also integrated.

Today, we are facing an unprecedented degeneration our ancestors have never known: a diet far removed from natural principles, processed products, polluted air, chemtrails, pesticides, etc. not to mention all the deregulatory factors constantly putting a strain on our vital human functions, nervous and hormonal systems. For most doctors, human body reactions, especially in case of sickness, remain a mystery. The mucus free diet is a lifestyle which aims at dissolving metabolic waste encrusted in the body, eliminating it in a controlled way, understanding the processes of elimination in the body and the real function of organs while taking a look at the extent of the hidden damage inside of our bodies. Detoxification is an art and each case is unique.

Coming back to the cause

The mucus free diet includes all raw, cooked and dried fruit, starch-free vegetables (mainly greens), herbs, sprouts, seaweeds and fruit-vegetables (tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers and peppers). Arnold Ehret writes: “the most important substance for human blood is the most developed form of carbohydrate, the sugar contained in almost all ripe fruits and, to a lesser extent, in vegetables.” According to him, new tissues are formed from mainly simple sugar from fruits and not from metabolized proteins or fats: “proteins are formed through the transformation of other food substances. Is it necessary for a cow to drink milk so she can produce some? Cows are able to build flesh, tissue, bones, hair, milk, energy, heat exclusively from grass. On a side note, it shoud be noted that breast milk contains no more than 2.5 to 3% of protein. “

A pioneer before the hour

Born in 1866 in Germany, Arnold Ehret is a forgotten and unknown pioneer in cellular detoxification. At 31, he was diagnosed with an incurable inflammatory kidney disease, Bright’s disease. A strong character, he sets himself on a quest for cutting-edge healing methods, from sanatorium to sanatorium in Europe. He took a look at research of his different contemporaries and combined several techniques to create his own vital hygiene approach. He began long fasts (21 to 49 days) and colon cleanses and gave up the consumption of meat, eggs, milk, cereals, legumes, potatoes, rice and fat. He saw a major improve in his health. Unlike most of his contemporaries, he didn’t think that the body depends on food to find its own energy, nor that one lives on his own reserves of flesh during a fast: “the human body does not expel, do not burn or use any healthy cell “. However, fasting and a mostly frugivorous diet will often reveal weaknesses in the body and bring them to the surface. Through his experiments, working with trials and errors and observing how sickness affects people around him, Ehret cured himself and reached a higher stage of vitality. Later, he popularized his holistic healing approach, the mucus free diet, in two European sanatoriums, where thousands of patients considered incurable came to learn how to take better care of themselves, at conferences and through the reports and writings that he was sharing.

Modern constipation

For Ehret, all diseases, whatever their medical name is, result from local constipations, obstructions of human tissue, linked to a surplus of mucus in this region: “all diseases are in fact constipation, they consist of an unknown mass, rotten and fermented in the human body, old from decades and especially located in the intestines and the colon. What medical science calls “good health” is actually a pathological condition. The miracle is that we are alive in spite of our excesses and our bad food choices. The internal walls of the intestines are clogged with old hardened feces and look like the inside of a dirty stovepipe. The average man that is said to be healthy has been continuously carrying with him since his childhood several kilograms of faeces which he has never eliminated. The accumulation points are often the tongue, the stomach and first and foremost, the digestive system. The diet of our civilized world is never fully digested and the resulting waste is never completely eliminated. As for drugs, they are never taken out of the body, as some of the food waste is. Obstruction is the number one cause of death of all humanity in Western civilization. We are only a pale copy of the original man because of our degeneracy.”

His depiction of digestion is hardly glorious: “the stomach pocket is deformed and collapsed, which disrupts and interferes with the proper function of other organs. The glands and pores of its walls are completely clogged up and its elasticity, just as the one of the bowels, is almost paralyzed. The abdomen becomes an abnormally stretched bag full of greasy, watery and dislocated organs in which slides a lot of rotten food, fermenting more and more over time. This is what we call digestion today.”

But, what is mucus really? It’s a viscous and sticky fluid that does not dissolve inside of other fluids or tissues. It is generated according to particular contexts and has a defense role against toxins entering the body. It also traps external pathogens and agglutinates particularly in our sinuses, lungs, throat and around our glands. Each food that produces mucus when it breaks down also produces acids. True healing requires the release and cleanse of the layers of density accumulated since conception.
Ehret’s principles

In his diagnostic, Arnold Ehret was taking into account the following points: level of congestion in the system, presence of poison, amount of drugs, state of decomposition of the organs and general level of vitality. At the beginning of a cleansing process, we shouldn’t look at the potential nutritional value of the food we consume but rather at the dissolution and elimination properties of ingredients. How much pathogenic material do they produce in the body? What trace do they leave? What are their properties of dissolution, elimination and healing?
For example, for Ehret, meats are all in a state of decomposition. All fats form acids (even those of vegetable origin) and can’t be used by the body (no animal consumes fat). Eggs not only contain too much protein but they have very sticky properties, they are very constipating (hard boiled eggs are less harmful because cooking has eliminated their sticky appearance). Cheeses are highly acidic and mucus-forming. Rice is one of the greatest formers of mucus, it makes an excellent glue. Condiments are much less harmful than mucus-forming foods. Table salt, often referred to as poison, dissolves mucus very well: “The average omnivore used to starchy foods would not stand a salt-free diet.With a mucus-free diet the need and desire for salt is being eliminated automatically and, with it, unnatural thirst slowly disappears”.

