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Truth and understanding is forever the lovely, the good and the expanding

Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 6:12 am
by maggie
If we are besieged by forces that would have us be limited, sorry and mean, the remedy is to call in counter force for Truth. I believe we are innately connected to power so we can LIVE very well. Only we can determine what that means as we are not cookie cutter shapes baked in an oven but individual essences of creation itself. People may want something and doubt they may have it so expect what is not wanted. The we act on the expectations and they appear.

This IMO is the law of expectation trumps desire. I maintain that we are meant to enjoy being on this earth and may experience anything we accept as possible through our own intimate relationship to all that IS revealing through us.

It takes focus and attention on "who am I" REALLY IMO ? This knowledge is what I think is meant to open to us more and more as the shift unfolds.

As I choose to focus on my connection to the deep organic wisdom and power of divine in-dwelling God, a living, breathing Universe, "I AM" becoming more real. This to me is far from a fairy tale. When I am distracted by other thoughts, I know my REAL-I-zation connection can lapse. In the calm confidence of knowing being one with Universal mind who is my intimate friend, amazing synchronicity, health and ease is my experience.

Living well is the best revenge against sour beings full of rancor 3rd or 4th dimensional!

This "Secret Universal Mind Meditation" by Kelly Howell is a sweet guided meditation IMO. It is based on one of my favorite books by US Anderson "Three Magic Words" (You are God). It is in two versions. At one point I listened to the first version many times. I am going to return to using it as it was very uplifting. Want to share this tool for anyone interested:



The words come from US Anderson's book, "Three Magic Words" (You are God). the first version actually is the book verbatim

