Future Predictions - When Saturn Conjuncts Pluto in 2020

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Re: Future Predictions - When Saturn Conjuncts Pluto in 2020

Post by Eelco »

Do you expect thing to last into next year?
I have been dabbling the surface of astrology on and off over the years, but only recently started to deep dive into it. I am mainly focusing on the roots of Hellenistic astrology at the moment. That said I do expect the coming mars in Aries period to stir the pot even further, but was kinda hoping things would settle down a bit with the Jupiter Saturn conjunction At 0 degrees Aquarius on the winter Solstice. Mars will leave Aries shortly after that.

With Love
~ “for what it's worth”~
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Re: Future Predictions - When Saturn Conjuncts Pluto in 2020

Post by Spiritwind »

Eelco wrote: Tue Jun 16, 2020 10:08 pm Do you expect thing to last into next year?
I have been dabbling the surface of astrology on and off over the years, but only recently started to deep dive into it. I am mainly focusing on the roots of Hellenistic astrology at the moment. That said I do expect the coming mars in Aries period to stir the pot even further, but was kinda hoping things would settle down a bit with the Jupiter Saturn conjunction At 0 degrees Aquarius on the winter Solstice. Mars will leave Aries shortly after that.

With Love
Hi Eelco!

Don’t have much time to properly answer your question this morning, but wanted to acknowledge your post. A couple things come to mind. One, is that the American Revolution that started in 1775 (245 years ago) lasted for 8 years (until 1783).

We know those who like to influence things to go their way have their own agenda. But that doesn’t mean all is written in stone (at least, I don’t believe it is). What I’ve noticed with Jupiter, which is often called the Great Benefic, is that it has an expanding effect, and can also add speed to whatever is happening. So, while it is generally considered a positive, it can make things happen fast, both good and bad, and can have the effect of a tendency to overdo (over eat, over spend, over react etc.). And Saturn is all about time and structures. With both Saturn and Jupiter conjuncting in Aquarius, it definitely signals change. Just not sure which way it’s all going to go. Of course, Aquarius would indicate possible advances in technologies and communication.

I would say these times are definitely revolutionary. How humanity at large responds is anybody’s guess. I’m not greatly encouraged by what I’ve seen so far, but I’m more just trying to observe, and pay attention to my own head space and energy responses. That’s all I’m really responsible for, and have to remind myself of that daily.

I have not done a lot of study on the origins of the many systems of astrological understanding, so you probably know more than I do about that. Even though I’ve been a student of the subject for 25 years, there is still so much I don’t know. Fascinating though. About all the time I have for now.

Oh, yeah, and I agree with you about Mars in Aries stirring the pot. It’s definitely a potential combative influence for some. It’s great to see you pop in!
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Re: Future Predictions - When Saturn Conjuncts Pluto in 2020

Post by Spiritwind »

The death of an ideal.

I don’t have much time at present, but read a very thought provoking article by Bernhard Guenther (actually I’m not quite done yet). Astrologically, though, I felt what his wife, Laura Matsue, wrote about this time we’re in here in America captures much of what I also feel myself, so sharing it here. The whole article he wrote, if you can open your mind to at least consider, well worth the time to read. I want truth, more than comfortable lies, and also want to look deeper into myself, to see where my judgements, preconceived ideas, and triggers can still be found. And, yes, I still have them!

https://veilofreality.com/2020/06/20/qa ... real-deal/?

“The Pluto return of the US in Capricorn is transiting thought the 2nd house of the US natal chart and will likely demand a complete restructuring of Government (Capricorn) and the values (2nd house) that America was founded upon. This will also mean a restructuring of the financial sector as well. The way we will get there will be a typically Plutonian way: through destruction, transformation, and facing corruption and shadows. While there will be turbulent times economically, there is also the potential for great growth. We may see a Phoenix-like comeback for America as a player on the world stage. If we learn our Pluto lessons, we will surely come out this stage much more “anti-fragile” in the area it impacts. Meaning, the states as an economic power may be a force to be reckoned with after this period is over.

For many of us living in America, we may have some deep money work to do. We will have to face our 2nd house issues, face our debts, and face our relationship to money entirely. If we have been a slave to money and exhausting ourselves just to get by, we may have to reevaluate the way we live our lives. It could also swing the opposite side of the pendulum, where people become completely “anti-materialistic” in an attempt to “abolish capitalism” and drive us into a socialist future.

Since Pluto is a painfully slow-moving planet, this is a long game that we will see play out over the next decade or so. This Pluto transit, on a psycho-spiritual level, is demanding that we call on our deep well of inner resources in order to become self-sufficient in how we make a living. Many of us, out of pure necessity right now, may use this Plutonian opportunity of rebirth to become truly “self-made” in the area of finances. Though it may be hard work at first, now is the time to become financially independent. We are being asked to identify: what is it truly value in life? Leading our lives from those inner values is a big Taurus lesson (ruler of the 2nd house.)

America itself has swayed far from the values it was founded upon. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Family, freedom, and being able free to practice spirituality without fear of persecution. What we may see is a resurrection of these traditional values in the United States was founded upon. As America strengthens its power by breaking down what is not working, we will see a new America about to reborn, a modernized version of traditional America that all but the true patriots of America have long forgotten.”

– Laura Matsue
I see your love shining out from my furry friends faces, when I look into their eyes. I see you in the flower’s smile, the rainbow, and the wind in the trees....
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Re: Future Predictions - When Saturn Conjuncts Pluto in 2020

Post by Spiritwind »

I am posting a couple of articles for those who are interested in what’s ahead for us astrologically. Of course, everyone will have their own astrological aspects that are much more personal, and not everyone here is going to be having the same experience. I read several articles I am not going to share here because, as someone who studies this for myself, I do not agree with them that the outlook is rosy. It may be good for some, very challenging for others, and overall, the trends that started in 2020 will continue to play out. In other words, it’s not all just going to go away and return back to our previous normal. The first one is by well known astrologer, Rick Levine.

How Uranus in 2020 Foreshadows the Biggest Astrological Event of 2021…
A Conversation with “the Merlin Astrologer” Rick Levine