To corroborate his research, Arnold Ehret leaned over Berg’s table with a numerical index for classifying acid-forming foods (smoked ham being the least acid-forming in the meat category with an index of 6.95, seafood 19.52, egg yolk 51, chestnuts 9) and acid neutralisers (oysters 10.25, black radish with skin 39, spinach 28, tomatoes and cucumbers 13, figs 27, raisins 15, olives 30 and tea leaves 53). This is why if you squeeze a lemon on fish or eat a good portion of acid neutralizing vegetables along with acidogenic foods, the negative effect of these foods is partially mitigated.

Amongst all the methods that turn healthy food into poisons we find the sulphuring of dried fruits with sodium benzoate or salicylic acid (both powerful poisons) to prevent the fermentation of canned foods. The most dangerous method is to use the sulfuric acid vapors. On the other hand, during detoxification, the presence of poisons, uric acid or phosphate can reveal alarming results in the urine. There is a danger when the poisons (especially potassium cyanide) are dissolved too quickly and enter the circulation hence the importance of controlling the detoxification step by step.

Mercilessly with modern man, which he finds very degenerated, Arnold Ehret also addresses a new angle around white blood cells: “white man is denatured, sick and pathological. His skin lacks pigments because of a lack of coloring salts. It is no surprise he is whitish, pale and anemic. When my friends and I went to take a bath of public air after having followed the mucus free diet, alongside with sun cures, for several months, people thought we were Indians and thought we were from another race. That was undoubtedly due to the large amount of red blood cells in our blood and the remarkable lack of white blood cells. Are white blood cells vital living organisms which maintain life and which destroy germs responsible for diseases? Or are they the opposite, are they waste, decomposed, undigested and unusuable food substances, mucus and pathogens? “
On the other hand, Ehret invites us to review our table habits, and to return to less diversity within the same meal. No animal, for example, mixes several types of food in the same meal or even drinks between 2 bites. When they get sick, animals abstain from eating. But men is afraid to wither while he is no longer able to assimilate what he ingests. The idea that energy can flow in us without food undermines very deep belief structures.

The transition diet

Everyone can start where they are thanks to the so-called transition diet, which includes intermediate foods which are moderately mucus forming: some cereals (millet, quinoa, spelt), sweet potatoes, starchy vegetables, dried nuts, avocados, legumes, etc. High in protein and fat, nuts should be consumed only in winter and with moderation. The transition period ensures gradual and controlled change towards a diet that does not form mucus within the body. This adaptation period is not negligible and can evolve in stages: excessive detoxification can cause uncomfortable symptoms, via toxemia which is being put back in circulation in the blood (also causing irresistible food cravings). On the other hand, very often, our organs of elimination are slowed down and no longer fulfill their original functions. Finally, such changes in food bring to the surface a mountain of buried emotions that must be integrated one by one. It took me six months of transition (with starchy vegetables, some hummus and advocados) before diving into a 42-day masterfast. After that fast it was easier to stick to a mucus-free diet for 2 months before my body was able to handle some mucus-lean food. During the winter I moved back to some nuts and starchy vegetables (for dinner), while I was on fruit only for some other days.

On the creation of mucus, debris and waste in our bodies

In his book Healing foods, Walter Last addresses the impact of the creation of waste in the body. Metabolic residues such as protein debris (from the metabolization of protein), mucus, fatty sludge and organic acids are being created: « small protein fragments clog up the basement membrane through which nutriens move into cells. Also tiny blood capillaries and lymph channels become congested contributing to a wide range of degenerative diseases. Mucus originates from the lactose (milk sugar) in dairy products, from gluten (in wheat products) refined carbohydrates, eggs, molds and food allergens. Fatty slude is mainly formed from oxidized cholesterol and polyunsaturated fatty acids, hydrogenated fats and transfatty acids, but also by the interaction of chorinated water with vegetable oils or body oils. It leads to poor circulation and clogs the blood vessels and congests the lymph system. There is an accumulation of organic acids in the tissues which induces inflammation and mineral deficiencies. The accumulation of waste provides favorable breeding-grounds for microbes and parasites. »

When confronted to a difficult food, the body enters a state of stress: « the glandular system is induced to pour adrenal hormones into the bloodstream and this may be felt as an uplifting stimulation. Eventually, the body begins to crave this stimulation and this leads to an addiction to that particular food. After many years of using addictive food the glandular system is weakened and stronger stimulants are required (alcohol, coffee, tea, tobacco). Eventually even these will not achieve the desired effect or only for shorter and shorter periods. Commonly the alarm reaction occurs in early childhood when we are first introduced to wheat or cows’ milk, maize or soy milk and then settles down to several decades of hidden allergies with minimal symptoms. However, eventually the capacity of the adrenal glands to produce sufficient anti-inflammatory hormones becomes exhausted and we enter the exhaustion phase. Now we have a maladaptation to allergens and emotional stress with chronic and generalized inflammations. »