Here is the pdf ... eword.html

These are the words of the second mediation:
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"You are pure in Spirit, you always have been, and always will be.
Inside of you is a place of quietness, confidence and security.
A place where all things are known and understood.
This is the Universal Mind, of which you are a part, and which responds to you as you ask.
For all of life exists within you.
Here in your heart and mind, there is utter calm, where the truth is apparent, and the clamor of the outside world does not exist.
You listen to the voice of the Universe as it speaks within you.
It is the voice of truth and it guides you unerringly along your path.
The Universal Mind is perfect and you may rely upon it for complete guidance in all of your affairs.
You trust this power. You have complete faith and confidence in this power. You place your future in divine hands.
Your every decision is answered from a perfect and inexhaustible source of knowledge.
Through the great law of attraction, everything in life that you need for you work and fulfillment comes to you.
And even now, the answers are speeding there way to you.
All the limitless power of creation is yours to draw upon, for it is in you, one with you and you are a part of it.
Within you dwells a living, breathing Universe. And you dwell within it.
Everything that ever was and ever will be, exists within you.
All the planets and stars, all people and answers reside within you.
The hand of divine intelligence that created all things is within you and around you and you may call upon it for your every need.
This great subconscious mind, this mind of God knows no difficulty, limitation or lack. It simply creates in your experience, that which you believe and accept.
You hold your thoughts steadfastly on everything that is good. (For the great reality is good, which is always attempting to manifest itself.)
You see about you the thoughts of all mankind, for these thoughts have become things. Whatever is good among these thought-things you accept, whatever is not, you ignore.
For your concern is only with truth and understanding, which is forever the lovely, the good and the expanding.
Your mind moves easily to the further most reaches of space in all directions and just as easily moves back to you once again.
You are the center of the universe, birth-less, deathless, ageless and eternal.
Your purpose in life is to reach ever upward and outward, to expand in knowledge and love and abundance and unity.
You place your future in divine hands, you turn over each problem to that great all knowing mind to which all things are possible.
You have complete confidence that every circumstance that comes your way is part of a perfect plan to convert the image of your faith into reality.
Success, harmony, peace and confidence are yours.
Even now, the universe seeks to answer your every need.
Thoughts cross your consciousness in a never ending stream, you do not create these thoughts, they come from the infinite reaches of the Universal Mind and are directed to your consciousness, for you have attracted them and you may choose any thoughts you desire. You have but to decide and the ideas and images you have chosen to attract are directed to you. As you accept them, so will they manifest in your world. You alone decide what you will think and feel, thus you decide your entire life.
Here in this magic center of your being, your word is law. You trust that the manner in which each of your thoughts manifest is in perfect order and perfect time.
The door is always open to admit the positive, the good, the beautiful and the inspiring.
The Universe has infinite supply. Perfect health, abundance and success are yours.
Everything that exists is the result of conception and desire. All form and all circumstance are the creation of an infinite intelligence that loves to answer you every need.
The Universal Mind manifests through you.
Your world is ordered according to your own thoughts and convictions.
(You concentrate on harmony and cooperation.) (You see nothing but harmony all around you.)
In your friends, your loved ones, your coworkers you see cooperation and assistance and you recognize that each person must follow a different path towards his vision, you understand the searchings and copings of everyone you know and see. (You have sympathy and tolerance for all things and all people.) ( You know that as you help others, you help yourself.)
You have compassion and understanding, for each being strives for understanding of itself.
Each moment of every day brings your life closer to realization that the objects of your work are being accomplished at this very moment.
The things of your life are the children of your thoughts and your thoughts today are even now bearing the children of your tomorrow.
(All that is good you allow.) (All that is negative, you refuse to accept.)
You bond deeply with the infinite power of love surging through you.
The limits of the past are gone. Each day is a new birth of your soul.
(You are greater then your body.) (You are greater then your thoughts.)
You are larger then all experience.
Your soul transcends the past, the present and the future.
You sense a deep well of gratitude and compassion rising up within you.
(You sense a fusion of your being with the great mind of God.)
(You sense the presence of spirit in all of your affairs.)
You sense wholeness and unity with all things.
You feel the immutable and irrevocable bond between yourself and the all powerful loving force of creation.
You are one with all truth, all beauty, all justice and all love.
The truth about life is the infinite love of God for all people and all things.
You love all people because they dwell in God, and God dwells in them.
As you surrender your heart to humanity, humanity serves you with love.
(You are one with all power, all creativity) (as you surrender your heart to God, the love of God becomes compete in you.)
You are one with all power, creativity and knowledge.
You are the host to the in-dwelling God.
Your every move is in accord with divine law.
Fear and confusion are illusions and cannot live within truth, which is love, and which is complete in you now.
The great reality is forever present at the center of your being.
From it you draw perfect intelligence, perfect peace, perfect happiness, perfect love.
You refuse to accept anything but truth, which is always the good and the positive.
(You move in accord with divine intelligence.) (You express divine intelligence in laughter, in joy, in pleasure, in service.)
Only the good, the great, the significant and the constructive do you add unto yourself. Nothing else is allowed into the creative depths of your being.
The surging desire of each being is to know the fulfillment of love. (The way to this fulfillment is through contact with the center...)
Universal love is complete in you.
You are united with God and move with God.
You are serene and sure, joyful and achieving.
Confident of ultimate splendor.
The infinite creative power of divine intelligence lies within you.
You are open and receptive to the purposes of God.
All the right ideas are delivered to you and you accept them confident that God will provide you with the means and the way of bringing them into your world.
You know that all things spring from God, which is infinitely abundant.
Lack and limitation are merely errors of thinking and you easily banish them from your consciousness.
(There can be no lack unless it is accepted.)
(You need only let the Universal Mind express itself through you.)
Your world is filled with creativity, achievement and prosperity for those are the thoughts that you concentrate on.
Your goals are delivered to you, for they are the goals of God, who never fails.
Whatever your task, you perform it with love, for you know that when you serve another, you serve the purposes of a greater design.
The law of mutual exchange is all around you.
(You give as you wish to receive.) (You see the majesty, the grandeur, the immortal power that dwells within yourself and those around you.)
Abundance and prosperity are mental conditions that you create on the plane of mind with complete trust and confidence that they will manifest in your life.
You refuse to accept undesirable circumstances having final reality.
For a mighty truth is at the center of your consciousness, where peace always reigns. (all things are possible)
You know that life is a journey that must be traveled step by step.
You are patient and trusting for you have unshakeable faith in your destination which always leads you closer to your true home of infinite love and abundance.
Success always comes when you submit your will to divine will and fulfill the indwelling self.
Your body is a manifestation of your knowledge of yourself and your true self is spirit.
Your entire being is spiritual and your body is quickened into new life with the perception of this great truth.
You surrender yourself to the wisdom and guidance of the Universal Mind.
You become one with the purpose of God and this mighty purpose animates your body projecting love into every aspect of your life.
You see only peace, joy and abundance.
You open your heart to love and love flows through every atom of your body, energizing and transforming yourself into perfect condition.
At the center of your being you perceive limitless, deathless, ageless spirit.
Spirit becomes manifest in all of your affairs.
Give all of your worries and concerns to the great Universal Mind of God which has which has the perfect solution and provides absolute clarity.
You take your thoughts from the limitless reaches of the Universal Mind, never from the world around you.
You think originally for each thing of your life proceeds from out of your thoughts which move always in accord with God.
You turn away from the world about you to the world of consciousness that lies within.
You concentrate your being, your awareness.
You are conscious of the one being from which all beings spring.
You know that this immortal self within you is God.
You are, you always were, and you always will be: all people, all things, all space, time and life are all here in the depths of your soul.
Smaller then small, greater then great, meet and unite within you.
That which you thought you were, you never really were at all. For it was a changing thing mirroring the seasons and the tides. A thing to be born and grow and die.
You are spirit pure and eternal.
You are patient, for you are all time.
You are wise, for you contain the knowledge of all things.
You are rich for all the abundance you may create from your very self is vast and limitless.
You are successful for you need only think to achieve.
You love and are beloved for all things are yourself and you are all things.
You fuse, you unite, you become one with the Universal Mind.
You perceive the magnificent dweller and the center of your being and know that divine in-dwelling God to be your very self.