What do we do when Uranus strikes?
Why, surrender to an opportunity for rapid transformation, of course! The astrological event that kicked off in April 2020 is the beginning of the most significant astrological event of 2021.
Discover how Uranus will impact all of our lives with Rick Levine, “the Merlin Astrologer.”
Amanda: Rick, I know April 25th and 26th, 2020 was a big weekend that informs 2021. Can we give our audience some insight?
Rick: Yes, it’s a Uranian surprise because that’s what Uranus is all about!
It was a big weekend. We were just coming off the New Moon conjunct Uranus, meaning the Moon itself was only a few degrees away.
The New Moon was at three degrees of Taurus, which meant the Sun and Moon were at three degrees of Taurus, and Uranus is about six and a half degrees of Taurus.
Since the Moon travels one degree every two hours, that means that six hours after the New Moon, the Moon was already lining up with Taurus.
The key to understanding why this was such a big weekend is that the Moon moved from its square to Saturn, to the New Moon, to the conjunction to Uranus in a few hours… Which brings into focus the main event of 2021… Saturn squaring Uranus.
I said that the biggest event in 2019 would be the Saturn Pluto conjunction on January 12th of 2020.
Well, the big event of 2021 is going to be Saturn. The planet of boundaries and restraints, squaring Uranus, the planet of “What boundaries, what restraints?”
We’re getting some of this right now because this New Moon conjuncting Uranus is exploding those boundaries and constraints.
The Moon was already in Gemini. Venus was previously in Gemini. They were ahead of the Sun, but the Sun started moving toward Uranus and then caught up with Uranus.
The Sun Uranus conjunction was at 5:00 AM Eastern time. The Sun lines up with Uranus once every year and we feel it for a day or two or three.
But this year is different for a lot of reasons. And that’s why it’s such a big question for us…
That 2021 conjunction — when does that happen?
Well, when Saturn moved into Aquarius last month it already came into range with Uranus at five degrees of Taurus. Aquarius: fixed sign, Taurus: fixed sign. And so we’re about five degrees away from it being exact.
It’s buzzing, but Saturn doesn’t get more than four degrees away from the exactness and then it turns retrograde and goes back into Capricorn. So it pushes exactly the actual conjunction. This happens three times next year. The dates don’t matter yet.
What matters is that in 2021, basically January through November, that’s going to be the repetitive factor throughout the year.
April 25/26, 2020 and this New Moon is a bit of cosmic foreshadowing, if you will.
If this was a play written by Shakespeare, it would be act one and we would be getting hints what was going to be happening in act three.
Amanda: So things that are happening in the world and in our personal lives are foreshadowing a bigger, longer story that’s playing out. What kind of energy are we looking at?
Rick: Well, let’s start with the planet Uranus. Uranus is my favorite planet. It’s the planet of lightning. Uranus is electrical. And electric circuits are either on or off — it’s all or nothing.
Uranus is the quantum planet, and my consistent work over the decades has been what I call Quantum Astrology, which has to do with the microcosm and the macrocosm being connected.
On the microcosm, we know quantum physics. I believe that those same things occurring at the microcosm occur on the macrocosm.
On my Instagram account, I posted a story that was a picture of lightning and it says, “You can predict lightning, but you can’t predict the moment it’s gonna occur and you can’t predict where it’s going to occur.”
You hear this line when astrologers talk about Uranus. Something unexpected is going to happen.
This is the paradox of quantum physics and it’s the paradox of Uranus because Uranus only has one job.
Every planet has a mission statement and a job from the creator. It’s to instantaneously resolve things that can’t be resolved.
But here’s how lightning works. You have a warm wet air mass and air particles have electrical charge.
When you have moist air that is moving, that air generates what’s called a negative charge.
Warm and wet makes negative ionization like the seashore, the waterfall, the shower, the murmuring brook, the negative ions that feel good.
And along comes this cold front or this dry air. These two fronts come together and say “Okay, let’s talk about it. Let’s work it out.”
But the more the two fronts try to work it out, the more they rub up against each other, and the greater the charge becomes.
There are issues like that in our lives that may be the reason why we finally quit a job or tell our parents that we can’t be there or end a relationship, or whatever it may be. It often feels sudden — lightning strikes out of the blue.
I didn’t even know that something was wrong, then all of a sudden my whole life changes because something strikes.
So here we have the planet Uranus which is releasing tension. Compression is a conjunction astrologically. It’s when two planets come together. When two planets are in opposition, they’re pulled apart like a tug of war. That’s tension. Tension creates a pull in two directions and it eventually reaches a breaking point or a point of resolution.
There’s no way to resolve irresolvable tensions, but Uranus comes in and says, “I don’t give a crap.” Bam. The lightning strikes. And if the forest has to burn down, if Yellowstone park is burned to the ground as a result of the lightning strike, Uranus doesn’t care.
Uranus says, “I don’t have to worry about what happens afterwards. All I need to do is to resolve the tension in the moment.” Bam. Lightning strikes.
You can expect the unexpected.
If we’re living our life to our fullest capability and expressing everything inside, on the outside. If there’s no tension, if we’re living the life of a Yogi, of a highly realized person, of a person who has every facet of their life just running like clockwork — well then there’s no tension to resolve.
I want to meet this person, by the way. No, actually I want to be that person!
I remember in my life going back to the mid-eighties. I was living in Los Angeles. I was working in downtown LA. I’ll save you all the gory details… But I had a happy marriage, a daughter, a job, two cars. I mean, I was living the life.
However, I was not doing any astrology. I was not writing any poetry. I was not playing any music. I became detached from myself to hang on to some illusion.
I was one of the Venice beach roller skaters. I skated five days a week. I never wore any kind of knee protection. I didn’t have to, I never fell…
Well, one day I fell. And it basically tumbled me into a prolonged near-death experience where I had tetany. I had blood poisoning and several operations on my hand where there was a puncture wound and it totally, completely stopped my old life. At that moment, that was the worst thing that ever happened to me.
I never thought I would recover my life back. However, as I look back at it, it was during that time I was forced to not do anything. And so out of the garage came some astrology boxes, which I’d tucked away because it didn’t fit into my existence at that moment.
Out came my music and my poetry and it was the shock of Uranus saying, “You know what, Levine, you screwed up. You’re not in control. I’m taking over.”
That’s how Uranus works. It feels like an act of fate. It feels like something happened to us.
And what do we do with that in our life? What are we going to do?
There’s basically two ways you can react when the lightning strikes, when the light bulb goes off and we get new information, or see something we didn’t see.
We go further into denial or we give our old shit up.
Uranus is the great awakener. Rather than getting angry, resentful, closing down, stealing up, and trying to build a bigger wall — Uranus will only make bigger lightning.
Uranus (all the outer planets) does not take no for an answer. Why? Because physically it’s like cosmic radiation going right through earth. Our lives don’t matter. Uranus, his only job is to set the stage and to even things out.
Resistance is futile. This is our mantra during this time.
So April 2020 is really just the opening to a much deeper, larger, and wider issue.
How do you awaken another notch?
Amanda: Unbelievable. So Uranus, the great awakener, takes seemingly opposing and irreconcilable forces and blows it up so that we can see things differently.
The energy for April 2020 foreshadows the year of 2021 and gives us lots of amazing things to think about… This Uranian energy opens your eyes and breathes.
Deep breath, everybody. Eyes open and breathe. We got this.
I see your love shining out from my furry friends faces, when I look into their eyes. I see you in the flower’s smile, the rainbow, and the wind in the trees....
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Re: Future Predictions - When Saturn Conjuncts Pluto in 2020

Post by Spiritwind »

Astrological Outlook for the Year Ahead

https://wemoon.ws/blogs/journey-into-as ... year-ahead

The astrology for 2021 looks like a bumpy road. Here is an Astrological Overview for 2021
The year 2020 has been a rocky road for the whole year. What can we expect for 2021? Heather Roan Robbins has written the astrological prediction for our upcoming edition of We'Moon, where we have the entire article. Here is an excerpted sneak peek:

Jupiter and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius
How do we define community, our people, our circle? What philosophy and vision guide us? At the end of 2020 and through early 2021, Jupiter and Saturn, the two arbiters of social consciousness, conjunct in the communal fixed air-sign Aquarius. Like the Sun and Moon on the New Moon, when two planets conjunct they begin a new chapter; this one instigates a 30-year revolution in our Aquarian concept of community and social responsibility.

...Aquarius can bring stubbornness. Under this influence, fanatical people can run full steam ahead and start conflicts around political mind sets, their own world-views, or religious theory....

Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Aquarius
Jupiter and Saturn, and soon Pluto in Aquarius, call us to truly think globally and act locally. But this is just a taste—preparation for the big social and political work we’ll need to do when Pluto enters Aquarius in a few years, from 2023–2044. The last such relationship occured was from 1777–1798, when the USA labored to form a country that embodied its Constitutional vision statement...

Mars Conjunct Uranus, Square Jupiter. Mercury Retrograde. Venus conjuncts Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter.
The New Year kick-starts metamorphosis as motivating Mars forms an exciting, uncooperative conjunction with change-maker Uranus— squaring Jupiter, January 20–23, just as America inaugurates a president. We’ll either be working with a new government or building up resistance to old ways. Mercury retrogrades 1/30– 2/20 and lets us catch up, reorganize and repair. Our community and our beloveds will need pragmatic loving compassionate action as Venus conjuncts Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter through mid-February.

Mercury enters Aquarius 
February ends as Mercury enters Aquarius and gives voice to the Jupiter-Saturn debate. We can sketch out the grand landscape but may become too far-sighted. We have to carefully look for the needs of our beloveds.

Venus Conjunct Neptune
Because we’ve been so busy with politics and community, it’s important that we put relationships and creativity back on the front burner in March as Venus conjuncts Neptune and calls us back to our heart and our muse.
Venus conjuncts Uranus. 

Venus Squares Saturn and Pluto Retrogrades
In April we can feel the enthusiasm build towards new possibilities. Spring fever can call us into new relationships and revolutionary adventures as Venus conjuncts Uranus. Discontent can be productive as fire simmers under the kettle. Towards the end of April, watch for a political crackdown or relationship issues around control wherever people feel insecure, as Venus squares Saturn and Pluto retrogrades. Build real security instead.