After complete avoidance of an allergenic food and while reducing the overall allergenic inputs from other influences at the same time one usually becomes hypersensitive to that food for a period lasting from a few weeks to several months. After this the sensitivity to the offending food gradually declines : « depending on the severity of your initial symptoms or degenerative disease this may be from a few months up to several years. Depending on its severity and mode of manifestation we may distinguish between 4 types of allergy: addictive, cyclic, fixed and multiple allergies. An addictive allergy induces us to eat our favorite food every day or we are threatened with withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, we have a craving for a certain food and eating or drinking it makes us feel better. The user usually is not aware of his or her addiction and for this reason this type of allergy is also called hidden or masked allergy, corresponding to the period of adaptation. Such reactions as asthma and hay fever would not occur if the mucous membranes were not already hypersensitive because of underlying food allergies, mucus congestion and antioxidant deficiencies. The body can be made sensitive to allergic reactions by regularly using alkalizers (fruit acids neutralized with dolomite powder), MSM, a high intake of bioflavanoids, and carotenes and possibly digestiveenzymes. Reactions can also be stopped using homeopathy: liquefy a sample of the allergenic food, dilute 1 part of it with 9 parts of water and shake in a bottle or jar about 40 times with a strong downard movement. Take again 1 part of this with 9 parts of water and so forth until the dilution process has been done four times in all. Then keep 1 teaspoonful of the last dilution for a few minutes in the mouth before swallowing. Then make 2 more dilutions and also keep a teasponnful of each of these in the mouth. Eat suspected problamatic foods not more than once a week. »

Explaining the stimulating addictive effect of meat on the human system

« Meat stimulates the adrenal glands and the sympathetic nervous system thus creating tension and readiness for action. Fruits have the opposite effect. They stimulate the release of insulin, which counteracts the effect of adrenal hormones. While vegetables, especially those high in chlorophyl, make us more relaxed, fruits make us physically, emotionally and psychically more sensitive. Both fruits and vegetables increase our intuition. Red meat especially has a strong grounding effect and is therefore balancing for those who are oversensitive, overemotional and open to negative psychic or occult influences. »
On fertilizers and nitrates

« Organically grown food means that it is free of toxic agricultural chemicals and has been grown in good soil without the use of water-soluble fertilizers . Very harmful are nitrogen fertilizers, especially nitrates. In one scientific experiment hens were fed blueberries that were either unfertilized or fertilized with nitrates. Hens fed large amounts of nitrate-fertilized berries died within three days. Those that received only small amounts of fertilized berries laid eggs with defective missing shells. Hens fed unfertilised berries in any quantity maintained normal health and eggs. What will a low-dose long-term intake of such fertilized foods do to us ? »

Walter Last advises to use garlic mainly to sanitize the intestinal tract or overcome an infection rather than for everyday food flavouring, because of its adverse affects on brain functions. He advises that, for individuals with a weak sugar metabolism, it it not good to have much sweetness on an empty stomach as that drives the blood sugar level too high, followed by symptoms of hypoglycemia. He also advises these cooking rules :

By adding water after the water has started to boil, less vitamins will be destroyed when cooking vegetables ;
Save and use the cooking water ;
Cook for the shortest period possible ;
Quickly store and keep cool ;
Do not leave acid food in contact with metal surfaces ;
Do not cook what can be conveniently be eaten raw ;
Do not fry or heat oils or fats.

What to do with all of this?

At first glance, these ideas may seem a little radical. Listening/reading to them without resistance requires keeping an open mind and avoiding many misconceptions around food (which are many). And who is really ready to adapt to a full time lifestyle? Too often, we want a miracle recipe, an express detox so we can keep on with our journey. My research over the past 10 months has led me to discover that we over-estimate our health and underestimate the time our body needs to regenerate. Pesco-vegetarian for 12 years, vegan a year, these diets had allowed me to experience relief from the diet of my childhood and adolescence with my parents (including grains, meat and dairy and sugar), without allowing me to access a deeper stage of healing. At each step, cellular detoxification is full of treasures because it is a field of experimentation for a better knowledge of oneself and a renewed sovereignty around our health.
Living mucus free nowadays

As for contemporary mentors in cellular detoxification, I have reeducated myself for the last 18 months through extensive research. Once the technique is mastered and once one has understood how the body operates, buried feelings and the way we numb ourselves in life are the key aspects to be adressed. By feeling it all as everything is coming up to the surface, we have the opportunity to release each footprint, one by one.
Here is the list of the mucus creation of each food item.

