The Unraveling

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."
-Albert Einstein
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The Unraveling

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I had a conversation with the lovely sage, Christine, the subject of the Mandela effect came up, and I spoke about my perception. I've mentioned it before in an attempt to get a conversation started, but my theory was met with hostility and belittling.
I'm not scared and ego's not in it. I feel moved to share this again. So I will honor intuition.

I avoided the conspiracy world like the plague for years. I was moderating a very large indigo site, averaging at least 200 posts a day. I modded in the spirituality and supernatural sections plus newbie welcome wagon and hand holder. I did not go into the conspiracy section, it was utter chaos, constant fighting, trolls, discordant energy. Total 440hz destructive. It was hard to keep it contained in its section, the chaos was poison Ivy wanting to spread.

One pm'd me "Please look into MK ultra" in every room I posted in it seemed like "you are a victim of MK Ultra" incessantly. She was well meaning, it INFURIATED me in a way that is not me. I realize now it was programming. I openly apologize and thank her wherever she is. Once I found myself right in the very midst, it was time to open that door. My first taste was
"The Mandela Effect"
The first incident was my favorite Bible Verse so I was intrigued and freaking out. Scared!
All the theories...
It's God
It's Satan
It's Demonic
It's The Illuminati
It's Archons
It's Reptilians, It's Gray's, It's an evil space plot, it's an anomaly of Niburu closing in...

Every theory imaginable, but one was notably missing in my mind.
I had never heard the term "Truther Community" before. I adored the idea of such a community, I AM part of that community in my own philosophy, it was unlabeled but still part of my being. Loud, chaotic, scared truthers, honorably committed to video after video of figuring out the Truth of why this was happening.
The first video of the Mandela Effect being filmed as it was happening transmuted my hunch into an AHA!
The theory I had not heard, the one notably missing was...US! The immortals in meat suits, humanity.
MAYA...we hear this term and it is defined as "The Illusion" ...that is simplistic and inaccurate, as I was taught by my Teachers and Sannysan (Hindu Monk, of 30 years) friend and mentor,...
MAYA is the COLLECTIVE BELIEF that the illusion is real, the Illusion that the COLLECTIVE was unconsciously co-creating.
MAYA holds space to manifest and weave the un-conscious co-created thread into the fabric of our perceived reality.
I ceased thinking of this phenomena as The Mandela Effect
I called it The Unraveling
Enough people had pulled away from the illusion, enough people had awakened and ascended to unconsciously co-create
A Paradigm Shift.
We have been brainwashed into forgetting our power, we've been seperated by illusion for so long, we forgot how to collectively co-create.
The BLACK HATS did not cause this but they watch Cattle both leading and following each other to their own culling. They laugh at us.
I realized this truth in a deeper way as I watched fear and focus go from change to change, cataclysm to cataclysm.
I saw HUMANITY co-creating a premature end as
the Black Hats prepared bunkers and nurtured this impending, unconsciously co-created doom. I had to speak out.
I put my theory out to the community.
I was either ignored, lashed out at by the enraged, called a heretic, laughed at.
I'm used to all this, so I stood alone in my truth. Putting it out in the Universe. Unheard, a whisper from the shadows.
I believed it then, I do now.
A very strong message from the Universe that there has been an Ascension, The Unraveling of the veil showed us that the man
Behind the curtain was WE, the COLLECTIVE.
The idea I had was to consciously set intention to consciously co-create an effect, to unravel this deeper mystery of our power.
The power of the Collective. I wanted to sent intent and focus of a group to change WalMart to WallMart.
Inverting inversions whilst awakening the realization of HUMANITY'S individual and collective power.
I sense the BLACK HAT'S are more fearful of this than anything else.
They manipulate and send out poisonous half truths to keep us blindly marching towards the culling, their Master Plan,
Laughing while unconsciously we march blindly, manipulations herding the cattle according to plan.
I'm not attached to egoic Assertion that I am right. There is truth in all the theories, as we collectively unconsciously weave that particular thread into the fabric of reality. Just consider for a moment that WE..HUMANITY, our POWER of CO-CREATION, this is the driving force. That the illusion unraveling is a message to call us to conscious mindfulness of the power of OUR INTENTION AND VOICE. This 3D Earth was created for US, we were GIVEN DOMINION by the CREATOR of all, let's co-create the RECLAMATION
of SOVEREIGN DOMINION of our SELVES, Soul Missions...and current HOME.
[URL=][img]http ... .jpg[/img][/url]
Demon? I'm a Damn Goddess!
Why does the light shy from the darkness?
Open your eye, see the unbelievable
Open you heart, duality is, necessary evil
The patriarchy fears most, what I most prize
Demon? Oh darling, whilst you judge~I Rise!
~Lilith Risiing

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