Jupiter hops in and out of Pisces and Aquarius. Jupiter and Saturn Square Uranus
Jupiter enters Pisces on May 13, retrogrades June 20 and reenters Aquarius July 28–December 28. Jupiter and Saturn both intermittently square change-maker Uranus throughout the year, keeping politics and tectonic plates restless; we may be unable to settle, but that helps us continue an evolution. Transformation is inevitable, but which way that change goes will be up to us.

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius 
A lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26, and a solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10, emphasize the need to celebrate true diversity— the real gift of myriad different voices and perspectives. Let’s celebrate by finding someone way outside of our comfort zone and respectfully share stories.

Retrograde Season: Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus, and Mercury
Every summer brings retrogrades; this one brings quite a lineup: Pluto turns retrograde April 27, Saturn on May 23, Jupiter June 20, Neptune June 25, and Uranus on August 19. Mercury retrogrades January 30–February 20, May 29–June 22, and September 26–October 18. These retrogrades ask us not to push forward but to hold our ground, renew, garden, and review the events of the year. Take time to investigate, fix mistakes, clarify problems, and fine-tune future plans.

Venus and Mars in Leo
From June 26–July 22 Venus and Mars are both in extroverted Leo; they stay active throughout the summer and inspire personal and political drama/melodrama. Life is performance art. Summer romances have a certain unrealistic flare; arts festivals can flourish, and the arts change our cultural understanding. Politics will be either heart-centered or ego-grandstanding.

Mars Trine Pluto and Saturn
We get a fresh sense from September 6 on that we have work to do, and it’s time to get back to it as Mars trines Pluto and Saturn. Don’t get discouraged if old problems need our attention—ones we thought we’d already conquered—as October dawns with six planets and a few asteroids retrograde.

Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto station direct. Mars in Libra Trines Jupiter, Squares Pluto
Between October 6–18 Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto create tumult as they all station to turn direct. Then the channels clear and give us a green light forward. Mars in social-justice-loving Libra then trines Jupiter, squares Pluto, and nudges us to clear up misunderstandings and heal a rift.

Mars in Scorpio Opposes Uranus. Mars Enters Sagittarius. Venus Conjunct Pluto
If conflicts are not resolved now, they may come to a boil after Mars enters Scorpio and opposes energizing Uranus through November. If we’re not in a fight, this aspect powers our efforts. Mars enters Sagittarius on December 13 as Venus conjuncts Pluto; together they encourage us to finish the year with a flare of competence, forgiveness, and travel in mind, body, or spirit. Come back to that deep Aquarian understanding that we are unique selves intricately connected to all our relations.
I see your love shining out from my furry friends faces, when I look into their eyes. I see you in the flower’s smile, the rainbow, and the wind in the trees....
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Re: Future Predictions - When Saturn Conjuncts Pluto in 2020

Post by Spiritwind »

I don’t have time to expand much at the moment, but feel it important to bring this to the forefront of our attention, as we inch ever closer to the inauguration on the 20th. I am not savvy enough to even venture, with any certitude, what will happen these next few days, but I am guessing it just might be epic.

On the 20th Mars and Uranus will be conjunct, with moon joining them the following day, in Taurus (money, security, etc.) and will be squaring Jupiter (expand) and Saturn (constrict) in Aquarius. Moon tends to trigger things. Mars and Uranus together is potent enough, but when you put it all together, possibilities abound. A real possibility for things to try and get out of hand are definitely present. I can already feel the spin coming, as both sides try to steer things a certain way. A great deal of restraint is in order, but with what I feel intuitively added in there, some of the players are feeling very unstable and ready to blow.

It’s like nothing I’ve seen in my lifetime, that much is sure. It all makes for a great study of just how astrology works. In my own personal life, instead of buying into fear, and strange panic driven behaviors, I’m using the energy to invest in all the projects I want to build this year. We have the physical, tangible materials (Taurus), to create anew a whole bunch of things I want to see in my reality on the home front that would be a benefit to life in any time (Aquarius/Uranus both being in the mix), while all the while knowing that the outer world may go through a turbulent time, until the dust starts to settle from the push/pull energy of Jupiter and Saturn (includes structures, and in Aquarius suggests something new) playing tug of war with our psyches.

I know the best way to handle these energies for myself is to work, literally, physically, on what I can do, and not focus on what I have no control over. Yet, stay mindful of current events. Which, by now ya’all should have figured out means going outside the mainstream media, and look at other sources ( - and that part is actually getting downright tricky due to all the extremely heavy handed censorship taking place - you would think people would be asking, is this really necessary, instead of labeling and dismissing everything that doesn’t fit your preconceived ideas with all kinds of derogatory terms and justifications - well, “we had to” just doesn’t cut it!)
I see your love shining out from my furry friends faces, when I look into their eyes. I see you in the flower’s smile, the rainbow, and the wind in the trees....
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Re: Future Predictions - When Saturn Conjuncts Pluto in 2020

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Some astrological ponderings from this morning I thought I’d share. We are definitely at the beginning of something that will last for some long time.

We are in the middle of a Pluto (248) return of when we fought the revolutionary war in the US (spring of 1775 to fall of 1783) - we are at 246 years right now, and with how slow moving it is and it’s many retrograde, can certainly already be felt.

As well as approaching the civil war (spring of 1861 - 1865) return of Uranus (84) and Neptune (165) - 160 years, so one revolution of Neptune, and two of Uranus

In July 2025
Saturn and Neptune conjunct at the beginning of Aries
Uranus goes into Gemini trining Pluto at beginning of Aquarius

As I feel into the above information, I find it striking that not only are we approaching a Pluto return of the Revolutionary war here, but also the Uranus and Neptune return of the civil war here. It feels like a synching up in a rather rare way. Saturn and Neptune together in Aries isn’t great, due to the energies involved (potential deception, illusion, structures, etc. in the potentially combative sign of Aries). On the other hand, Uranus in Gemini (potential for revolutionary change expressing itself in the curious researcher energy of Gemini) trining Pluto in Aquarius (potentially explosive Pluto that builds up hidden energy in the humanitarian, electric, and also revolutionary sign of Aquarius), energetically feels almost the opposite. It’s like being herded into some kind of grand finale, the likes of which hasn’t been seen before (or at least in a very long time).
I see your love shining out from my furry friends faces, when I look into their eyes. I see you in the flower’s smile, the rainbow, and the wind in the trees....
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Re: Future Predictions - When Saturn Conjuncts Pluto in 2020

Post by Spiritwind »

Went and reread this and it just surprises me again. This is from December 3, 2020, and now a little over a year later it’s easy to identify with much of what he writes as true. I’ve met more like minded people, particularly since the beginning of last year, than I’ve met my entire lifetime. And, even though they all come from widely different backgrounds and beliefs, they all seem to understand this is a war against humanity, against life itself, and at its core is evil. They also all seem to understand that we have a source of unseen, but very benevolent help. There is a sense of coming together I’ve never seen before, as well as understanding there is no stopping the imminent further collapse of life as we knew it, and an emergent true desire to live as authentically as possible in what ever remaining time we have left in our current physical form.

Jupiter Saturn Conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius: Divine Intervention: The Angel Appears

https://kitwalkermusic.wordpress.com/20 ... l-appears/?

the Future is Here
On December 21 2020 we have the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, as they simultaneously enter the sign of Aquarius. This is a highly unusual occurrence, (the ingress into Aquarius, the conjunction, happening exactly on the solstice) and it merits taking note of. What makes it even more rare and powerful is that Jupiter and Saturn will also be parallel, at the same declination, which is like a conjunction in the vertical plane.

Of course there are many people speaking of this date, even saying that it is the true beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

Aquarius is the sign of the Angel, and really, the angelic human. The entire fixed cross, Leo/Aquarius/ Taurus/ Scorpio is actually a portal into an esoteric process that is quite profound, and that has to do with the transformation of the human being into the Angelic Human Being. And by angelic, I mean higher density, higher resolution, conscious, awake, alive, enlightened, natural wo/man.