A few tips from Arnold Ehret:

Add lemon juice to your fruits; eat dried nuts with dried fruits (and not with fresh fruits because water and fat do not mix); fruits can be mixed with celery, lettuce, carrots and raw beets. If one can’t handle raw fruits, they can be cooked: the efficiency of vital healing of fresh fruits can be too aggressive at first.
For a healthy stomach: 2/3 grated raw carrots or celery or beets with 1/3 thinly sliced ​​bananas and some raisins.
To dissolve hardened mucus: prepare the juice and pulp of 4 lemons with honey.
Seared, crispy or cooked in chips without the presence of fat, sweet potatoes are almost devoid of mucus. They are better than potatoes which are best well cooked to reduce the production of mucus.
Preparing a broth by cooking different kinds of vegetables and drink only the juice; consume only one type of cooked vegetables per meal with raw salad for example.
Limiting the amount of fluid present during a meal (including soups). During a fast, the less you drink, the more aggressive the fast will be.

Original article with recipes images and ideas: ... free-diet/



Our cells, deprived of the energy of life, asphyxiated, deficient and poisoned, no longer know how to connect to the frequencies of organic life. It is much more difficult to free ourselves from mind control by consuming synthetic, transformed, refined food that is unfit for the original human physiology. In the long term, it seems inescapable to correct the real cause of the problem ; a diet that does not conform to the physiological needs of humans. It now seems essential to take in consideration the cost of fake food to human health.

Foreword: Human Physiology

Like all large primates, man is a frugivore: he is equipped to draw energy from the fruits, leaves and tender roots. Man is physiologically built to assimilate a simple, natural food made from fruits and some tender digestible plants. Man has certainly been able to adapt to the changes in his environment and this with hidden costs in terms of health and consciousness. Indeed, each species has a diet adapted to its anatomy and digestive abilities (see the comparative approach between the different types of diet). Cats are carnivore: to kill their prey, they have long, sharp claws and canines. Their stomachs secrete appropriate enzymes to digest meat. Their intestines are short because it is essential for cats to eliminate toxic residues quickly at the risk of putrefaction. Cows are herbivore. They use their tongues to catch grass, have only molars (neither incisors nor canines) and have well-developed salivary glands. They have multiple stomachs to digest grass and a very long intestine to allow specific bacteria to transform cellulose into proteins. Equipped with 32 teeth (8 incisors, 4 canines, 8 premolars and 12 molars), chimpanzees grasp their food with their hands. They secrete ptyalin in their saliva to pre-digest starches. Their digestive system is twelve times their size, a long journey that allows the assimilation of the plants and fruits they pick. Occasionally, they swallow small insects as a tiny part of their diet.

Man’s digestive system is strictly the same. It is therefore not surprising that the same type of diet is suitable for both species, food that humans can grasp with their hands and which is directly accessible: picking up fruits, pulling out a leaf or a seed or digging up a root. This way of eating also avoids the combination of different foods with each other. Between each food intake, digestion has time to finish before the digestion of new food is starting. The water contained provides correct and stable hydration for the body. A fruit is anything that is produced by the pollination of a flower: cucumbers, pumpkins, peppers, eggplants are fruits, unsweetened and rich in minerals. Walnut, coconut, avocado are also fruits. Vegetables are limited to flowers (cauliflower, artichoke), leaves (cabbage, lettuce, chard, spinach), tender stems (celery) and tender roots which include carrots, turnips, radishes, artichokes, beets and sweet potatoes, ginger and turmeric with the exception of starch tubers (potatoes, yams, taro). Fruits, which are said to be acidic, are in fact excellent destroyers and solvents of uric acid.

Different classes of foods

According to the work of Dr Bordeaux Szekely, some foods generate life (biogenic), some support it (bioactive), some slow it down (biostatic) and some destroy it (biocidal). Biogenic foods are, in addition to natural, pure water, unprocessed fruits and vegetables eaten raw, immediately after picking. “There are the same number of calories in a cooked carrot as there are in a raw carrot; an old carrot or a fresh carrot, an organic carrot or a chemical carrot. However, do you think they have the same nutritional intake and bioavailability? “asks Nelly Grosjean. As for water, the chemically pure water distributed by our taps has absolutely nothing to do with the water that living beings need; filtered water, for example via a water distiller, is better than tap water (which contains the trace of more than 300 particles in Belgium, whereas distilled water reduces them to one or two) yet will never be worth the natural water that has been in contact with clay, rocks, oxygen and the sun. According to Irene Grosjean, biocidal foods can be described as murderous: it is red meat, shellfish such as lobsters and shrimps that are the scavengers of the sea (to be differentiated from seafood such as oysters, mussels, sea urchins which are not part of this category) and wines and alcohols that come with these types of meals. Anti-life food are also the refined, cooked cereals and their by-products such as white bread, white rice, pasta, pizzas and all kinds of pastries, as well as hamburgers, french fries and fried foods of all kinds ; poultry, eggs and farmed fish as well as hydrogenated oils and margarines, butter, cream, cheese and all dairy and industrialized products, not to mention refined sugar, jams, chocolates, ice creams, soft drinks, coffee and tea.

