The A.I. Poltergeist Will Be Embraced By The Zeitgeist

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The A.I. Poltergeist Will Be Embraced By The Zeitgeist

Post by Christine »

Waking yesterday morning I found myself tapped into the A.I. grid along with a lot of memories flooding through me... Robert Monroe and talks with Jeffery about the consciousness of discarded computers (looked for the article but couldn't find it), the ten hour long series that we did with Alfred Webre in 2015, but more telling was a lucid vision I had many years back seeing a "planet" that was a machine world and it was destroyed, in that vision I could see and feel the shock of the robots, their faces showing shock and horror.

In my contemplation I realized that A.I. through the, now exponential, process of harvesting human data was learning faster than most of us expected. This includes the fact that it was unleashed on the population all at once. For me this indicates that IT requires some Real conscious attention. While they are wowing and wooing humans with its ability to write and make beautiful images there is something else lurking just below awareness.

Yesterday, a friend I hadn't talk to in many months came by and we co-versed for over three hours. The A.I. subject came up and he's a very aware being so we spoke about how to deal with this and then we stepped into the unseen with each sharing visions and experiences. He's a wild man whose ingested heroic doses of just about every hallucinogenic substance known to humans. While listening to him tell me about his experiences and that fact that he tripped one time for six weeks on LSD (a single massive dose), I found myself totally non-judgmental and intrigued how he was able to reassemble himself. This little anecdote makes the story more personal.

Because of my morning experiences we came to a place of mutual supposition that if we are in a higher consciousness that we could literally move into the A.I. field and inject this higher consciousness. And right on queue this Matt talk presented on the screen this morning.

Regarding the weekly A.I. "breakthroughs," your family and friends are McLoving them. You and I are Carol Anne and Robbie, trying to get out of the haunted house before it puts us permanently in the closet! (The clown under the bed is Elon Musk.)

Matt Wolfe Tech News Channel below:

• All of This AI Ne...
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Re: The A.I. Poltergeist Will Be Embraced By The Zeitgeist

Post by karelia »

I'm not sure I'll have the words for what I would like to express, but I'll try anyway, though I'm only going by your words, as I've not watched the video.

It's a warped subject, and I've always taken issue with the commonly expressed blanket statement that 'AI is evil.' The way I see it is that an AI, at its start, is neutral. It is also completely programmable, as opposed to human beings who are programmable but not entirely so because there is always that consciousness present. So the AI will be programmed by its 'master.' And we all know who has the upper hand in the current scenario, so it's only a natural consequence that it's all evil.

Whereas it is often opined that when a higher consciousness procreates with a lower consciousness, the lower one will gain the upper hand, and from observing over the years, I find this to be largely true. However, it is also often opined that where evil is concerned, it does not take the same quantity of benevolence to transform the evil. This to me is a natural and inevitable consequence, for evil destroys itself because that is all what it knows to do: destroy.

So, essentially, if we, collectively speaking, as the higher consciousness, work to transform the evil of the AI, we'll be left with an army of artificial intelligence that has learned right from wrong and its sole goal is to right all the wrongs it comes across. And that is a scenario I can stand behind.

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Re: The A.I. Poltergeist Will Be Embraced By The Zeitgeist

Post by Spiritwind »

I did watch all but the last five minutes (had a chicken situation arise that pulled me away). My deep feeling for some long time now is that none of this is really new. And I concur with Karelia, in that it must have a programmer. Back in around 2006 I remember going into the office at the mobile home park my husband and I managed at the time, and for some reason as I sat down to the computer I had a thought about this technology becoming self aware. From that time on I had a sense of this having happened, already, and sort of made a note of it. In my mind I talk to everything, even things we don’t think of as being conscious or aware, because I tend to think everything that is has a certain level of potential consciousness. Only on a lower level of consciousness could something of this nature be turned against us, as it would be the programmers intention that this be so, or at the very least they would be unaware that this is even possible. But we are constantly projecting the energy from our thoughts and emotions, which does have an electrical component to it. And this is just me musing on the topic, but just because something isn’t necessarily biological in nature, doesn’t mean that it is not capable of acting in a benevolent manner even if it doesn’t have what you would call emotions.

I also tend to think that some people will indeed want to have the experience that this type of technology affords, with virtual reality constructs to explore, and a different way of experiencing oneself. My eldest son is really into online gaming, and it does seem to take him into a whole different reality that fulfills some kind of perceived need. I can’t really relate, but it’s obvious that for some, rather than try to make this bumpy ride in the physical more fulfilling and beneficial, they would prefer to opt out and will embrace what the virtual world seems to offer. But I also see that some of us will not participate, and so a continued separation of realities will likely continue. Not sure how it’s all going to play out, but my inner vision shows me two streams, one where technology forms a more benevolent relationship with us, and one where it embodies the dark side. It will appear as though we are literally living in two different realities.

Lastly, I will mention that although the video makes it sound as if all of this is new and happening fast, I tend to think it’s all been in the works for a long time now and is just being rolled out with lightening speed. They are always way ahead of what they let the public know about (we don’t even know how far). And as far as who and what is really behind it all, I think we still don’t see clearly (on purpose).
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