Astral Attacks While Sleeping: Symptoms and Defense

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Astral Attacks While Sleeping: Symptoms and Defense

Post by Spiritwind »

This is a good article on astral attacks when sleeping. I have some experience in this area and my own conclusions and observations are very similar. I generally try to remember to call on my unseen spirit guides and helpers to keep all non-beneficial energies, entities, and thought forms out of my field before I fall asleep. This does work well, if I remember to do it. My husband and I have even woke up at the same time from a shared dream state that was clearly not normal or benevolent in content when we compared notes. So it’s good to be able to sort out what might be going on. (Thanks to James Bartley who shared this post from someone else on FB)

Astral Attacks While Sleeping: Symptoms and Defense ... d-defense/" onclick=";return false;?

Following the path of spiritual development, you increase the level of your energy and your aura radiates bright Light. So it attracts not only positive changes in your life but also negative attacks from negative entities and dark forces.

As you know, a third of life we spend in a dream. Religions and esoteric teachings pay attention to this fact. Many books are devoted to the ability to dreams interpretations, sleep management, and transfer of consciousness into the world of dreams.

When you’re following the path of spiritual development, the ability to control your subtle body during your sleep is vital.

In this article, I will share with you a very important topic that is dedicated to astral attacks while sleeping, as well as the most effective methods of protection.

Astral Body
In addition to the physical body of a person, there are also so-called subtle bodies. One of them is astral.

The astral body is connected with the emotional sphere of human life. It is the astral body that is responsible for human activity during sleep.

Your astral body is able to move away a considerable distance from the physical body and make the so-called astral journey. But don’t worry, in this case, the astral body does not lose connection with the physical body.

At the moment of sleep, when your physical body is resting, your astral body is leaving it for traveling into the metaphysical plane – the astral.

The more active and developed your astral body is, the “further” from the physical body it can travel.

Astral Worlds
The astral plane is infinitely more multidimensional than the physical world we are accustomed to. At the same time, the direction of time, gravity and other things we got used to in the physical world, don’t exist in the astral. The present and the future in the astral plane can exist simultaneously, and change in any direction.

It is interesting to note that the “astral plane”, as a matter of fact, is not an exact name. It would be more correct to say astral planes or astral worlds, because this is a multidimensional space, not like the physical world.
Moreover, different astral plans/worlds intersect with each other and are not “uninhabited”. Each astral world contains conscious and unconscious entities, plants, planets, galaxies, etc.

Every person regularly parts with his astral body during sleep. If a person does not see dreams at all or sees them rarely, there are two possible reasons can be: the undeveloped astral body or the inability to remember the information transmitted by the astral body during the journey.

The Purpose Of Astral Attack
Astral attacks while sleeping can be caused by astral entities and astral bodies of other people. For example, if a person experiences negative emotions towards you in real life, it is likely that his/her astral body makes astral attacks on you at night. Moreover, he/she may not even know what he/she does at night. Of course, there are cases, when people make these attacks consciously (for example, black magicians).

Astral attacks while sleeping usually pursue goals like:
* the abduction of energy;
* the weakening of the will;
* lowering aspirations;
* clouding of consciousness;
* changing the trajectory of the soul and the astral body;
* the destruction or weakening of the astral sheath;
* inducing fear or shock effect.

Signs Of Astral Attack
Here are the most common signs of astral attacks while sleeping:
* heavy sleep with a relatively light falling asleep;
* Acceleration of heart rate – tachycardia and, accordingly, a sharp increase in blood pressure. This feature is not mandatory but is quite common.
* often a feeling of negative premonition before going to bed;
* sensing of negative beings near you when you are on the verge between falling asleep and wakefulness;
* a feeling of fear, bewilderment, sometimes anger;
* As a rule, the dream during the astral attack is very realistic. You are aware that you are asleep, but it is either very difficult or impossible to make yourself wake up.
* Very often astral attacks in a dream are accompanied by profuse sweating.
* The usual time for astral attacks – 3-4 am and 5-6 am. Most people who have been astrally attacked wake up during this time.
* Awakening is accompanied by a complete loss of strength and exhaustion. Sometimes people are so exhausted they can’t even open their eyes. The body aches after the astral attack as if you had been doing hard physical work all night

The astral attack can be observed in the waking state.
One of the signs of such attacks is a sharp asymptomatic increase in body temperature to 37.5 – 38 C (99.5-100.4 F). The temperature of the head is usually 0.5 – 1 degree higher than the total body temperature. With this effect, redness of the face, a feeling of pulse in the temple or ear, headache are also often observed.