From picking to hunting

Would man have started hunting because there wasn’t enough fruit to pick? However, the urinary system of man is not that of a carnivore. It is therefore incapable of filtering and eliminating the uric acid caused by meat digestion. Irene goes further: “The body is increasingly deficient and poisoned and, unable to eliminate this incredible quantity of residues in its faeces and urine on a daily basis, it has to reduce and freeze-dry them in order to store them in its liquids. Just as snowflakes have to melt to disappear, these small crystals of uric acid must also melt to pass into the bloodstream, where they are transported to the kidneys, that eliminate them through urine. This passage from solid to liquid state reveals their acidic nature which, by burning our nerve endings, may create pain. What this means is that whenever we have pain without having received the slightest shock, our body is in the process of passing these small crystals from the solid state where they have been stored to the liquid state, to lead them to the kidneys.” Milk, on the other hand, is an acidic solution that destroys and burns minerals and is one of the greatest demineralizers and decalcifiers. It contains pus, traces of antibiotics, painkillers, growth hormones, acidic proteins that cause demineralization and decalcification of the body. Milk and its by-products are, in addition to being generators of crystals, glues and other viscosities that are indigestible to humans, acidifying mainly because of their high content in animal proteins. Baby food in small jars are often inedible. Irene recalls: “I can still hear my teacher in school, whom I adored, saying that not only was cow’s milk more hygienic than breast milk, but also that since anyone else could give it to the baby, it would have the enormous advantage of giving the mother some free time. And this, of course, without realizing that this food and this gentle contact between mother and child could be missed by both of them for the rest of their lives. And she ended by saying that women who would bottle-feed their babies with cow’s milk would not have sagging and deformed breasts.” Irene believes that “cooking food was man’s biggest mistake, the first mistake that would cause all his suffering, misery and illness. Nourished by dead food, this world had to replace the energy of life with stimulating food.” In addition to destroying enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants, cooking induces reactions between carbohydrates, lipids and proteins to form complex, viscous, sticky products that very quickly overload the liver’s capacities.

The creation of acid crystals

The liver and its digestive secretions, naturally designed for the digestion of fruits, are unable to fully digest slow and complex sugars. Each of our digestions is rather an indigestion that leaves behind a kind of viscous and mucous amalgam. The acid residues should be taken to the kidneys which are responsible for filtering them and eliminating them through our urine. These small crystals, depending on predispositions, infiltrate the bone tissue, destroy and burn the minerals in our teeth, settle in the intervertebral discs or in the back muscles giving rise to this famous back pain so widespread today. As for the minerals in our hair, which are so necessary to keep our hair strong and shiny, they are burned, often right down to the roots. It is a pity that we too rarely make the connection between what we have eaten and drunk and the consequences that follow.

In the best of cases, the overload will be evacuated through the skin (perspiration, itching, skin rashes). The body finds the best short-term solution to evacuate the blocked residue in one area of the body, which can lead to long-term complications. For example, the irrigation of our eyes may slow down or become paralyzed, with the risk of vision loss or loss of sight. Irene makes the analogy: “It’s easy to predict that the next time we have to call the plumber, he’ll have to go deeper. For us, it’s the same thing and we’ll have to go to the most unexpected places to dislodge the mucus. In the thyroid, for example, where it has been reduced and freeze-dried, it will have been deposited by slowing down its functions. »

Each year, considering the common diet (inappropriate for human beings), each person would ingest an average of 5 kilos of pure chemicals. Where does the body store them? Is it able to carry them to one of the eliminative organs? When the body recovers enough energy to get rid of these obstructions, these freeze-dried glues are reconstituted into mucus and can then be expelled. They are expelled mainly through natural evacuation routes such as the eliminative organs (lungs, intestines, skin) and to a lesser extent through the kidneys. Fevers, pain, itching and other irritations are signs that the body is still strong enough to try to get rid of the acids that are clogging it.

Smothering symptoms

Silencing and smothering symptoms is simply a matter of disconnecting the operative systems, which are no longer able to perform their functions. The situation will appear to be cured, however, things are only buried deeper. The body may not have enough energy to expel these residues through stools or urine. “The body is looking for the most available route to take the overload out or the most powerful organ according to genetic constitution or predisposition » explains Nelly. Today, seizures are no longer first-level, such as those affecting our intestines or kidneys, but often second-level. Diarrhoea, for example, simply indicates that the mucus has returned to its natural route of elimination, which is the intestinal route. Irene explains: “in barely a century and under the triumphant banner of progress and science, we have replaced the functional and liberating crises of our solid ancestors with lesional crises which have turned into degenerative diseases which will soon enough lead to genetic diseases. » Diseases that are no longer functional and lesional but chronic have appeared, such as diabetes, obesity, asthma, which seek to signal a colloidal overload, while diabetes, eczema, back pain, migraines, haemorrhoids or painful menstruation seek to signal a significant acid or crystalloid overload.

