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Dan Winter - Djedi Physics Explained - May the Force Be With You

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:45 am
by Christine
A large wave of gratitude for the relentlessness of those who have sought and are finding the Force within.


This is only one of Dan Winter's fantastic lectures, all of them are Worthy. As many of us have been deeply feeling and sharing the time is to actualize. May the Force Be With Us.


Published on Dec 27, 2015

Djedi Physics Explained! The serious ET history of religion and biology on Earth:Anu-Naki - Uru -Drac Story-with Dan Winter
Includes - ET / Annunaki politics and blood chemistry ( image sets: ) -
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Story of our work with Alex Collier, Robert Morningsky and others.

Re: Dan Winter - Djedi Physics Explained - May the Force Be With You

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 5:36 pm
by maggie
Thank you for linking the video!

I have been unable to understand Dan Winter for a LOOONG time. Yet, I so wish I could understand what he is saying (hehe). I think he is a genius synthesizer and the grounded strength and hygiene to handle bliss energy charge as he has been addressing is vitally important! I grok what he says on this level and this video makes sense to me.....

And the bottom line may be..."is what I am ENGAGING" capable of "Feeding THE (cold plasma aspect) aura?"

This is <(m)y><y(our)> EMPATHIC (no isolation in the singular, alone fleshies) knowing.

IMO he is addressing the POV we are now moving toward and when we experience what is happening on an energetic level, we naturally shun certain activities...NOT in morality terms but because we FEEL the bleed of incoherence...

Re: Dan Winter - Djedi Physics Explained - May the Force Be With You

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2016 4:04 pm
by Christine
I have been trying to listen to this whole "lesson" over the course of the past week, some things resound to core levels and yet lots of questions started popping up. The material is so dense that it simply can not be taken in with one listen.

Other ideas sound good but have been rankling within me. Again we come to the use of the word "authority" Dan has taken on the tone of authority and like many brilliant ones, in my opinion, he starts filling in gaps. It is insidious really. I am not being derogatory here, I realized, as I said to karelia yesterday while sharing; "I feel like we need to pick apart this material with tweezers, what is true, knowable and clear? What is old, interjected, and possibly misleading?" So here follows my thoughts on the matter right now.

I will also suggest that we, individually we, would be best served doing this with all "authority" not just the brutal tyrannical forces we already know so well. For example Michael Tsarion, who I dearly appreciate ... his steadfast commitment, his sovereignty, his warriorship are all deeply admired. However it doesn't make his views absolute. None of us has absolute truth.

Okay, thoughts on Dan Winter's material:

Heart coherency is a fact and knowable, It is key and I feel he does an incredible service giving us the physics of it. I have been able to better comprehend my own unique journey through the heart by listening to him. The seven wraps of the heart muscle, the seven arrows, the piercings of the heart... led me to a much deeper intelligence of the self perpetuating torus the heart generates when open.

Also the torus of the mind, and the fire in the blood, his ET tracings of our genes all is fascinating. I won't throw the baby out with the bath water. (More on the fire in the blood, this seems crucial that we open to this informational field and stop dissing/ fearing all the Dracos, there are keys here if we will but look.)

Here is where it goes off for me; This gets us deep in the territory of hypersphere nature of realities and the great time loops. Deep stuff I am not prepared to go into just yet.

When he talks about navigation I agree, we are navigators and if we are to truly navigate out of the simulator, as he calls it too, I will postulate that some of what he shares is a trap.

He talks about how consciousness with enough charge and using the fire letters of the Hebrew and Sanskrit language for navigational tilt of the torus (thrust or warp drive) is how we drive our ship (body vessel).

*side note: I was also taught in the Mandato that the fire languages contained "the truth". So here is what rang out at me:

The Hebrew letters are of the cabal and with the Tree of Good and Evil, a complex labyrinth where the exit point is hidden, so it can also be viewed as the Tree of Life, but is it? Is it not possible that it leads back to itself?

The Sanskrit, the basis the Vedas, sacred scriptures which also contain within them the teachings of the great cycles of the Yugas.

So ... my postulation is that by using these letters we are in fact reestablishing our will drive back into the simulator or cyclical realities that we have been caught in for eons of time. Lately with a few friends we have been getting messages of hyper dimensional time loops, and in the process of navigating these fields we get "lost" and therefore keep following the same keys we have already been exposed to.

It is also apparent that many beings have come back from the future to rectify it, one can also postulate that many have also come back from the future to reinstate the "machine system". A system, no matter whether it is a government, religion, beliefs, even ones founded on the bedrock of knowledge, once systematized will seek to stay relevant and does so by new adherents or those who make their living teaching it.

She seeks within the heart of the Mother, the wisdom of Love, bliss is but an aspect of this, not all or complete. When the mind navigates she feels that it is ultimately caught within itself. She chooses the wings of Love and the path that she does not yet know.