Chapter Two: The Measure of Fear

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Re: Chapter Two: The Measure of Fear

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Naga_Fireball wrote:Fear is the root of much anger.
I've noticed as I age from 20s into 30s that I notice the connection more & more between fear & anger.

Fear & anger are both mind killers and heart killers, as you guys pointed out.

But some discover that confronting fear helps lessen unrelated anger. When you see a daredevil you are, for example, seeing a very wounded person who survives anger by taking a healthy dose of fear.
Anger is usually a mask for something a lot harder to deal with, and anger is a lot easier to discharge, however the relief is only temporary if the causes aren't addressed, & it wont be what the mind is pointing it's finger at you can be sure of that.

It's more likely to be triggered by something that plays on an existing wound from cognitive dissonance (double bind) by being brought up by damaged adults, which is getting to be the norm now everyone is being turned into a narcissist by the heavily manipulated "culture" we find ourselves in.

The nature of those wounds are becoming more & more to be ontological in nature, with the implicit threat of negated existentiality, which is far worse that physical death, you won't find any Buddhists that can face that lol.

The wounded daredevil thing is very clear with biker culture for instance, those guys are very often very sensitive types who have formed their own clan & a means to keep others at a distance.
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