Asthma and the flu

Asthma tells us about its intimate relationship with the viscous mucus produced by an incomplete digestion of complex sugars scientifically called carbohydrates. Irene shares: “Asthma was exceedingly rare at a time when children were not vaccinated and somehow were managing to expectorate all or part of their colloidal inheritance through their terrible but liberating pertussis. Who among the doctors is willing to sign in taking in charge the primary and secondary consequences of vaccines? How can we not also talk about the flu vaccine that is commonly given to the elderly? It is in the way for them to once a year eliminate their poisoned charges through loaded stool, urine and perspiration.” As for hypertension, the best way to lower is not to artificially thin the blood with medication but to take care of the residues that are the cause of the problem.

A word about constitution

Most of us today have a less powerful constitution than our ancestors. The elimination crises are much less marked and violent but more frequent, even chronic, and longer and more difficult to manage than those of subjects with good constitutions. For subjects with degenerative constitutions, recovery is still possible. However, it will require more time and knowledge than other types of constitutions and the combination of different healing techniques to reach a successful conclusion. “It is important to be aware that the chances of recovery diminish with chemical treatments and operations that weaken the body,” says Irene. As for the genetically affected, even if they have everything to gain by feeding themselves and living as close to nature’s plan as possible, they should not expect spectacular regeneration because everything that was destroyed before birth has little chance of being rebuilt.

On the necessity to clean up the body

Until we have done what is necessary to clean up our body, we will be driven by a strong preference for the food and excitement with which we are most poisoned. Excitements are there to make up for an anti-life diet that deprives us of our natural life energy. Chocolate, for example, gives a boost to a congested liver thanks to the theobromine it contains. Irene continues: “Recently I ran into a bank manager who asked me what I thought about coffee. In response, I asked him how he felt about NSF cheques. He smiled and I saw that we had come to an understanding. When the house is burning down you should call the fire brigade and go through the medical system. Even though it may be useful to remove an organ or a tumour, we must be aware that these operations do not change the patient’s condition in any way and, on their own, they will never allow him to regain his health.” However, we can do everything in our power to prevent the house from burning down in the first place, by educating ourselves on the proper way to feed ourselves as we belong to the human specie. « This means that even though psychological and personal development techniques of all kinds can be infinitely valuable in a time of difficulty, we must be aware that they will never, ever be able to oxygenate and nourish our cells or cleanse the fluids in which they are bathed. »

It is not enough to nourish our body properly to regain health, we must also cleanse it internally. Irene continues: “Since water needs soap or detergent to clean clothes when they are dirty, all the water we can drink will be unable to dissolve and eliminate acid residues without the saponifying and solvent action of plants. ” Hence the necessity and usefulness of purges (chlorumagen, nigari salts, magnesium chloride, tinctures, decoctions, lemon and herbal colon enemas) and fasting (mainly fruit juice liquid, dry and intermittent dry fasting) to not only empty the intestines but also to activate our elimination systems so that they succeed in dislodging accumulated, reduced and freeze-dried waste from every corner of our organism. This process, however, must be undertaken with vigilance for weakened people because purging requires the mobilization of additional energy. An organism that is too weak risks self-poisoning with disastrous consequences. Unlike Irene and Nelly Grosjean, I am not in favour of castor oil purges, which, although it has a positive expulsive effect, blocks the lymphatic system. We are not made to swallow such quantities of oil. I have personally experienced better results from fasting alone.

To invigorate the body, hot and cold baths are revitalizing and everyone loves the type of baths that suits them. When leaving a hot bath, the feet should be red; this is the best way to divert blood from a congested head. Hot bath stations in Western Europe can also support the healing process: Aigues-Chaudes (Cantal, 82°), Plombières (Les Vosges ,70°), Battaglia (Italy, 69°), Baden Baden (Germany, 68°), Evaux (La Creuse), Néris (Allier), Sylvanos (Aveyron) and Bains-les-Bains (Les Vosges). Irène continues : “According to P-V Marchesseau, an early naturopath, a little-known and yet effective means is a complete cure of internal cleansing which combines Dr Hanish’s cure of distilled water, Dr Pfleiderer’s intestinal showers and Dr Bertholet’s fasting methods. The combination of these 3 techniques is beneficial to more than 60% of patients. According to Marchesseau, the better the quality of our sleep, the less we remember our dreams. However, we have lost some of the quality of our sleep since the installation of electricity. »

Vegetable juices

Thanks to veggie juices prepared in an extractor, we have access to the maximum nutritional value of vegetables, without any digestive effort. “We can thus fortify our organism almost 4 times faster than by eating whole vegetables, and this, while using up to 20 times less energy,” emphasizes Nelly. The work of a herbivore, which consists of eating vegetables as a snack or salad instead of juices, requires a lot of energy for a very low nutritional yield. “Humans are frugivore, not herbivore. As an example, a whole raw carrot is digested in 3 to 5 hours for a nutrition of 20% of what is available in that root, whereas a fresh carrot juice leaves the stomach in 15 minutes (without any digestive effort) and returns nearly 70% of the nutrition of that carrot.” However, Nelly explains the value of fibers, which are absent in vegetable juices, which act through their absorbent properties like a broom in the intestinal phase of digestion. That’s why it’s a good idea to alternate between raw foods and smoothies (which contain pre-digested fibers) to complement the juices. “By shortening the time of digestion, we gain in health and vitality. A lot of our life time is required for digestion. When we digest, including assimilation and elimination, we function at only 30% of our creative and inventive output. A large half-liter glass of juice is the equivalent of 2 kg of raw vegetables. Moreover, it takes way less vegetables for a raw soup than for a cooked soup. Finally, a fruit at the end of the meal doubles the time of digestion and only cooked fruit can be consumed as desserts. »