Types Of Astral Attacks While Sleeping
Let’s look at the most common types of astral attacks while sleeping.

1. Astral suffocation
During astral suffocation, it seems that you can not breathe, although there is no air in the earthly sense in the astral. Night suffocation is accompanied by complete or partial temporary paralysis of the throat center. Often there are thoughts of imminent death.

As a rule, such suffocations do not stop until you wake up and throw off the astral demon.

2. Astral pressure
Astral pressure resembles a directed hurricane wind that presses a person to the wall. Usually, it occurs either in the finale of the plot dream or in the morning without any external reason.

A person feels that he/she is under pressure from some undefined force.

3. Astral injection
This astral attack is experienced in the form of a short, burning sharp pain. This pain arises from approaching the aura and touching it by a negative entity from the subtle world. Such contact with the negative entities of the invisible world happens to every person much more often than we think.

The astral injection can occur not only during sleep but also in a state of wakefulness. If an astral injection occurs in a state of wakefulness, it causes a micro-shock accompanied by point pain. It seems that there was a sudden, rapidly passing pain in some part of the body or internal organs, although in fact, this is the astral body that hurts.

Such an astral injection is able to force you to make some movement. Moreover, the astral injection makes your subtle body shudder, so it begins to randomly rush about in search of a safe place. At this point, you may have a bad dream or suddenly wake up.

4. Astral voices
Astral voices themselves do not pose a serious threat. But in the general context of astral attack can be dangerous, especially if a person is too receptive to their words.

Especially dangerous when people begin to perform those commands that were heard in a dream. Such actions can destroy your life and drive you crazy. So, if you hear astral voices, then try to ignore them. This way you will save your mind from madness.

5. False dreams
False dreams alert you about a thread or push to some unnecessary actions. They do not carry a direct destructive energy blow that would threaten your integrity, pierce your aura or weaken the connection with the spiritual world. However, the acceptance of astral information, which is false in essence and not confirmed in reality, is a kind of blow, stretched in time.

Having received a false message about some troubles that should happen in the near future, a person loses emotional balance, spends large reserves of energy on waiting for an event that either does not occur or is attracted by persistent disturbing thoughts. All this leads to energetical and psychological injuries that draw energy from a person.

6. Nightmares with a storyline
This kind of nightmares represents the culmination of the entire astral negativity focused on you. If someone is trying to kill you or actually kills you in your dream, this is a kind of subtle blow.

Nightmares with a plot sequel and logical conclusion, basically, have a pronounced magical flavor that distinguishes them from amorphous and often meaningless nightmares. In “magic” nightmares a person purposefully gets beaten on the astral plane to affect his/her energy with an intention to ruin his/her health and entire life.

Methods Of Protection Against Astral Attacks
Now let me share with you the most powerful methods of protection that we can use against astral attacks.

30 minutes before bedtime, cleanse the energy of your bedroom with incense, sage, or Palo Santo. Burning incense, like burning sage or Palo Santo sticks, purifies the energy of the room, automatically reducing the number of astral attacks. Astral evil cannot stand the purified thin atmosphere and leaves it.

2. Essential oils
Place a bowl of water at the head of your bed, having previously dripped a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil or peppermint into it. This alone makes it impossible for night demons to stay in your bedroom.

3. Candles
30 minutes before bedtime, light a candle in the bedroom with the intention to cleanse the energy of the room. Live fire perfectly disinfects the energy of the room. If you do it regularly, the number of astral attacks on you is significantly reduced.

For safety reasons, do not sleep with a lighted candle!

