Healing the Shame that Binds Us

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."
-Albert Einstein
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Healing the Shame that Binds Us

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A beautiful soul shared this on her FB today and it moved me deeply. Yes, this is what we are up against. I’m not nearly as fierce as she is, but I’m not too far behind, and I can deeply relate to what she has shared. Thank you Ashley Aurora. Hopefully by sharing this here, others will feel encouraged to also stand up and hold the torch of truth, not for attention, but to finally push back on the sickness that has taken hold of humanity, and to restore balance and compassion. So much trauma. Time to heal.

My friend offered me a reflection tonight: Ash you are power. Most do not know how to connect to you. They are intimidated by you. They do not understand the fire.
Yes this true.
I am also a big love bug.
When you came to dismantle patriarchy, heal generational trauma and merge with the Beloved, you gotta be real and dance in the flames of transmutation.
I cannot compromise who I am just to be liked nor do I give out many free passes: I will call you out on your shit, and please, I invite being called out on mine.
I work with over a hundred women a week teaching them how to break the cycle of violence within and without.
I have watched these women be beat, stabbed, murdered and continually fucked by the system.
My great grandma got pregnant in her teens and tried to kill herself by jumping out of a window with my grandma in utero. If she died, my mama would have not been born, nor would I.
She chose this because she knew she would have been ostracized.
She gave my grandma up for adoption and my grandma was molested for many years by Catholic priests.
One of the Leading causes of death for women: domestic violence.
I am not fucking around.
Tell me all about how this world is ascending and I will show you millions of women who have bruises on them from their lover.
I’m all for the golden age but it takes work, boots on the ground to get there.
Yes it is also electromagnetic resonance and frequency anchoring.
I get that, I got that.
It also takes focused action.
I’m fierce because I allowed myself to be abused for way too fucking long.
I also was fierce af during that abuse.
Those people who abused me have shamed me and did everything to defile my character.
They have tried to sabotage my life, my success, my freedom and autonomy by making sure I feel one hundred percent shit about myself.
As my other friend said they are like deceptive serpents who await for their prey.
Number one common attribute of an abusive person: they wait for you to drop the ball, fuck up, make a mistake and then they shame the fuck out of you, to justify why you are not worthy.
Yes I’m very fierce, probably more now than I ever have been.
And I have a very gentle, kind, patient, compassionate and loving heart.
I am here for action and love, love embodied and purposeful.
Not here to coddle nor deliver you false truths so you stay comfortable.
I’m here to challenge you and hold presence for your divinity.
Such a fine line between love and accountability.
If I can can break the cycle, which I am still doing, so can everyone else.
If I can be bold and vulnerable and share my story with the world, so can you.
I don’t share this shit for your approval and affection, I share cause it’s real and this world is fake af.
I was sharing so vulnerably for the past two years.
What do I see now, a million of us sharing vulnerably.
Our parents may judge us and say oh god those young ones, they are seeking attention and spewing their personal details on social media.
Mom, dad, we are breaking the damn programs and liberating our soul by being honest because we know truth heals shame.
I invite you to not fear me, you are me and I am you.
I fuck up all the time.
I am ridiculously wild and messy.
And I am committed to Truth, rawness, authenticity and bringing fire to this sick system of oppression.
The Bodhisattva is indeed compassionate and she is also fierce and wild.
Thank you for holding space as I rewild .
I see your love shining out from my furry friends faces, when I look into their eyes. I see you in the flower’s smile, the rainbow, and the wind in the trees....

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