Re: Truth and understanding is forever the lovely, the good and the expanding

Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 5:47 pm
by maggie
Mitch Horowitz is one of the people who alerted me to a period of US religious history when different individuals were inspired to create new religious movements. In New York state, there was a region later called the "Burned- Over District" so named because of the burning "religious" ferver.
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During much of the 1800s, western New York was alive with new religious movements, earning it the title "The Burned-Over District" (because of the fiery nature of many of these faiths). In this video, join Dr. Michael McKenzie, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion at Keuka College as he takes you on a tour of many of the exact spots where these religions either got their start or caught fire. Filmed on location in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York.

In observing the sociology of movements, it becomes very apparent that an early authentic Universal message OFTEN degrades quickly. When a messenger is deluded by his/her own ego issues, false beliefs, the grasping for control that leads to cult manipulation AND the followers believe that "god" has special intermediaries, the loss of force leads to entropy. In my research there has not been one inspirational impetus that withstood it's own solidification into religion (Other movements of social justice also have the same fate).

HOWEVER, the great mistake is IMO to DISCOUNT the ideals that human failings "let down". The inability to quickly "collectively" develop does not discount the impulse that stirs the opportunity to be misguided. The conclusion I have made is that this is why individual development is rational and to be encouraged. Where the groupiness of interacting egos is bound to create hypocrisy and cliques and control, each one of us is all we need when we develop a relationship to the Universal Teleology of greater love and elegance of action!

I think the authentic mysticism of individual citizens of the US is an example of inspired direction from the FUTURE and the ultimate end of evolution. I see unique ground that we have been gifted. American Positivism is beautiful and engaging and the spirit of the climate here is warm, accepting of difference and open to individual efforts. IMO it is a new Atlantis which we can garden. It is NOT ever too late to claim the role of gardener. The connection is REAL. The mind is the builder.


THERE IS PROGRESS in freedom of the mind. In just a few hundred years, the same ideas that once placed people on the stake of the Inquisition found soil where the ideas could develop. HAPPILY this opportunity is the one still open to develop in The US (which in itself has ideal underpinnings that humans and egoistic striving has undermined). the environment that allows continued expansion is IMO worth standing strong to protect.

IMO we need to feel into the roots of our very presence and being because if we doubt we can have the world we choose, we have the world we expect instead. If the expectation and the desire are united, IMO that is a dynamo. To have the power to hold a space for the world we say we desire, we cannot ignore something troubling. In creating a human landscape, we hold the vision. The thing is: no savior will wrest this power to create a landscape with our own minds and hands. The Universe will manifest as WE believe and expect.