This moment is the doorway into a much more Aquarian era, which will get into full swing in a few more years when Pluto reaches Aquarius. We have just completed a massive Capricornian phase, which, as I write this, is just finishing up a rather grueling set of lessons, beginning with the long and drawn out Uranus square to Pluto in Capricorn which began around 2012, then followed by Saturn conjunct Pluto at the beginning of 2020, and then Jupiter conjunct Pluto for the rest of 2020, as Jupiter hounded Pluto, even going into retrograde together, with Saturn very close at hand still, and everything in Capricorn. So the entire year of 2020 has had a very Saturnian flavor. I went into all that in great depth in my previous article, so feel free to check that out as well.

https://kitwalkermusic.wordpress.com/20 ... gets-real/

Suffice it to say, the Saturn Pluto conjunction has really begun to bring the Great Awakening into focus and down to earth, and Jupiter is bringing the justice, slowly, but now as the Capricorn stellium is direct again after all being retrograde together for the last half of 2020, we will see things begin to pick up. All pairs of planets in the Capricorn stellium will finally be into first-house phase, that is, action, initiation.

the Light Body
But let’s look more into the Aquarian energies that are on the influx now. The Aquarius planet is Uranus, and I believe that this planet Uranus is the key to contacting higher dimensional presences and beings, beings of 5th density and higher. These are the actual angels. Many of these beings are not incarnated, i.e. not in ‘carne’, the ‘meat suit’, but rather they are more plasmic, electric beings, who can take different forms, but always with benevolent intent.
If the idea of densities is new to you, I recommend studying the Law of One, the RA Material, which is available to read for free at this link: https://www.lawofone.info/

Some prefer to use the term ‘dimension’ instead of density, as it would seem they are interchangeable. But there are subtle differences. Either way, though, this model is very helpful in understanding the bigger picture of our place in the galaxy, where we’ve been, and where we are headed in our evolution.

But in short, the way I understand it is that the densities are like frequency bands of experience, and the higher the density the more rarified, and ‘high resolution’ the reality becomes. Earth is currently in 3rd density, but migrating to 5th density by way the 4th density. An analogy would be, 3D is like a low resolution photograph, and 5D is like a hologram.

Let me just say, as far as I know, this is not ‘concrete’ science or anything. Different people see it all differently, so I recommend exploring the topic with an open mind, as it is all so new to us. We are just graduating to a new level where we will be beginners. So, ‘beginner’s mind’ is very useful. Just remain at the center of your vortex, the magnetic zero point of your toroidal field, and witness. Things will begin to sort themselves out in a way that is uniquely yours. Each of us is the center of a completely different universe. We overlap, so we can share, but ultimately it will be you who dreams up and assembles your reality, and it will be optimal for your growth and evolution.

So what I am relaying here is based on my best understanding at this moment, and it is subject to change, hopefully in an optimizing way, always. I hope you’ll find something useful or helpful. If not, keep exploring, and you’ll find what is right for you.

Your Guardian Angel
So I see this becoming more of a “thing” now, that people begin to awaken and connect to their Light Body. Many people are talking in these terms these days. It has been happening to me for years now, but lately has become much more clear, and undeniably present. And much of the time overwhelming. Over the past several years I have documented some of these changes I’ve been passing through at my blog.

The Light Body IS the Angel that appears, it is YOUR guardian angel, it is an aspect of you, it is you from the future, from your optimal future, come to assist you to evolve into your true Divine nature. This is how I understand it at this point, although along with it comes the understanding of how little i know about this whole new vista. This is the new frontier.

Another thing to note is that the Light Body can be thought of as an emanation of a monadic entity at a much higher level, and the many emanations of a monadic being of higher density could be said to be part of the same soul family. Suddenly you have access to a social memory complex, and the wisdom and experience of countless others are available to you as well. It is like a Living Library of collective experience to draw from.

Soul Family


So I see this Aquarian impulse that is arriving as a time when soul families will really begin to form. So many of us have had disappointing family relationships, especially lately, it seems that the delineation, and the opening gap between those of the red and of the blue (both pills and parties) has gotten so pronounced, that people are losing lifetime friendships and even family members. Of course it is an old tradition for family to have the most heartbreaking breakups over so many different things, but it seems lately to have reached an extreme. As the old saying goes “familiarity breeds contempt”.

The problem with ‘the familiar’ is that you already think you know what it is, or who they are, so in a way you close down to whatever or whoever it is, associating them more with a word or ideas in your head, and with your past experience of them, rather than with a living breathing reality in the Eternal Now. This kind of familiarity can actually be a hindrance to one’s growth and stifling to be around.

And, oddly enough, the word ‘family’ comes from a Roman word famulus, which means servant.

“late Middle English (in family (sense 2 of the noun); also denoting the servants of a household or the retinue of a nobleman): from Latin familia ‘household servants, family’, from famulus ‘servant’.“

And by the way, the members of these ‘familia’ were not necessarily paid. The term refers to both hired servants, and slaves.

Family from the Future
So Aquarius and Uranus feels to me more like the family from the future. Aquarius is the sign of friends, and lovers of truth. It is a paradox, but we begin to be pulled, lifted up, by our bright future, rather than be dragged down by our past. Hence the people rising from their coffins as the angel blows the trumpet.

Uranus is intuition and electricity, so we will begin to find that we have a kind of electro-magnetic connection with certain people, that we will recognize intuitively.

Divine Intervention
So my suggestion for the optimal approach to this Aquarian time, is to activate the Angel within you, as this is the true Divine Intervention. You ARE the Divine, and at this point it feels to me anyway, that really this is the only option. Since each of us is Divine, we CAN intervene, we can create the Divine Intervention we need. To take ourselves in hand, develop a spiritual practice with unbending intent to be truly and totally free. Liberated, actually.

Uranus is the planet of freedom, and even better, liberation. This angel that is you cannot come from outside, it is a very individual process, but as the outside is but a reflection of the inner, as the Light Body comes alive in you, it will be reflected in the mirror of reality as angels all around you. In physical worlds, and in subtle worlds. And those subtle worlds will be high density, high frequency realities.

“In the midst of the greatest obstructions, friends come.”
The image suggests an impasse about to be resolved by forces currently outside your sphere of awareness. – I Ching Hexagram 39 line 5

Uranus in Taurus
Another thing to note is that Uranus itself is right now in Taurus, which is the fixed earth sign, the most grounded of all the signs. So these two energies, Uranus, and Taurus, are traditionally considered incompatible, but in zero point astrology we know that there is always an optimal way for any particular configuration of planets to manifest, and we can ensure that for ourselves by raising our frequency, that is, by becoming a ‘high resolution human’.

In this case I would say Uranus in Taurus will bring the Angel all the way down to earth, and will even be infused into the money, as Taurus is the sign of money. This next period will usher in a completely new version of money. However, this new financial system will be just a stepping stone to move towards a society without the necessity for money.

Uranus in Taurus could be said to represent the Light Body. The electrical/plasmic merges with the physical, which then crystallizes, literally. But not as in calcification, that is the ego 3D game. But rather in diamond precision and crystalline clarity, the physical body releases into its Prior Condition, that of Conscious Light. The crystal dimension is the Christic, the blueprint of Christ Consciousness.

Financial Reset : Uranus in Taurus
There is more and more talk going around about a financial reset, a new financial system, and so forth, so this will be a very important piece of the puzzle. Bear in mind, however, that the dark controllers have their version, which they are calling the “Great Reset”, which is a reversal of the evolved solution, which, according to some, is already being implemented as well, in the form of GESARA.

Some will say that GESARA is part of the plot to enslave us, but I am not so sure. It is worth studying, although ‘official’ info about it is hard to find. To me it seems a sensible solution to the world’s problems. If it were meant to enslave us, it would be all over the corporate media. But there is not even a peep about GESARA in the mainstream media. The “Great Reset” though, is beginning to appear in corporate news outlets, right on cue.

I notice there are many ‘truthers’ out there that are so used to seeing the dark controllers always win, that they become cynical about the idea that there could possible be some very good news on the way. We have become so traumatized by things never really working out in a way that is good for everyone, that some of us believe that it is impossible. After all, it hasn’t happened up to now. The rationale there is that history always repeats itself. Well, yes ‘his story’ does repeat, like the proverbial broken record, but you don’t have to listen to ‘his story’, you can actually write your own. The future can be a complete departure from what has already happened.