4. Do not allow strangers to enter your bedroom
The teaching of Agni Yoga insists on this condition of the natural protection of the energy of the bedroom. The fact is that anybody, even a good person, carries a trail of energy, which does not necessarily resonate with your energy.
In addition, this trail may contain particles of impure energy, which is carried by everyone living in big cities and daily in contact with the aura of hundreds and thousands of people. All this, like the flu germs, will be brought into your bedroom, which will then facilitate the penetration of the lower astral entities to attack you and your loved ones.

5. Do not express negative emotions in the bedroom
It is also important not to quarrel in the bedroom with loved ones – with the spouse or/and children. If you have such a habit during the years of marriage and family life, it means that the energy of the place where you sleep (that is, spend a third of your life) is filled with negativity that facilitates the penetration of the lower astral. Scandals and quarrels destroy the natural protective shell of both you and your home.

6. Cleanliness and cosiness
Of course, all of the above tips will not fully work, if you do not take into account the cleanliness of your bedroom and the harmonious arrangement of furniture and decorative items there. Dirty untidy bedroom with unpleasant odors is a very harmonious environment for the stay of negative astral creatures.

Perhaps the most ominous role in facilitating the penetration of the lower astral bedroom, oddly enough, is played by dust. This is indicated by Agni Yoga, which recommends that everyone, especially among those who consider themselves aspiring to spiritual development and growth, should wipe all surfaces where dust may settle in the bedroom.

7. Prayer
Pray before going to sleep, trying to direct the subtle body to the highest Spheres. Set yourself the task of maintaining a clear waking consciousness while falling asleep and watching the whole process of entering your subtle body into the astral world.

8. Mindfulness
Sleep, in any case, does not mean the attenuation of consciousness and immersion in a certain unconscious state with a lack of memory. Even if the vast majority of humanity knows only this kind of sleep, a spiritually advanced person learns to fall asleep consciously and to control his subtle body during sleep.

Many teachings affirm the need to cultivate the ability to enter into sleep without losing wakefulness. Particular importance is attached to the state between sleep and wakefulness. It is believed that in this state a person is particularly exposed to contact with the Invisible world, on the one hand receiving messages (visions, images, instructions, energy) from a Higher Source, and on the other, becoming vulnerable to the blows of the lower astral.

The art of correct entry into sleep involves the preservation of complete self-control both at the time of entry into sleep and in the morning at the moment of awakening. This requires constant self-observation, clear self-awareness and tracking of all impressions. A person who falls asleep without trying to enter the world of dreams consciously, most likely, will not be able to protect himself from astral attack.

9. Get rid of the mirrors in the bedroom
If it is impossible to remove the mirrors from the bedroom, then at least try to close them during the night. If possible, also remove all reflective surfaces from the bedroom (such as a TV). The thing is that mirrors are portals to the astral worlds. Therefore it’s better to remove them if you want to prevent astral attacks while sleeping.

10. Dream diary
To reduce the number of astral attacks while sleeping, it is useful to consciously learn the experience of your own dreams. The spiritual journey involves the compulsory study of the symbolism of personal dreams, writing down any significant dreams in the diary with their subsequent mapping to real-world events, astrological and cosmic factors.

Write down all attacks in a dream, and then compare them with all earthly conflicts, and you will see a very instructive picture. Often cloudless relationships with some people on the external, physical plane of existence are actually in sharp contrast to the conflicts and wars that we are with them in a dream.

The more closely you study the dream experience with its positive and negative sides (primarily associated with astral attacks), the more powerful your defense will become.

Following all of the above tips and techniques will help minimize the risk of all possible astral attacks in your sleep.

Meditation To Increase Awareness During Sleep
This simple yet powerful meditation has helped many people to increase awareness during sleep and thus prevent astral attacks while sleeping. Try to perform it consistently and see how the quality of your sleep will gradually improve.