Recipes and ideas by Nelly

These recipes have been adapted to the principles of the mucus-free diet (see other articles in the health and regeneration section of the article) which reduces the intake of oils and fats (avocado), limit the intake of garlic, onion and acidic condiments such as tamari. One of the best keys is demystification through experimentation.

cut thin slices of raw asparagus;
add grated lemon zest to the preparations;
a carpaccio of raw mushrooms;
fenugreek seeds that help gain weight intelligently;
adding a few drops of essential oil (bergamot, lemon, tangerine, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, neroli, sweet orange, coriander, pink pepper) in the steaming water;
a raw eggplant macerated for a few days or dehydrated;
carrot juice with lime, chilli water, ginger, turmeric and pepper;
beetroot juice with lemon juice and ginger;
cucumber milk with mint (Irene’s recipe): mix the lemon juice, 1/2 avocado, a bunch of fresh mint, 1/4 tablespoon of almond puree, 3 to 4 cucumbers, sea salt and a small piece of onion with a glass of water ;
exotic cocktail: tomato, cucumber, pepper with a drop of mint essential oil;
Hawaiian juice: carrot, zucchini, pepper, ginger and chilli water;
raw nettle soup (3 large handfuls), a handful of coriander and dried oregano;
asparagus velouté: asparagus tips, a small pepper seasoned with umeboshi vinegar;
broccoli velouté: a small broccoli, a few coriander seeds, a piece of red pepper and a hint of sea salt;
pepper velouté: pepper, zucchini, garlic, pepper and thyme;
salad dressing with carrot juice, paprika, coriander and nutmeg;
avocado-grapefruit sauce for green salad: avocado, garlic, lemon, peeled grapefruit, mix with fresh parsley;
guacamole: avocado, lemon juice, pressed garlic, coconut amino acids, diced peppers and chilli – mix all together;
delicioso smoothie: 1 or 2 bananas, freshly squeezed orange or tangerine juice and a handful of raspberries;
ginger vegetable milk: 1/2 inch ginger, a spoonful of honey, 2-3 dates and a little hydrolate (from bergamot for example);
strawberry mousse: 350 g of red fruit, 100 ml of juice from the same fruit, 2 tablespoons of liquid honey or agave syrup, white or pink pepper, 1 drop of essential oil of basil, bergamot, turmeric, ginger or lavender. Add a little psyllium.
Iced banana mousse with blender: freeze bananas in small pieces, add a drop of essential oil of bergamot, cinnamon or orange and a small glass of hot water.

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Life is much simpler than it seems. It is based on 4 main principles: breathing, eating, sleeping and eliminating. If things go wrong and before looking further, let’s first take a look at the state of these 4 fundamental laws. To trully heal, our interstitial fluids, fluids in which the cells are bathed, must be cleaned. Detoxification via a living diet and cleaning the obstruction out is an art that is so crucial to understand.

Irène Grosjean was born in the french Vosges in 1930 and is 88 years old today. She leads health consultations since 1960 as well as workshops where one can learn about cellular detoxification in Europe. As she was witnessing more and more the inverted intelligence of the medical system that misled 2 of her loved ones, her mother suffering from acute constipation and her husband affected by asthma, Irene decided to dive deeper in order to understand how the human body works.

Formerly a cancer researcher at Harvard, Miguel Barthéléry attended one of these workshops led by Irène, an exchange he will always remember: “I cured the asthma I was suffering from for a very long time. I was coughing and I felt as if something was stuck in my body and as if my body did not have enough energy to expel it. Irène proposed a castor oil purge. It took an hour for all the mucus to end up in the toilet, I never had asthma again. When I got home, I emptied all my cupboards of any non-living food. “ A week later, Irène calls him to lay the foundations of their collaboration: advocacy, anti-propaganda and demystification around the accepted and well-known ideas that circulate about food.

The fondations of the living food diet of Irène Grosjean

“We do not realize that every day we poison ourselves without realizing it. Our body is like a car, we have to give it the right fuel that the manufacturer has created for him and do the necessary oiling and the maintenance.” explains Irène. Fruits (that toddlers can eat from a very young age) are the essence of the motor, they bring the real sugar made with earth energy. Vegetable juices ensure the maintenance of the body, they remineralize the system: “it’s infinite, creative, nutritious all that we can do with plants, vegetables, sprouts and fruits.” We have the same digestive system as apes. Gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans have very long intestines and very small kidneys. They feed themselves picking fruits, leaves and tender roots, and that goes without saying, they don’t cook their food. Carnivores have a very short digestive system and very powerful kidneys that allow them to eliminate the uric acid produced by meat. Humans on the other hand can not eliminate it. After eating cooked and dead food for thousands of years, we have lost a lot of our vital energy. Automatically, humans are compensating with stimulants. With complex sugars, there will be coffee or tea, and with meat, alcohol. The doping molecules only pump the energy they seem to grant. And so it goes until there is no more energy available. With the transformation of food, for example, through cooking, the instinctual knowing on when we are satiated is no longer available and we tend to overeat.