And then you say, how can I do that? I am just a speck in a ruthless universe! and I say, no, you are not. You are a fractal of Creation Itself, and you have everything to say about how things turn out. And that is what 5th density is about.

Zoom Out : the Galactic Perspective
So, if we are going to zoom out, to begin understanding the extraterrestrial component of these grand scale changes we are undergoing, we are going to have to consider both the upside, and the downside, as we witness the whole picture.

For those still skeptical of ETs, or afraid that they are ‘demons’ or going to do us harm, I’d like to suggest that that is only half the picture. It depends on where you look. It’s all about frequency. Just like people here on earth, some are dangerous and dark, and some are beautiful beings.

the Downside: the Predator in our Midst
Alien Invasion?
But for those worried about an ‘alien invasion’, let me assure you, it happened ages ago, really. We have been living under this abuse for centuries. And the first step for connecting with the benevolent higher density galactics, is to acknowledge the control grip that the negative ones have had on our planet, since ancient times.

Well, that sounds preposterous, you say. So then I say, look around you! look at our history! What do you see? Endless wars, immeasurable suffering, which if you look a little deeper at the causes of that suffering, you will see that 90 percent of the time, if not 100 percent, it is caused on purpose. Is that just ‘human nature’? Tell me, as a human being, would you receive some kind of thrill from having the power to kill thousands or millions of people? I wouldn’t. This is NOT just ‘human nature’.

Like wars, for example. How do they start?? Where does the money come from to buy all those weapons? A simple little example: Who made the uniforms of the Nazis? Where did the money come from? Look up Hugo Boss, the fashion designer, which is a huge corporation still operating today.

“By the third quarter of 1932, the all-black SS uniform was designed by SS members Karl Diebitsch (artist) and Walter Heck (graphic designer). The Hugo Boss company was one of the companies that produced these black uniforms for the SS. By 1938, the firm was focused on producing Wehrmacht uniforms and later also uniforms for the Waffen-SS.[10]“

That is the corporation that made those uniforms. So there is one little thread you can follow. Notice who made massive profits from that war. Notice the Nazi connections to war profiteering corporations, bankers and oligarchs, even from the USA, many of whom are still in business to this day.

Secret Handshake Clubs / the Cult of Control
What is going on with these ‘people’ who insist on profiting from the suffering of others? Could it be, that they are ‘taken’? They certainly don’t seem human, they have no empathy or compassion. Are there extra dimensional entities working through them? Did these political leaders and famous entertainers actually ‘permission’ this ‘possession’ somehow? Because it gives them some kind of power?

Then notice what they do behind closed doors. Notice their secret handshake clubs, like Skull and Bones society, for example. And wait… that particular cult (because that is precisely what it is, a cult) is hosted by the well respected Ivy League University called Yale. Hold on a second!! Say what??

So what do they do in that secret club, behind closed doors? Why is it only men? Why are so many of them in positions of power? Don’t you wonder about all this stuff?

the Labyrinth of Possession
And it gets worse. If you follow this thread underground, because that’s exactly where it goes, you will find yourself in the labyrinth like Theseus, confronting the Minotaur. Where do all these ‘mythological’ creatures like the Minotaur come from? Are these just ‘fables’ and myths, or do they have some truth to them?

It’s also interesting to note, with the Theseus and the Minotaur story, that this ‘beast’ is in fact half man half bull. So there is Taurus again. And he is in a labyrinth. As Taurus has to do with possession, we could say this represents the labyrinth of possession. The word ‘possession’ has a kind of double meaning in that it can mean something you own, but it can also mean someone is owned, as in demonic possession. So the labyrinth of possession is like a place you can get lost, like this world, in the whole labyrinth of owning and using things and people, and simultaneously being owned and used by whatever it is.

This is the Taurus Scorpio spectrum, and as duality dissolves we begin to see how we are owned by whatever we own. We see how money and death are two sides of the same coin (Taurus/Scorpio). We see the whole axis of money and power, and how the rich and powerful use money to control everyone and everything. And we also see how the rich and powerful are owned by even more Scorpionic/Plutonic powers.

Plutocrats are those whose power (Scorpio) is derived from their wealth (Taurus). I would not call it ‘wealth’ though, that is too noble a word. Perhaps just money, or greed would suffice. The deeper we go into the labyrinth the more primal these forces become, to the point where a creature like the Minotaur starts to become more and more believable as something real.

Frequency Prison
When you start to study galactic history, which is of course not something that is taught in any university, you begin to piece together some kind of understanding. Of course the sources are all to be approached with discriminating awareness, but some things you find will resonate, perhaps because you have some kind of memory of having been there.

But you will begin to see how the earth is a kind of prison, a low frequency holding pen, and that humans have been genetically modified, experimented with, and ritually sacrificed in massive rituals called wars, since ancient times. Just the fact that we have 12 strands of DNA and only use 2 of them, should be enough evidence that we are not at our full capacity. We have been hacked and turned into a numbed out, dumbed down slave race. Isn’t that obvious?

Yes, maybe you have a comfortable life, but don’t you see, and FEEL, the suffering of countless beings all over this planet? Is that ok with you, as long as it hasn’t touched your family too? So is this the ‘normal’ that we so desperately want to get back to?

“the trouble with normal is, it always gets worse” – Bruce Cockburn
Then you begin to understand that there are forces and entities acting here, just beyond our field of perception, and that they are in fact, harvesting our energy, experimenting on us, and manipulating us in countless ways. They LOVE it when we suffer, and the more gruesome the better, because our suffering is their food. This is well acknowledged by shamans in most indigenous cultures. 4th density is where these parasitic entities hide, and work from.

You begin to notice the alien abductions as well, and how people were experimented on, and you start to connect the dots to governments being involved, and you see the labyrinth open before you.

Then when you start to see the human trafficking statistics and hear a few stories of the survivors of trafficking and sex slavery, and you see who the abusers were, your jaw starts to drop.

I could continue, but hopefully that is enough to get the picture. We are not at the top of the food chain. Humanity has been being severely abused, and still is.

For a comprehensive overview of this topic, this article by Lisa Renee will fill you in. It includes the extra terrestrial perspective. Warning, it is long, and not for the faint of heart.

“Currently, we believe that the most pressing issue concerning the liberation of humanity is comprehending the massive scope and scale of human traff1ck1ng and child $ex $lavery that has been operating above the law throughout the globe. Until we can actually begin to educate ourselves and unravel this behemoth, humanity will never find freedom from their tyrannical oppressors.” -Lisa Renee

https://energeticsynthesis.com/resource ... rafficking

False Light Reversal
This all falls under the heading of Pluto, and in particular, Pluto in Capricorn. The cult of government. Pluto is the occult, the hidden, the underworld, and death. Capricorn is the power structure, of top-down control, which seems to have basically split into two versions: capitalism and communism. This false dichotomy has kept humanity at each others throats for centuries. Both choices suck. Neither one works, really. Society will never function well if everyone remains asleep and mind controlled, no matter what the system. How could it? Until everyone stops supporting and voting for psychopaths, we will make no progress.

In case you need some incentive to stop voting for these perverse control freaks, consider this: what if you take on the karma of the actions of those you vote for? What if your vote for them means you share the responsibility of their actions? What if you start to take on their energy that way? If this is so, no wonder people are starting to change. No wonder people are becoming more and more angry, frustrated, and unkind.

No, denial is not going to work forever. Sooner or later, the debt accrued will need to be paid. If you find yourself succumbing to the current wave of reactive hostility, yet you truly want to see a better world, you might want to look within, rather than pointing the finger at others. Stop choosing and voting for evil. If there’s no one who deserves your vote, simply abstain. Would you knowingly vote for someone who had sold their soul? And how would that affect your soul? Worth considering. These kind of connections become much too obvious to ignore as we enter 5th Density.

Don’t be fooled! This is a time of great deception, more than ever you will need your soul, your connection to Truth, which will help you sort out the lies from the truth. This is the moment when your own spiritual practice is going to be essential to finding your way through this mess.