1. Relax and enter a meditative state.
2. Imagine that you will soon fall asleep. Mentally refer to Higher powers and ask for their support, energy, and protection while you sleep so you managed to send your subtle body in the highest spheres.
3. Enter the state of maximum wakefulness and awareness and imagine that you fall asleep, but retain control of your astral body.
4. Set the intention to fall asleep for the physical world and wake up for the subtle world.
5. Imagine that by “waking up”, you gain a high degree of freedom and awareness in the subtle world and can freely fly, travel, climb into the high layers of the astral, create with your thoughts, and dissolve the negative mental images that you brought with you from earthly life.
6. Live mentally in this meditative dream and try to feel completely confident, happy, conscious and protected in it. Then return from the world of sleep to the ordinary world, which can also be viewed as a kind of dream.
7. Then try several times to move from the dreamy meditative state to the normal state of consciousness with your eyes closed, looking at the previous state as a form of sleep. This will help you get closer to the understanding of what true awakening is.

What To Do If You Experienced Astral Attack?
If astral attack took place do not stay in bed, trying in vain to fall asleep again. Take a cold shower instead. Your main focus should be to reduce the temperature of the body, particularly the head. In addition, the water washes away the residual negative energy. Then drink a few sips of water and open the windows in the bedroom. You can also use the incense/Palo Santo to cleanse the energy of the room.

The Bottom Line
Unfortunately, astral attacks while sleeping is a very common thing that happens every night with millions of people. Most people don’t want to think or talk about it thinking that it’s not important. But the thing is if you ignore it it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. You have to be honest with yourself and your feelings and admit the possibility of astral attacks that you may experience. In this case, you are aware of what’s going on and can defend yourself.
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Re: Astral Attacks While Sleeping: Symptoms and Defense

Post by Professor Doom »

Funny things in this article :

"For safety reasons, do not sleep with a lighted candle!" --- lol candles are awesome !

"Place a bowl of water at the head of your bed, having previously dripped a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil or peppermint into it. This alone makes it impossible for night demons to stay in your bedroom."
Is not that easy ...demonic entities are directly related to your awareness level . There is no way around that. Also extreme darkness accompanies bright light. Like always. They go together .Because they complement each other .

This article is treating evil like mosquitoes , like rats , like pests . You will never get anywhere dealing with evil in this manner.

Instead try to see evil like a harsh teacher, like an old relative, like a friend. Dont tread on me is a good rule.Watch your step . Create safe spaces .

But in the end see everything for what it is.


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Re: Astral Attacks While Sleeping: Symptoms and Defense

Post by Christine »

Professor Doom wrote:Funny things in this article :

"For safety reasons, do not sleep with a lighted candle!" --- lol candles are awesome !

"Place a bowl of water at the head of your bed, having previously dripped a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil or peppermint into it. This alone makes it impossible for night demons to stay in your bedroom."

Is not that easy ...demonic entities are directly related to your awareness level . There is no way around that. Also extreme darkness accompanies bright light. Like always. They go together .Because they complement each other .

This article is treating evil like mosquitoes , like rats , like pests . You will never get anywhere dealing with evil in this manner.

Instead try to see evil like a harsh teacher, like an old relative, like a friend. Dont tread on me is a good rule.Watch your step . Create safe spaces .

But in the end see everything for what it is.
Reading this last night I was prompted to write a reply but was too tired to compose a coherent sentence. ;-) So dear Professor Doom I will concur with your experience and sentiment. Anyone who has been hurled alone down the halls of darkness knows that no manner of protecting oils, lit candles or incantations provide the ultimate answer. Harsh teacher indeed and one that calls us to our full potential.

As I have written extensively of my own journey, a never ending tale, in dealing with all manner of demonic creatures from the deep recesses of our realm my conclusions to date are in alignment with this sentence of yours: "Instead try to see evil like a harsh teacher, like an old relative, like a friend." We are so conditioned to hate and fear these expressions that we don't see them for what they are. I have been tested and challenged to such a degree with shadowed astral projections which always ask me to "believe and react" to their projections. This can be in sleep state in dreams or it can be in mind looping thoughts that like locust plague all attempts to free myself from them. There are multitudes of others who are LIFE breathing their way out of this and all know that the hydra of our collective darkest fears will find a way in through the cracks in our ethereal body. So yes, friends this is a teacher and once the adversary is turned to an ally freedom becomes an ever more subtle walk through an astounding landscape of reverberating beauty.

