Spreading Ecological Disaster in Ohio

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Spreading Ecological Disaster in Ohio

Post by Spiritwind »

I haven’t kept up here, partly because the world “out there” has gotten so ridiculous (Biden and balloons?) and horrible (earthquake in Turkey, what’s happening in Ukraine etc) that I consciously choose not to give any energy to what I have no control over and is meant to pull me away from the inner battles that need attending to. By that I am acknowledging the spiritual aspect of what is happening. It takes work to face the truth of where we are and still do what it takes to turn and face the monster instead of running away.

But I also haven’t kept up here because I’ve become much more focused on the local and what is happening in my every day life with people who are being naturally drawn together in a most mysterious way, a hidden tapestry if you will. We are, after all, all creator beings in the making. I focus on actions I can take to live a different reality than the one being created, as if sitting through a horror show, by that which feeds off trauma and fear. Lots of that to go around lately. I want to starve the beast. That being said, I saw this post, and it made me realize, if I was any where near where this “horrible event” occurred I would be considering all of what he says.

https://thelibertydaily.com/comprehensi ... e-in-ohio/

From Matt Presti’s telegram page this morning:

Question/concerns for those in the path and who were affected by this toxic death cloud from Ohio.

What are the safe handling instructions for vinyl chloride, and the other toxic chemicals should one come into contact with them?

How best to clean clothing, upholstery, furniture and surfaces in the home/business or work places affected by this toxic stew?

Obviously, furnace/air filters will need changing in both cars, homes and HVAC systems in affected areas. How best to clean out vents and dispose of the filters?

Refrigerators also recirculate tainted air that has now come into contact with food/etc. Should the food be thrown out so as not to risk ingestion of these substances?

Pets, livestock and other animals that survived the toxic clouds will need to be washed off at the very least. What kinds of detergents are best to use for cleaning out pens, coops and barns/stables, and what is the best way to dispose of exposed bedding?

Rain will obviously wash more of these chemicals from the rooftops/gutters of homes and businesses. Who will provide and conduct the testing required to monitor the safety of ground water, wells and water plants in affected areas for the foreseeable future?

How will these chemicals impact the health of people in general, pregnant women and children in the coming years? What long term studies have been conducted with regard to exposure to these dangerous chemicals if any? Where can I access that data?

There is much to consider when facing a catastrophe of this magnitude. The mental toll alone hasn't even been considered. This fiasco is only just beginning and there are certainly more considerations to take into account regarding it.

Norfolk Southern Corporation (NSC) should be held to account in all ways and by all means. No one, not even the person known as a "corporation" is above the law.

https://thelibertydaily.com/comprehensi ... e-in-ohio/
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Re: Spreading Ecological Disaster in Ohio

Post by Christine »

This is one of those events that is not going to be easy to disclose any truth on. Much like the unseen virus that scared the world, the controllers will continue to sweep their malevolence under the proverbial rug, or in this case under the railroad tracks. Eric F. Coppolino has a very active Substack and was the first one, that I know of, to break the story on dioxin being released in the Ohio train derailment... here he is talking to Dr. Sam Bailey and I must say the news isn't at all hopeful.

Dr. Sam Bailey interview with me Sunday on the dioxin issue.

Jon Rappoport has also released a podcast on this issue.

What I find so discouraging is the realization that just like everything else in the news cycle, nothing will be done. People and animals will continue to suffer while we wring our hands—I know, I know all too well that our hands are tied and twisted behind our backs, it just feels so wrong.

On the other hand surely this train to hell they are riding will eventually go off the rails, maybe even fall into the toxic pit that they've created. (P.S. a brief search says this train and bendy tracks is for reals.)

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