Ariadne’s thread
And remember Theseus, as he went into the labyrinth to slay the Minotaur, he had the thread from Ariadne, with which he could find his way back out. This is our connection to the Radiant Source, like our umbilical cord of light. It is our practice and Realization which is going to guarantee our return Home from the labyrinth of this world.

And notice, that in the myth, the reason Theseus went to kill the Minotaur was because Athens was required to sacrifice 7 young men and 7 maidens to the Minotaur every 7 or 9 years. So there you have ritual sacrifice. Is this ‘just a story’? Could it be a true story?

We will be seeing more and more that this false light reversal deception has caused us to believe that good people are bad, and that bad people are good. We have gotten so used to lies, about everything, that when the truth is presented it feels offensive even. If you are getting offended by something, there’s your homework, your opportunity to exercise your Discriminating Wisdom, to investigate further, and to come to your own conclusions based on your ability to be and know the truth. We all have the capacity to Know. Without an object. Pure Knowing. The Magnetic Still Pure Light of Knowing at the Center.
I see your love shining out from my furry friends faces, when I look into their eyes. I see you in the flower’s smile, the rainbow, and the wind in the trees....
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Re: Future Predictions - When Saturn Conjuncts Pluto in 2020

Post by Spiritwind »


The Taboo against Knowing
I have mentioned the taboo against knowing before, and proof of this taboo goes all the way back to the Gnostics, who were brutally persecuted, because they claimed to have their own direct Self-Realized connection to Divinity, and that religions have sought to be the middle men, as a way to maintain control, and to use the energy of the devoted for their own selfish ends. So those with their own direct connection pose a threat to the middle men.

There is a kind of ‘chip’ already in the minds of people that tells them there is no way they can know the truth about anything for themselves, and that they must consult with ‘the authorities’ to find out what is real. If this describes you, please stop it. Stop being lazy. Take responsibility for your experience, and do your best to assimilate it in a way that it becomes useful for all. This ‘chip’ is known as the superego, and its basic message is: “who the hell do you think you are?” “you’re just a know it all, Mr. Smarty Pants” “get back in your box, step in line. Nobody knows anything for sure.”

To be ruled by that voice, the superego, which constantly wants to tear you down, qualifies as being possessed, wouldn’t you say?

Taurus/Scorpio: Generation/Regeneration
What blocks the Aquarius Leo opposition from resolving is the Taurus Scorpio polarity, which is at 90 degrees to Aquarius Leo. The entire fixed cross has to be embodied for all the involved signs to express in their highest expression.
Taurus Scorpio is the whole issue of value. It is to recognize your own value (Taurus and Venus, its ruler) and then to recognize the value of others (Scorpio). We cannot fully integrate as enlightened members of society without this part. Because we have to exchange energy with others. When we can engage in the process of generation (Taurus) and regeneration (Scorpio) then we tap into infinite supply. How can you exchange energy with others, without recognizing their value, and them recognizing your value?

So the trick is to transform the degeneration (to the point of death) of Scorpio into regeneration, by raising our frequency. Regeneration leads to free energy, and eternal life. Taurus generates, and Scorpio regenerates, and this creates unlimited abundance, massive “overunity”. Suddenly, there is more than enough for all. This resolved Taurus/Scorpio polarity will give the Leo/Aquarius polarity a serious boost.

The whole idea of ‘net worth’ implies that you only have value if you have money. This is the lie of 3D. If anything, this is the exact opposite of the truth. The resourcefulness of the ‘poor’ isn’t really understood by those who can afford to pay to have everything done for them by someone else. When all your money disappears, that’s when you will really see what you are made of, and what resources you truly have. Truly creative beings have direct and unbroken access to infinite supply. But no amount of money can buy that connection for you.

Starving Artists / Rich and Famous Slaves
One of the main blocks for creative artists in society (Leo/Aquarius) is the whole issue of money (Taurus). The ‘starving artist’ syndrome. As true creativity is a function of the Divine, it is frowned upon by the controllers. Anything that leads to the empowerment of the individual (Scorpio/Leo) will be obstructed and co-opted by the power structure. Why? Because they want to make sure that all those with a large sphere of influence remain under their control.

This is why you see so many famous musicians, actors, and creatives so severely compromised, and engaging in some very dubious and perverted activities. To rise to that kind of ‘height’ in society, chances are good you will have to be extorted and compromised, i.e. owned. So you can be ‘ruined’ if you step out of line and don’t serve the agenda. Many of these ‘stars’ are lifted up, and then ruined, just to remind you who is in control. Is it a coincidence that so many rock stars have died at age 27? FYI, 27 years is one complete cycle of Saturn, so 27 years old is the first Saturn return.
Read my Saturn article here

Just remember, when people are owned by others they are called slaves. This even applies to those at the highest levels. Still slaves, but rich and famous slaves. This is not true freedom. As the inimitable Sun-Ra asked the audience when i saw his live performance back in the 70s: “you call this a planet of life??”

So, for money (Taurus), these ‘stars’ enter into a death contract, basically (Scorpio). The Faustian bargain. If you still don’t see this, you will very soon, as the truth (Uranus) bursts open the whole perverted circus.

Scorpio / Taurus : the transformational price to pay
For a truly liberated society, the Taurus Scorpio polarity represents the transformational price we have to pay. Freedom isn’t free. Even less so is liberation. Liberation will require that you give your all. Stop worshiping others, and expecting them to somehow hand you your liberation on a silver platter, It cannot happen that way. Each one of us has to do our part in freeing the society, by freeing ourselves. It seems small, but as each one of us IS the whole, even the liberation of one being changes the entire world. This is not just a platitude, this 5th density dynamics at work. When you truly begin to engage the work of freeing yourself, you see just what a challenge it is, and you will immediately appreciate the value of those who have gone before you and have realized their liberation. Until then, however, you will just make fun of them, think they are crazy, or even despise them.

Aquarius at its worst: egalitarian groupthink
We have to also be aware of the downside of Aquarius, as this will also be potential, because really it depends on our frequency, where on the spectrum this all will manifest.

Aquarius at its worst is groupthink. ‘The nail that sticks up gets hammered down’. This is where people don’t dare be a lion (Leo) and will do their best to fit in with the crowd. This is the distorted view of equality, where everyone does their best to fit into the group, even when it oppresses them.

Like ‘democracy’. This is a loaded and misunderstood term. So, to clarify: Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for dinner. Whatever is the most ‘popular’ ends up the winner. Just like all these fake celebrities. Look what that whole ‘democratic’ mindset has done to culture. Lowest common denominator rules. A society of idiots will elevate idiots, and persecute those who love truth.

Democracy sounds like a good idea until you inspect it deeper. But mind you, that does not mean i advocate dictatorship. Both are very limited systems, that ultimately do not support the people. Of course everyone should be able to participate in the organization of a social structure. But the two party system is just designed to perpetuate duality, to keep everyone divided. How about something entirely new, based in unity, not division?

Everyone is NOT equal. Of course everyone has ‘God given’ equal rights to live their life as they choose, but everyone is, at least potentially, unique. This is the high side of Aquarius. This is when the Leo polarity is integrated. Then one is a sovereign, unique individual (Leo) within the society (Aquarius). The Aquarius Leo polarity at it’s best: the creative (Leo) genius (Aquarius). The awakened heart.

the Upside: Holographic Society
This will lead to Holographic Society, which is, according to many sources, how benevolent higher density galactic beings organize their societies. But this requires individuals to be awake in their Divinity. That may seem impossible, a society of enlightened and telepathically connected individuals, but for Galactics it is just natural.

According to some sources, their societies are organized and guided by Councils of the wisest, and anyone, including children, can participate. Imagine a society that has the capacity and awareness to choose beings of great wisdom to guide them.

The only reason it seems impossible to us is that we have been indoctrinated to believe that the ‘attainment’ of what is simply our natural state is impossible to reach. Just drop the striving, and there you are. Sounds simple, but as it turns out, the striving is kind of stuck in the ‘on’ position. Somehow we still like our striving, and cling to it relentlessly, even as hollow, incomplete, and unsatisfying as it is. And it is constantly being reinforced by the society.