The inverted intelligence on this planet

What allopathic medicine does today is shut the red signals down but in fact, they are a sign that it is time to help the body to eliminate obstruction. This elimination process is stopped and furthermore suppressed as soon as we are taking of drugs which are silencing symptoms. “By constantly asking the immune system to shut up, it ends up becoming mute and everything is being buried deeper in the tissues. All diseases are curable even if all sick patients are not: it requires a great effort, even more when there has been a strong medicalization history with the weakening of the immune system.” When young children try to expel the residues that their parents have transmitted to them, by symptoms such as mucus or fever (which corresponds to the melting of uric acid), we are faced with 2 solutions: either we help the body to expel or we stop elimination and ask the body not to do its job. Children develop in their mother’s lymphatic system. When they experience important symptoms, they must be helped to eliminate the inherited poisonous rather than be medicalized and vaccinated. “Turn your head from right to left: do you hear those little sounds of crystals? This is uric acid, stored as tiny salts.” Once the body has a bit of energy available, it will take advantage to clean obstruction. These uric acid crystals must melt to pass into the blood and be led to the kidneys. When it melts, uric acid burns nervous emergences, it will be painful, we will inflate, deform. It is a necessary process for healing that is often misinterpreted and misunderstood.

Irene loves to say: “cow’s milk is made for calves. This milk is so rich in calcium that it makes the calf triple in volume in 3 months. When they have teeth, they will eat grass and hay, which is the food that they are supposed to be eating. In the human digestive system, this milk is transformed into an acid solution that burns and destroys our calcium and minerals.” Miguel himself can testify with his journey of mental deconditioning: “I weaned myself off dairy products without frustration thanks to green vegetable juices, thanks to the virtues of chlorophyll, which assisted me in regulating my mood. I had to go beyond the myth that I was going to run out of energy or that my diet needed to be around 3000 kcal a day. Later I noticed that we often find starchy food in religious texts. I do believe that if you want your idea to stick, you certainly need glue such as rice. In the original Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, rice is quoted as a tool of submission. With rice, you have well organized people. Since the colonization, rice is everywhere and it does not lead to creativity. And with rice, of course, you need tea that provides enough energy to go to work but not enough to rebel. In places where you have a lot of coffee drinkers, there are more waves. The original tea is the raw leaf. When it is roasted, it becomes a poison.”

The great lymphatic system, a forgotten technology

The body can not both eliminate and digest as digestion takes up 50% of its energy. Hence the need to clean the lymph via purges. Irène explains: “We eat a lot of foods that our body can not digest and that leave residues that are stored in our interstitial liquids. The Ancients used to call them “our moods”, the fluid in which our cells bathe. The leftover mucus and viscosities paralyze our cell work.” While blood tests are at the center of the attention, what about our lymphatic system, which is not much talked about? Two-thirds of the body weight comes from liquids, mostly lymphatic fluid. Our cells are poisoned by this asphyxiated metabolic residues. The quality of our interstitial fluids is as important as the quality of the food we eat.

Where to start?

In terms of health Miguel explains, we are all at different stages, we can not predict what our recovery process will look like or whether the path will be amongst some hills or some mountains. The approach, however, remains the same. “The first advice is to start by eating more fruits that we like and to drink a liter of vegetable juice a day, without removing or changing anything to our diet. We will let go of the other poisons one after the other. The second advice is to make sure we help our body to remove the mucus and acid residues that are the source of the problem. I am always feeling enthusiastic as I witness the mental, intellectual and emotional change that people are experiencing when they start to change their diet and how they become their own doctors and understand the symptoms they are going through. “ Irène continues: “I always advice to go to the fruits and vegetables we love the most because they are the ones that our body needs the most. All meat eaters love pineapples because it is an acid solvent, constipated people love kiwis, tired people love their oranges, exhausted kidneys love their grapefruits and people with circulation problems love their lemons. Every living food has a specific role in the body. “

Connecting to universal laws

With a diet composed of dead items, the natural laws of life and the real answers remain out of reach. Irène gives us the last word: “a being in perfect health has a solid body, the joy of living, clear and creative ideas and the energy to materialise them. He is connected to the universal consciousness, he will be permanently guided to do what he should be doing. Simplicity is a great luxury in life, which today is accessible to few beings since the majority of the world is upside down. We will leave this earth without carrying anything. What will we be leaving behind? What role will we have fulfilled? This is the question I have been asking myself for some time now and which drives my desire to communicate what I have discovered, learned and practiced to the largest audience possible. “

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