IMO we need to explore this idea itself. This is IMO so important a message that it thrills me to the toes.

This is a great article about the history of "New Thought" ... newthought

I could only find in slide share. Here are the first few pages




Re: Truth and understanding is forever the lovely, the good and the expanding

Posted: Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:17 pm
by maggie
In the task of getting to know ourselves there is a need to be able to think outside the cultural offerings. What is lovely, good and expanding? What is constructive human potential? Is what we believe about these concepts needing irreverence to defeat the negs? Robert Anton Wilson and his wife Arlen were profound thinkers.
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RAW "described himself as being too scientific for the mystics and too mystical for the scientists. He didn't fit well into any category. He was extremely against the skeptic movement, and elegantly argued against it supporting a more true skepticism against everything instead. (More like being agnostic towards all things, rather than the skeptics who believe things to be untrue not because of evidence but because it is outside of their experience.) He had arguments with people like Carl Sagan. He wrote books attacking not just experts, but the very idea of experts. There is so much more, with his mystical explorations and experiences, his years of research into James Joyce's writings, his being friends with so many of the great minds of his generation, and his constantly unique ideas. ... n_and_his/
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Arlen, who died in May 1999, is remembered by many for saying things like (when asked what more than seventy years of living had taught her), "Life is an unqualified good." Talk about positive.

She held a Ph.D in sociology from Hawthorne University and wrote, though not as much as her husband, plenty of poetry and some very cool commentary -- cool because she could be so amazingly sarcastic and yet very sweet at the same time. Rather like both polarities of grandmother at once. ... chy=search
I really recommend listening to the creator of the Church of the Subgenius and his wife Arlen thinking about social issues. Gonzo Sociology is a study of social precepts that honors the supreme human being, being supremely human is GONZO. GONZO is quantum because marked by a lack of objectivity due to immersion in the subject (life) and participation in the activity (living)

Re: Truth and understanding is forever the lovely, the good and the expanding

Posted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 12:29 pm
by Christine
Thanks for this post maggie.

I will listen. I was raised in the household of a "New Thought" minister and have found many shortcomings and denials of what we collectively call evil. Most of those I know are in some way severely debilitated, both physically and psychically for the integrated psyche is one that addresses the shadow subconscious self. Not to be too harsh these family and friends are good people, they do good works however they remain asleep to the mechanisms of soul harvesting and vampiric elements that rule their very lives.

I shall not say more until I listen to Robert Anton Wilson as I know he had a special genius.

Re: Truth and understanding is forever the lovely, the good and the expanding

Posted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 5:31 pm
by maggie
Christine wrote:Thanks for this post maggie.

I will listen. I was raised in the household of a "New Thought" minister and have found many shortcomings and denials of what we collectively call evil. Most of those I know are in some way severely debilitated, both physically and psychically for the integrated psyche is one that addresses the shadow subconscious self. Not to be too harsh these family and friends are good people, they do good works however they remain asleep to the mechanisms of soul harvesting and vampiric elements that rule their very lives.

I shall not say more until I listen to Robert Anton Wilson as I know he had a special genius.
Glad you will take a listen to Arlen Wilson and RAW.

I care about our integration and coherence and healing as you do.
I care about physical and psychic health and am SURE we may access this state NOW.
It helps me to hear from people who have attuned to the possibility of real consciousness change.
Here's another voice I love hearing.

Bruce Lipton: The Paradigm Shift (NEW JULY 2017)

Re: Truth and understanding is forever the lovely, the good and the expanding

Posted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 6:34 pm
by maggie
Christine stated " they remain asleep to the mechanisms of soul harvesting and vampiric elements that rule their very lives. "

Is "soul harvesting" a metaphor or considered to be your "real" experience? I am very curious about the way the idea is seemingly taken by many as fact? I read into it some sense of powerless assault which (in my bias) just does not jive with the truth of nature. I read the world "rule" and am not sure this could be true? What is the evidence of soul harvetsing? Does it maybe represent an interpretation of energy/information patterns of inaccess? My bias is that soul harvesting is a scary story without provenance beyond story tellers attempting to explain a sense of loss.