And, yes, this condition beyond conditions is our natural state, but that doesn’t mean it is not miraculous. Our natural state IS miraculous. Nature itself is miraculous, is it not? Nonetheless, it is in our genetic, to naturally, electromagnetically, be connected to Source. Isn’t that completely obvious? To me, it is as obvious as the Sun at midday. There is no ‘debate’ necessary. So why cannot something that fundamental NOT be the foundation of society? My feeling is that holographic society is inevitable. 5th density physicality is the plane of experience in which we will get to really uncover and manifest our true potential, unobstructed and truly free, as manifested fractals of the Whole, which is nothing short of miraculous. In short, we will thrive.


Walter Russell

Instant Karma
Up until recently we got to choose whether or not to wake up. And because of the illusion of linear time, the space between cause and effect has been unnaturally large. Perhaps even, this explains why really dark beings manage to commit all kinds of atrocities and seemingly not have to pay the consequences. What if, by selling your soul, you basically buy time, like a lifetime, to be able to ‘do what thou wilt’, (the Satanic ‘excuse’) without consequences? It’s like the natural law of karma has been warped here.

But in 5th density, linear time (Saturn, Satan) is no longer in effect, as duality is dissolved. So cause and effect happen simultaneously, as they are one and the same. Immediately that takes all the ‘fun’ out of being a motherfucker. What fun is that, if you have to pay the consequences immediately?? Sort of like buying something outright and paying for it, rather than putting it on the credit card. Living within your means requires more intelligent choices.

This alone will eliminate pretty much all corruption. And there goes the need for armies and police and enforcers of all kinds, as well as ‘statutes’, artificial laws imposed for purposes of control. “Government” will cease to be necessary, because the awakened ones need no governing, we are masters of ourselves. And when consequences are immediate, we will be much more sensitive to the basic, common, and only law necessary: Do No Harm. Neither directly, nor indirectly. Are you ready to live that way?

Soon, we are going to have to choose. The Great Awakening, or the Great Reset. The Great Reset is where the same old players, and their distorted and perverted inbred bloodlines, re-insert themselves and their reversal false light virus into our lives to continue parasitizing our energy. It is like another iteration (reset) of the same old oppression time loop, only much worse.

Trust the Planet
Mother Earth, however, is not having it. She is awakening, whether we like it or not, and together with her consort, the Christos, all will be made whole again. The Great Awakening is the trajectory of the planet, Gaia Herself. Trust the Planet, we are joining the galactic neighborhood now. This is what all the fuss is about. The controllers of this planet up until now, have had a HUGE vested interest in this thing not happening, but unfortunately for them, the time has come, and nothing will stop it. A little inquiry into why they might not want us to join the galactic society might lead to some enlightening insight. For instance, zero point free energy is a biggie. How else could these amazing ships of theirs function? there are no gas stations in space.

And wait until we find out that their lifespan is 900 years or more. That is going to be a rude awakening. It is going to become crystal clear just how much we have been had.

Or how about the absence of disease? We will learn that disease is the result of living in the 3d matrix of distorted frequencies. And what is the opposite of disease? EASE.

The orchestration of it all in multiple dimensions is nothing short of breathtaking. As our higher vision (Uranus rules the pineal gland and Crystal Palace) opens, we can begin to see the absolutely stunning opportunity we are presented with.

“Three uninvited guests arrive”
And with our heightened 20/20 vision, we begin to understand that there is an Alliance working for the good, both extra terrestrial and terrestrial, and many of us are participating with this Alliance in many different ways. We may be surprised at who the members of this alliance are. At the moment they are all working anonymously, so one can only guess. Remember, Uranus is the planet of the unexpected, surprises, and synchronicities. Don’t get too fixated on what you’d like to see happen, it may turn out far better than you expect.

The top line of hexagram 5, Waiting in the I Ching comes to mind about this:
“Six at the top means:
One falls into the pit.
Three uninvited guests arrive.
Honor them, and in the end there will be good fortune.:
“The waiting is over; the danger can no longer be averted. One falls into the pit and must yield to the inevitable. Everything seems to have been in vain. But precisely in this extremity things take an unforeseen turn. Without a move on one’s own part, there is outside intervention. At first one cannot be sure of its meaning: is it rescue or is it destruction? A person in this situation must keep his mind alert and not withdraw into himself with a sulky gesture of refusal, but must greet the new turn with respect. Thus he ultimately escapes the danger, and all goes well. Even happy turns of fortune often come in a form that at first seems strange to us.”

Why on earth would we want to return to “normal”?? and that is the promise of the “Great Reset”. To return to the same old shite, on steroids. The Great Reset is just putting lipstick on a pig. No thanks. There’s just no competition. Liberation? or slavery? which do you choose?

the Chromatic Human
So with all this coming Aquarius energy, and the square to Uranus in Taurus, we are going to learn to be the Chromatic Human. This is the skill of being able to live in the whole chromatic octave of 12 dimensions at once, with all 12 strands of our DNA fully operational. And if you think this is a joke, or ridiculous, all i can say is, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Because when you begin to try it, your ass will be kicked in ways you can’t even imagine. We are not supposed to be allowed to rise to this. The social inertia (Aquarius square Taurus) is thick and heavy. Once you begin opening into your true fullness, all around you, Agent Smiths will pop up and tell you to get back into your box.

So you will have to ground the electricity into and through your body and into the earth. You will become the filament of a miraculous light bulb, connecting the Solar Christos with Gaia. And the skill of being a ‘superconductor’ will be required, because the voltage gets so strong, that if there is any resistance to it at all, symptoms and health problems, physical and psychological, will pop up.

This requires an immense amount of patience and a fierce love of truth at all costs. Aquarius and Uranus rule truth, and electricity. You will find, that carrying any kind of lie in your circuitry will create resistance to the voltage, and a kind of psychic toxic sludge, called ‘miasma’, which will cause all sorts of problems, both internal and external. You will be ‘mandated’ to clean up your act in every way you can. As Adi Da called it, it is “Compulsory Dancing”.

We will have to realize that ‘looking the part’ to fit in with the crowd, no matter how spiritual the crowd may be, is not going to be working so well any more. Spirituality is going to become harder and harder to fake, and it is going to require you to be uniquely yourself, and to develop your own expression, what you came here to do. This is when the Leo side integrates.

The whole ‘spiritual scene’ is an Aquarian kind of phenomenon, and it is worth keeping the discriminating wisdom, and intuition really active when involved in these kinds of gatherings, as just like almost every other way humans have of associating with each other, these movements are often used to engineer society in certain directions, basically always AWAY from true awakening.

Beware of the false light.
Make sure to determine and set out on your own unique direction straightaway. There is a lot to be learned in many places, and in some cases you may find it worth your while to focus in on something in particular. But just be ready to ‘graduate’ whenever it’s time, by being honest about how your affiliation is affecting you. Are you growing, and flowering? And bearing fruit?

As I have said before, the best sides of opposite signs come out when the opposition is resolved. This is fundamental to zero point astrology. So the true Aquarian spirit will only happen when people are Self-Realized (the highest expression of Leo, the Sun of Pure Consciousness). Then we will connect telepathically, and will find the members of our soul family, terrestrial, AND extra terrestrial, who are emanations of the same monadic beings as are we. That is when group work will evolve to a whole new level.

Real Angels
So what are angels really? Here’s my take on the topic: Angels are higher density light beings, who have a vast range of power and perception, and who are wholly and completely dedicated to the good and true.

Dr. David Hawkins, the author of ‘Power vs Force”, developed a system of the calibration of states of consciousness from lower to higher, on a scale of 0 to 1000. The lower frequency bands are states like fear, anger, apathy, and 1000 calibrates to the level of consciousness of Jesus Christ.

Dr. Hawkins said that an archangel would calibrate at the level of 10,000, and that if you were in the presence of one you would simply be obliterated. So right there we can see that we are going to have to literally rise to the occasion. In order to work with these beings we are going to have to raise our frequency considerably, just to be able to perceive them even.