Create safe places: I feel that is what the article was trying to relay. So YES do what your body-mind-soul directs toward that result. Personally I have preferences, waking every morning by 4:00 AM which a natural time for silent ponders. I love White Sage and Palo Santo and always have a candle lit. My little home is a sanctuary with special places that resonate in a harmonic with my etheric body so that simply sitting in the right place calms me immediately. And breathing, deep slow breathing does wonders to return one to center. It's not like I read this on a blog, it's an accumulation of experience and an openness to listen to others so that when I detect a resonance within I am in that place that hears.

And there is always BUNNY! (the playful primordial mirth of joy expressing in the face of evil).

The journey, the challenge is to step into the
projection room and stop being lost in the script.

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Black Magic, Psychic Attacks, Entity Interferences, and Shadow Projections

Post by Christine »


By Bernhard Guenther, December 11, 2019

Recently, we had an interesting discussion on the Piercing the Veil of Reality forum about the interrelationship between black magic, psychic attacks, entity interferences, and shadow projections. These issues are even more prevalent than most people are aware of (especially on social media.)

I have noticed that when I receive negative thought projections from others (not verbally but through their own thoughts, creating psychic impressions) these negative shadow/thought projections can act exactly like an intentional black magic occult attack—especially when the person is emotionally charged due to their own trigger. Their own unresolved emotional content acts as the “ammunition” behind this trigger, which they then direct towards the person who triggered them. It’s like he/she becomes a portal for occult forces/entities who augment and exaggerate their projections by tapping into their unconscious wounds and unresolved traumas, and, as vectors of attack, they target the person who touched these wounds. It can “take you down” and weaken you—if you let these thought projections come in and you accept their suggestions. These thought projections will often manifest as an overall feeling of your energy being “drained”: like feeling out of it, tired, irritated, angry (for no apparent reason), or in constant self-diminishing thought loops.

Sometimes, I can intuitively sense when a person is engaging in these occult thought projections (manifesting as psychic attacks), sensing that something I said or wrote triggered them—even if they don’t verbally express this or hide behind a pretentious mask of “niceness” (which most often results in passive aggressiveness). But it’s necessary to have the stillness of mind so that you can be in a state of intuitive psychic sensitivity, embodiment, and calmness, so you don’t fall into the trap of paranoia or get caught up in your own projections about “what other people think” as well. These thought projections manifesting as psychic attacks will often become more intense if it’s a group of people maliciously engaging in harmful speech, via hating on someone and/or gossiping about them behind their back.

Gossip is delicious food for occult entities who feed off that lower frequency, so it’s important we check ourselves when we tend to gossip, as this act often poisons our own tongue and impacts our state of being more than the object of our projections. Behind this part of us which likes to “talk shit” about others behind their back is often the wounded self—which constantly compares itself to others and never feels “good enough” by comparison—thus it talks down about other people to maintain the ego’s mask of self-importance. This is why celebrities, gossip mags, etc., are a favorite hobby for the general matrix population. By projecting hatred “out there,” they never have to face their own self-hatred/insecurities.

When you receive negative shadow projections from others (either psychically via thoughts or verbally) it’s important NOT to become reactive and respond with counter-attack and negative projections towards them, engage in counter gossip, or treat/speak about the person with contempt, for this is like giving permission for the attack by entering “their game”/frequency. Since the predator/wetiko works through their own mind, it can also infect yours through accepting their projections like a trap of agreement (and engaging with them). Since you respond with your own negative projections (either psychically via your thoughts or in-person), you start fighting fire with fire, and you will have to deal with the “karmic consequences” of your thought projections as well.

