Mexican volcano Popocatepetl erupts with 2km column of ash (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

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Mexican volcano Popocatepetl erupts with 2km column of ash (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

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Popo does this from time to time so it's most likely going to calm down... nevertheless things felt "rumbly" yesterday. Skies have been strange too, lots of chemtrails which is an on and off thing here. Three days ago the sky was a beautiful cerulean blue, you know a sky when it's so deep that you feel like you are underwater. Sitting on the ground in the warmth of the sun gazing upward through the branches of the Mezquite trees brought a sense of quiet awe along with the realization that I hadn't seen a sky like that in years. Next day they were spraying, it turned metallic cold and the sky silver hazed. I am not sure why I am writing this here, perhaps part sadness and a looming shadow ...


The active volcano Popocatepetl, located in Central Mexico, has exploded Saturday evening, sending ash two kilometers into the air with the cloud of smoke moving in a northeast direction.

Videos from the eruption show a powerful explosion and traces of magma flowing out of the crater. Possible ash fall is expected in areas surrounding the summit. At the moment the volcanic warning issued by the Federal Civil Protection remains at 'Phase 2'. ... tl-erupts/
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