As angels are really beings like us, but further along in their evolution, it is important to remember that first and foremost, they love us, and would love to connect with us in truth. They are not interested in being worshiped, or ‘saving’ us. These ideas are from the distortion of religions, who want to be the middle men, much like the victim/persecutor/rescuer loop of the dysfunctional family unit.

So the stereotype of angels in white robes floating around in heaven playing harps is not all that accurate. Notice that many of these angels actually carry swords! They are plasma/electrical beings beyond the physical, with immense power for good, but they wait to be invited. And in order to perceive these beings we have to raise our frequency.

There are many of us here who could be said to be archangels-in-training, and that our time here on Earth is part of that training, an important part of it. For beings like that, to enter into 3rd density earth life requires a lowering of their frequency so much that they cannot bear it. But the ability to navigate in lower obstructed densities such as the 3rd density may very well be part of the training, and particularly here now on Planet Earth, where beings of light, on the ground, are sorely needed. We answered the call, almost like foot soldiers, volunteers, boots on the ground, entering occupied territory.

This cartoon depicts the situation. But I am afraid this poor ‘human muggle’ is going to have to raise his density to perceive this being, rather than expecting the angel/ET to ‘turn down your density’.

Yes, you could say angels are extra terrestrials, because they don’t live on this planet. Perhaps they do inhabit planets in other dimensions or densities, but many of those are not perceivable with our physical senses. Some say many of them are higher density beings from the Pleiadean star system, for example.

And it is said that there are some who are assigned specifically to you, especially if you are here as part of their training, which if you are reading this, you very well could be.

Also, according to some, these higher density beings can, for example, feel into and know telepathically every single consciousness in a huge city, all at once. It is a level of awareness and power we just can’t even comprehend. But just because we can’t comprehend it, or perhaps even imagine beings such as this, does not mean that they are not real, or present here. And it also does not mean we cannot aspire to this same level of consciousness.

To get a better idea how these beings work, and how you can begin to participate with them, and invite them into your life, you might want to check out the Archangelic Calendar.

Rudolph Steiner on angels
Rudolph Steiner has written a lot about the angel, as part of the fixed cross in astrology. Leo, Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius, the Lion, the Eagle, the Bull, and the Angel/Man. For example his lecture called “the Workings of the Angel in Man” goes into his perception of how the process happens. My take is, the Angel IS the light body. Steiner talks about the astral body a lot, but my take is that the Light Body is not the astral body. There again, these kinds of details are secondary, but worth noting.

https://anthropopper.com/2015/09/28/rud ... an-beings/


“People may shy away from the notion that angels want to call forth ideals for the future in (us), but that is how it is. The process follows a specific principle, which is that in time to come no human being shall find peace in the enjoyment of happiness if others around him are unhappy. An impulse of absolute brotherliness, making all of humanity one, will govern social life…” – Rudolf Steiner

So I think it is safe to say, that the angels are not just some ‘new age’ idea, they are in fact ancient participants in human development, and very much real for those with refined and elevated perception. Certainly the kind of friends you would love to have!

Perhaps the way to begin with them is to acknowledge their presence, invite them to work with you, and to begin to notice their presence and works in your life. Yes, it is imagination, but in fact, everything is imagination.

Also we will begin to see them in people and animals around us. Warning: it won’t necessarily be the people who dress up like angels. Very often it will be humble and down to earth simple people with big hearts. Being an Earth Angel has nothing to do with appearances.

the new Aquarian Era
So, against this backdrop we will be seeing the machinations of the technocrats as they struggle to maintain their ill-gotten power over humanity. But their project is over, the spell is broken. As Uranus rules technology, though, we will see a push for this technocratic ‘solution’, called ‘transhumanism’, which aims to robotize human consciousness to create a perfect slave race. But this would be a negative expression of the Aquarius Leo Scorpio Taurus Fixed Cross: egalitarian groupthink robots (Aquarius) ruled by narcissistic psychopathic inbred royals (Leo) who are possessed by occult forces (Scorpio), with endless greed for control through money (Taurus). Been there done that!

This is definitely an Aquarian era that we are entering. First, the Jupiter Saturn ingress into Aquarius sets the stage. But Pluto is still finishing up in Capricorn, so we will be witnessing the collapse (death/Pluto) of old top-down power structures as Pluto finishes its time in Capricorn.

Pluto Return of the USA
One significant transit to note is that the Pluto return of the USA will be included in the last period of Pluto in Capricorn. This could very well be a complete death and/or resurrection of the USA. Actually, it is already underway. The Pluto return is something that doesn’t happen in the charts of earth humans, as Pluto’s cycle is much longer than the current human lifespan. But for countries and collectives, yes. But the Pluto return of the US will not be complete until late 2022. Pluto transits leave no stone unturned, so buckle up, America.

This will be a powerful change point for the US. I could see this as the time of the restoration of the republic, as the USA has been a corporation since the Organic Act of 1871. In a republic, the people are supposed to hold the power, and they elect representatives in government. Since 1871 we have had a fake version of that. The ‘representatives’ in Congress have really been the board of directors of the corporation. The voting has been just to keep we the people believing that we had some say. But now with the voting fraud scandals coming out, such as the Dominion voting machine technologies, we will see that the votes have been being manipulated for some time. Not just in the United States, but in many countries around the world. Add that to the fact that candidates are preselected, having previously been vetted and compromised, and you begin to see that ‘our democracy’ has been a massive fraud.

Tsunami of Truth
So we will see a strong Aquarian upsurge early in 2021, including a very powerful configuration around January 21 2021, which includes a mass of planets in Aquarius square (90 degrees) to Mars conjunct Uranus in Taurus. The inauguration of the president in the USA will certainly be explosive, no matter how it turns out. It could very well be that the moneyed interests who have been controlling the world will be having the rug pulled from under their feet. The presence of Uranus guarantees that it will be volatile, electric and unpredictable. And Mars is the warrior. The battle is on, and it will intensify. My guess: the truth will prevail. A tsunami of truth. This will be a tremendous boost for the truth movement. The lies have run their course. But it will be, and is already, a ferocious battle.

Uranus is also the truth. “And the truth shall set you free” says the Bible. Uranus/Aquarius is truth, AND freedom. They are inseparable. Those who refuse to see the truth will be realizing just how unfree they are, and those who embrace the truth will find a whole new world opening up for them in the months and years ahead.

All this will lead up to the entry of Pluto in Aquarius in 2024, and then shortly thereafter, Uranus entering Gemini, and Neptune entering Aries, around 2025. At that point all three outer planets, which ‘set the stage’ for all the goings-on of the inner planets, will be in very harmonious aspect to each other, for some time. This will be a much more harmonious era, as we wake up from the nightmare of the imposed slavery system under which we have been living for millennia.

Disclosure: inevitable
My take is that this period after 2025 will be when contact and ‘disclosure’ with our Galactic neighbors will become full-on public. Up until then we will begin to see more and more evidence of their presence in our solar system, and many individual contacts, but I see this period after 2025 as a time when we will be able to take a quantum leap into our galactic future. We will be meeting our benevolent galactic neighbors face to face. We came here for this, it’s going to be epic, no way around it.

Everything we are going through now is leading up to this, it is inevitable. According to many sources, there are thousands of ships parked in earth’s orbit right now, here to help. Certainly we are seeing a drastic upswing in the amount of ‘UFO’ sightings lately. True? Probably wise not to rule it out. Apparently they all showed up here now to help us through this birthing of the new Earth.

So the ‘battle’ here on earth is the evidence of a huge, multi-dimensional effort to free this planet from captivity. To understand all of it from this more expanded perspective really helps to make sense of it all.

In the meantime we can prepare. How to prepare? Learn how to raise your frequency, activate and inhabit your vortex/toroidal field, clear your baggage, de-program yourself, clear your unresolved issues, allow the galactic ‘download’ to activate your dormant DNA, and realize your True God-Self, you are the Fractal of Creation Itself. And then, most importantly, LIVE IT in the world. For the Light Body to fully integrate, for Divine Intervention to happen for real, we will have to live our truth in every way. In short, dedicate yourself to truth, both relative, and absolute, inner and outer, above all.
I see your love shining out from my furry friends faces, when I look into their eyes. I see you in the flower’s smile, the rainbow, and the wind in the trees....
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