Reprogramming Our Hardrive

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Reprogramming Our Hardrive

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What does it mean to be in service to Sacred Law? What does it mean to re-awaken and heed the call of the Divine Feminine? The problem with this world has always been, in my mind, a spiritual one. No matter what your beliefs, or even if you have convinced yourself that there is no God, we live as if caught between two worlds, two separate yet symbiotic realities that exist side by side, but, like two sides of the brain, have different functions.

The physical world of 3D that seems to be the primary consciousness channel we are collectively operating on, is much like our body. Our awareness is often in our head, with little to no awareness of the rest of the body, which dutifully performs many operations to allow our experience of being physical to even be possible.

The Earth herself is much like our bodies, in that all that we are physically comes from her essence, and yet we can operate with little to no awareness of even the ground under our feet. If you watch the many various life forms that surround us in our everyday lives, from plant and animal, to the microscopic world of cells, it is all very organic and in a state of continuous motion.

Our minds, on the other hand, tend to analyze incoming data, much like a computer, store it up for later, and even take this data out of context and use it for something completely different than it's original intent. It can even take this data and use it as a form of control. I believe, this is where the problem all began. We are not really animals, but yet we function mostly on instinct.

We also have a part of ourselves that is not really organic at all. It is like star dust with a mind. It can travel the universe, think about it's experiences, store up data (memories), and function in a variety of different environments. The physical body we inhabit, on the other hand, is designed to function in this Earth environment, and is fundamentally tied to her in a very organic way.

The problem to me then, is how to bridge these two worlds so that the mind and the body work together? One of the ways I believe this can happen is by literally opening a dialogue with our spiritual essence being the mediator between the body and the mind. Spirit, your true spiritual essence that exists outside of mind and body, can help establish this conscious link between the two. A whole world of understanding can open up in this way, revealing a wealth of useful information that can heal the rift that has widened to the point of near extinction. Both the body and the mind have gone as far in their own separate ways while residing in the same space as is possible. The result is what we see all around us, imbalances to the extreme, stage four on the Richter scale.

But our spirit essence can be the programmer that can assist in rewriting the software, to work out all the bugs that have occurred from trying to operate two different programs that weren't originally designed to work on the same hard drive together. I believe our spirit essence, our true selves, can literally rewire and reprogram our DNA, much like defragmenting our hard drive, to fix the programming errors that have occurred over time.
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