How we "create our experience"

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How we "create our experience"

Post by Sam »

Hi... maybe this is silly, but I worked on this puzzle for 57 years (this lifetime) and feel I have it solved (at least for myself).

Here goes -

Everything really seems to depend on one's attitude and one's attitude is a choice.

So I will attempt (for the first time) to complete the circle -

We wake up in the morning... open our eyes and we realize once more... "Ahhh this world again," and "Ahhh through these eyes again which is a part of this body." Maybe we do not consciously think this but most of us experience this awareness (once again).

And so then we (through the primary lens of a body/mind) experience this world (again).

These experiences shape our world view.

Based on our world view, we form (with full, 100% responsibility) out attitudes.

Our attitudes then generate our intentions.

Our intentions are foundational to everything we -

a. ) think (I have one caveat here to be explained at the end*),

b.) speak/write (our words) and...

c.) ... do.

And all these things we think, speak/write and do impact the shaping of our world...

... the very world we experience each day anew when we wake up in the morning.

*We are aware thoughts can be implanted... thus I use the following process -

I have a thought though I know not from where it comes. But I am now "me" examining this thought. Is this thought a thought I wish to own? If I say, "Yes," then I am now 100% responsible for this thought.

And regardless of whether I use the above process, if I allow a thought to progress into words (written or spoken) and/or actions, then regarding these words and/or actions, I am always 100% responsible.

The above is a formula of how I see life works... and I conclude (as stated above) that my attitude is a choice.

I cannot know if any of what I wrote above may be true for any other.

But I make odds high that it is true for many of us.

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Re: How we "create our experience"

Post by Eelco »

I think a little more exploration could be in order.
As the thoughts come and go... Who is it that chooses the thought that will guide towards an attitude?
Is it the same you that is taking the responsibility?

Also does that thought hint at the same attitude each time it arises? Or are several attitudes possible to choose from, each of which the same you is then responsible?

What is an attitude? To me the word itself implies an adopted quality instead of reality. Now I don't mind that in any way. We live in a world of concepts and can therefore never convey or talk about reality with what written language has to offer.

Just nudging to explore deeper.
To me the adoption of an attitude, even with the willingness to take full responsibility has within itself a measure of striving in it.
A measure of its decline already in it as reality is always impermanent, always unsatisfactory and ultimately not us. An adopted attitude can't be a solid state for a prolonged period of time. Therefore it will be abandoned or broken in some way giving rise to feelings of failure, depending on the "hopes" one had built up around such a mind-state.

That said I am not above and beyond sharing similar views of the world and often find myself in the same "trap" of believing such a mental construct.
Heck one can even read which mental construction were the root cause of tis post. That particular ideology has been around for 2600 years.

With Love
~ “for what it's worth”~

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