The Bible's Hidden Meanings | Eric Dubay and others

“It is hard enough to remember my opinions, without also remembering my reasons for them!”
― Friedrich Nietzsche
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The Bible's Hidden Meanings | Eric Dubay and others

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For those who have read my latest blog posts, my musings on the Christ, the Demiurge, and false prophets I found this video a good one to share. In my daily life I am often in deep conversations with people of all persuasions; from devote Christian to "it's only a simulation", those who haven't found the Spirit that lies within them and are therefore looking to outside "authorities" and postulators to guide them. This isn't always an error for they are in truth seeking.

A little side note: Just this morning a very good friend of over 30 years wrote me that she watched AEWAR's Lost History of the Flat Earth, she found it on her own as I had never even broached this subject with her. She wrote me a message that her head is spinning and she felt an uneasiness in the pit of her stomach so she wants to come talk. Her reaction is teaching me, I don't feel it's a bad reaction, just that something sunk in very deeply that has changed her foundational view of the world.

I will be sharing more videos along this line and am always interested in hearing what other's are realizing.

Love unbound, fierce, and free.

As someone who has attended church since before I could walk, in a family comprised entirely of devout Christians, and having read the Bible cover to cover it has become increasingly clear to me that these holy scriptures were meant to be taken symbolically, not literally or historically. Things like talking snakes and bushes, virgins giving birth, eating the body of Christ, staffs turning into serpents, and many other biblical “miracles” are all actually ancient spiritual symbolisms, found in many cultures/traditions around the world, thousands of years older than the Bible, referring to psychological phenomena, not historical events. Of course snakes and bushes cannot talk, of course virgins cannot give birth, Christ isn’t a cannibal, wooden staffs cannot turn into living serpents, water cannot magically turn into wine, breads/fish cannot magically manifest from the aether, and humans cannot survive for days inside whale’s bellies.

2 Corinthians 3:6 clearly says the scriptures should NOT be read literally. Matthew 13:34 says Jesus never spoke unless it was in parables. He said people who took the word literally were like those who looked but could not see! Modern fundamentalist Christians who read the Bible literally with their over-active left-brains are missing the whole point. The reason Jesus cast nets to the right side, sits on the right side of God, and builds the door to the temple on the right side, is because he is leading us out of our lower left brains and into our holistic, symbolic, higher brain on the right.

The following full-length documentary featuring Eric Dubay, Pastor Bill Donahue, Pastor Ray Hagins, and John St. Julien explores the many esoteric symbolic hidden meanings in the Bible and sheds light on the deeper and more personal and practical wisdom hiding behind the church's literal interpretations.
The journey, the challenge is to step into the
projection room and stop being lost in the script.
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