“It is not every case of psychic disturbance, however, which originates externally. It is a well-known cosmic law that everything moves in circles, and whatever forces we send out, and whatever thought-forms we extrude from our auras, unless absorbed by the object to which they are directed, will return to us in due course. One of the most effective, and also one of the most widely practiced methods of occult defense is to refuse to react to an attack, neither accepting nor neutralizing the forces projected against one and thus turning them back on their sender. We must never overlook the fact that a so-called occult attack may be evil thought-forms returning home to roost.”

– Dion Fortune, Psychic Self-Defense

If you start engaging in this dance of shadow projection, you also open yourself up to more occult attacks and attract the hostile forces who “smell the delicious meal” of your emotionally charged projections based on your own unresolved emotional content/“ammunition.” They will feed these projections more and more through their own influences to get more of that “loosh.” This is really the basis of matrix Divide & Conquer agenda pitting humans against other others humans. It’s a collective shadow projection/trigger loosh fest with billions of people acting and reacting unconsciously while their strings are being pulled by the occult hostile forces.

On that note, there’s lots of “karmic debt” for all the Trump haters out there or anyone projecting their anger/hate/disgust/contempt on any person, feeding the fake political left/right paradigm based on the trap of identification (left vs. right, vegans vs. carnivores, Muslims vs. Christians, anarchists vs. statists, etc..) It all has to come back around at some point to them (this lifetime or next). It’s an occult/universal law, not a human-made law; hence, it applies to anyone if they are aware of it or not.

That’s one of the reasons why we are so far away from any significant shift in consciousness (let alone a real awakening.) We keep creating more and more karmic debt with our unresolved stuff, triggers, and resulting mechanical shadow projections. One projection triggers someone which triggers someone else, triggering another person…creating projections over projections and round and round we go while the hidden (occult) rulers of the matrix feed off of it all and augment the triggers/projections pitting us against each other, especially nowadays where everyone is “offended” by something. I call it the “projected butterfly shadow effect.”

You can see this unconscious “game” of trigger/projection in your personal life with friends and family, on Facebook/social media, and in the world at large. Observe yourself; do you have any resentment towards anyone in your life, and does your mind justify it? Who triggers you? What person do you feel contempt/resentment for, are jealous of/angry at – be it people you know personally, your ex-partner(s), your social media “friends”, or any person you actually never met in real life? Check your judgments and projections, for they are entry points for occult forces pulling your strings. One of the best things you can to do for yourself AND the world is owning your projections/triggers, take responsibility for how you feel, and use them to inquire within and heal yourself without blame/victim mode or launching into attack/defense. I’m not saying that’s easy, as I know for myself since I have my own triggers and projections at times.

In order to reduce the possibility of you becoming a target of occult psychic attack or even black magic, you need to reduce your occult vulnerabilities. Tom Montalk made a good point about this in the forum discussion as well: “If you’re sending hate darts at people, emitting thoughts of contempt and judgment, revenge fantasies, even sexual fantasies, these do things to your energy field and overall “balance sheet” that open up additional vulnerabilities to negative influences.” You can add envy, jealousy, or any other negative projection with an emotional charge behind this, as well.

Most often, the other person’s unconscious wounds, traumas, or ego issues/self-importance/insecurity get triggered, and their pain is being projected onto another person, which is then augmented by occult forces. We can engage in the same pattern of shadow projection ourselves unconsciously if we don’t check our own triggers. It’s also an occult law that these projections will come back around to the person emitting them to “balance sheet” like karmic debt. That goes for any black magic/psychic attacks targeted on others, consciously (via ritual and curses) or unconsciously (via shadow projections).

“In occultism, there is the “rebound”. You send out a bad thought, it returns to you as an attack. That is exactly one of the reasons why you must have a complete control over your feelings, sensations, thoughts, for if you become angry with someone or think badly of him, or if, still worse, you wish him ill, well, in your very dream you see this person coming with an extreme violence to attack you. Then, if you do not know these things, you say, “Why, I was right in having bad thoughts against him!” But in fact, it is not at all that. It is your own thought that comes back to you. And the person may be absolutely unaware of all that has happened, for — and this is one of the commonest laws in occultism—if you make a formation, for instance, a mental formation that an accident or something unpleasant should happen to a certain person and you send out this formation, if it so happens that this person is in a very high state of consciousness, does not at all wish anything bad, is quite indifferent and disinterested in the affair, the formation will come up against his atmosphere and instead of entering will rebound upon the one who has made it. In this way, serious accidents have taken place. There were certain people who practiced that low deformation of occultism which is called magic and they had made formations through magic against someone. But this person happened to be far above this and could not be touched by those formations. So they returned upon those people, fatally. If they had made a formation of death, it would have been they who died.”