The whole point IMO of social experience (and not just with people but with all the "beings" who exist) is to have an opportunity to learn something. People seemingly asleep are dreaming and we all dream as if we are helpless to forces. But then we get lucid at some point. I am biased in favor that no one can harvest the soul but can take our energy supply and keep awareness of the soul at a distance.

As far as vampiric experiences, I am pretty sure that this is ubiquitous and not unilateral. If we have no connection to source energy, it is like being damned to feeding off others. I recall feeding off others energy and vice versa as being normal "relationship". Vampirism decreases more and more when I tap in to the ever present source of vitality ever refreshed. Being subjected to others feeding decreases more and more as I stop playing social games. As far as other than 3D, MANY SOURCES suggest we build a solid field with wholesomeness.

There are times when extending source energy to others is deliberate and helpful. That needs conscious awareness and is not saying the other is vampiric. Vampiric is the stealth sucking of ignorant belief we "need" what others have and must take it.

Even the myths say we have to invite vampires In. That means the "victim" was ignorant and needs to learn to maintain integrity.
That means incoherence within our own field (warring against self) is a pathway that ALLOWS usery.

Bruce Lipton mentions the state of "Falling in Love" being like taking the red pill. Then he suggests we produce this feeling without a "person" attached as a way to be out of unconscious programming. This whole world is IMO about refinement and learning of "what is what". Actually I do think we are RULED by the imperative to being FED by renewal of energy. If a system is not given energy it dies.

IMO the systems that have us steal from one another give us a scant supply, hardly enough to maintain life. The "being in love" opens up a floodgate of energy. Notice how generous one becomes, how giving, how plump and pink and FULL. That is love flowing. "Being in love" is the perfect moment when all is conspiring to carry us in a flood of well being.

The deliberate induction of this state is impaired by pessimistic doubtful focus IMO.

IMO the conventional "churches" and all institutions too encourage an inner environment which actually doubts love. the soul cannot live well where love is barely felt. No self respecting soul can tolerate such a dried out climate of starvation. Therefore the soul is distant when we don't clear the the blocks to feeling love. The world institutions encourage lack of inner self love (saying we are doomed sick sinners) and encourage hiding our real self from god AND man in shame (as we are unworthy).

Then we just try putting lipstick on our self conceived/concealed feeling of being UGLY.
This may go here? I think I am as neurotic as anyone but I am glad about knowing it and that it is not permanent.
I would be much more vampiric without listening and reading uplifting material. I feel it pulls me up and helps me feel the stream and fountain of beauty and life giving energy.

Re: Truth and understanding is forever the lovely, the good and the expanding

Posted: Fri Jul 28, 2017 12:51 am
by Christine
maggie ... much rumbling to be written as the flows cohere.

By the way to everyone that is posting, wow! Seriously I am finding the thought and Spirit inspiring. Thanks.

Re: Truth and understanding is forever the lovely, the good and the expanding

Posted: Fri Jul 28, 2017 7:47 am
by Sandy Clark
Great support and resources I listen too for years and can do so for more to come. Thanks Sista's :-)

Re: Truth and understanding is forever the lovely, the good and the expanding

Posted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:50 am
by maggie
This is a fascinating account of Todd's multidimensional travels and his philosophy based on what he has experienced.

"Todd Acamesis gives a fascinating presentation to a full house at New Horizons Saint Annes on the 6th of February 2017.
What Is The Nature And Purpose Of Physical Reality?
Todd Acamesis used to believe ‘the truth is out there’... but not any more"

Addresses his experience for a perspective on a "Soul Trap" here 1:53:55

Re: Truth and understanding is forever the lovely, the good and the expanding

Posted: Mon Aug 07, 2017 4:46 am
by Sandy Clark
I really enjoyed this presentation and found it to be of great interest to my way of experiencing and understanding the Universe in all it's creations. I don't really have an opinion one way or the other about a Soul Trap or Harvesting, to each their own I guess as it is something I have not been acquainted with to date ...Thanks Maggie