– The Mother Mira Alfassa, The Collected Works of the Mother

As always, it is best to just make boundaries (energetically and psychically), and not get into victim/blame or attack/defense mode but staying in non-reactive zero-point—the most important and most difficult part is to not take anything personally. If you can rise above, not accepting any thought suggestions and not reacting to them whatsoever, you stay immune to any psychic attack and will, in fact, send it back to the sender who then has to deal with his/her thought formation him/herself. This is easier said than done because the ego, with its self-importance or self-pity, always likes to blame externally and fall into victim/blame to attack/defend, engage in passive-aggressiveness, sulking inside silently with negative thought projections (especially resentment), or fully lashing out verbally, etc. Hence, a consistent meditation practice is the key to learn to still your mind and detach from any thoughts and emotional reactivity.

In the same way, any negative projected thought you send out will come back around to attack you. In some instances, it’s actually good to reach out (if it’s asked for) and bring it all into the open by applying basic shadow work with self-responsibility for the purpose of healing relationships, especially if it’s someone you know personally. But this only works if both people (or more) are committed to the process and SINCERELY 100% ready to take full self-responsibility for their feelings and projections. This requires a certain level of vulnerability, courage, and humility as well. However, I’ve noticed that many people are not capable of engaging in this process of open, vulnerable, shadow work for they lack basic emotional intelligence and can’t tune into their bodies, or, oftentimes, are missing a certain intellectual capacity to understand and apply basic shadow work. Sometimes they may simply fear this face-to-face process for it asks for a certain level of transparency and vulnerability (which unmasks and is, therefore, threatening to the ego); while others simply lack the sincerity to work on themselves and truly take self-responsibility for everything they feel without blaming/attacking/or becoming defensive.

“The majority of people find many excuses not to work on themselves. They are in a complete prison of their weaknesses. Understand me right, I do not need followers, I am rather interested in finding the real warriors of the new world.”

– Gurdjieff, The Last Hour of Life

The greatest equalizer to engaging with negative thought projections is to witness them with clarity and hold the other with true compassion, seeing them as an aspect of you when you are also hurt, confused, and wanting to offload the energy onto someone else. This does not mean you engage/accept others’ projections or do not create boundaries, but you hold space for them as a witness, knowing that we are all here to work through our illusions with each other as teachers. In this way, the people who trigger us can be our greatest guides in learning this, as the pain they project outwards is often their only way of expressing what they are feeling inside. If we accept the projection, we make it about us. If we can witness it in them (without allowing ourselves to jump to conclusions about who “they” are because they engage with these projections, or who “we” are because they’ve chosen us a target) we also weaken the impact these illusions have, not letting them “hook” us back into old traumas, wounds, and false beliefs and ultimately turn off the food source for occult hyperdimensional entities.

In that sense, you can literally get rid of entity attachments and interferences without removing the entity itself, which would be just symptom management anyway. All occult/psychic attacks and entity interferences can only have an impact if there is something within you that responds to it, consciously or unconsciously, hence all this “entity removal business” out there is useless if you don’t take self-responsibility, understand/applying occult/universal laws and are sincerely engaged in psychological and esoteric self-work to heal/close the entry point (wounds, traumas, shadow projections, blindspots, ego, lower nature temptations (lust, greed, power), karmic lessons, etc.) and bring forth your essence, your true Self, connected to the Divine. Your psychic being/true self is the only place untouchable by the hostile forces or any occult/black magic attack.
The journey, the challenge is to step into the
projection room and stop being lost in the script.

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