🌹 The Pursuit of Truth through The Fog of War

"She sees now that it is a state of nothingness that is so strangely full in which she occupies space. She can move up and down, sideways and around, a state of awareness waking within the dream.
Her beat is Love, her will fierce, she won’t back down.
-Lucky Boots
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🌹 The Pursuit of Truth through The Fog of War

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Coming out of sleep this morning a piece of writing presented itself to my waking mind. As I have made the choice to dive deep inside the dark field that promulgates endless war and suffering on human beings it quickly became necessary to suss out what truth lies hidden within the chaos, fear, and horror. Part of my realization has been that most people are trapped within their personal traumas, so that looking at what has been done in Our Name is too painful of a journey—they cling to approved versions of reality, trapped in a revolving wheel of inner pain, lack of purpose driven direction, and compliance with the societal expectations. Even little triumphs are quickly dispelled by the darkness that seeks to hold them in patterned responses.

My ever-present caveat is: My words are not words of condemnation or judgement, they are birthed forth from the circumcised heart of compassion.

One thing that I recognize in myself is an unquenchable thirst for truth, not intellectual truth but Living Truth, this has led me to research a tremendous number of topics; from the shape of our Earth realm to the ancient historical records that remain, to forgotten and edited Scripture, historical lies, the now debunked germ theory, to whatever presents and catches my attention as I flow through the digital realm. Most subjects when delved into will bring forth a shining truth once the mind is allowed to see the ever present simplicity out of the clouded complexity. Past studies are still uploaded within, the integrated cosmic memory we all have access to once recognized. These research topics included studies of the Vril, anti-gravitc technologies, plasma (ether) physics, and all manner of anomalous experiences.

Slowly an expansive picture emerged, it had many rifts in it, many lands not yet explored but it eventually became clear enough so that a stark realization blared—the whole construct (or simulation) that we are immersed in is a false one—built on lies, deceit, misdirects, fear, and gaslighting. A starting point emerged.

These days of deepening darkness and destruction are the result of generations, indeed millennia of a slowly plotted course by the dark forces that seeks to usurp control of the Earth realm and all her multiplicitous forms of abundant life. In the end it will be “their” fools journey for the very Spirit that is Life is ever seeking balance and will always find a way.

For those of us who have seen through the ruse, where to Now?

Ultimately there is only the Now and there is no where to go, though allow that I put that to the side for a moment. Truthfully speaking while this is accepted as Truth, it is equally, if not more often experienced that we live in a linear time frame bound to duality where concerns of physical needs still need to be met. Perhaps there are those present in this physical realm who have fully merged themselves in the ever present now, just that I haven’t met anyone yet. That said, there is a state of being defined as Presence which is knowable and achievable.

The Way has always been open, it has been within us since our very creation. Sages, prophets, mystics, and medicine people have pointed to this way for generations upon generations. The coming of Christ crystallized this knowledge, yet still few will acknowledge this. Speaking soulfully for myself this is truth manifest. The mystical message of Christ was scrubbed from Biblical renditions; investigate the Scofield bible to become aware of how the indoctrinators misdirected the message of the purity of Love into the Zionist -insert whatever institutionalized deep dark state that suits you- framework.

For the purposes of this writing, I will leave out many tangents which can cloud the shining light. There is One Source, it is the interconnectedness of all beings and life forms. The much derided pagans knew this. From the Sami peoples of the North to the Aboriginal people of the South this was known—not a mind construct at all, it was through Song and symbols that communion occurred.

Today I see-feel the rising of the human spirit, it is heard through the voices of the courageous and honorable truth speakers. It is heard in the Aethers that permeate all of reality. It no longer matters to me if someone is focused on a single line of reasoning or are still partially obfuscating things they know little about. To continue to use name calling and diversionary tactics is a tell that someone hasn’t arrived home to their own heart. Even this disturbs me not for many of them are inadvertently waking others onto the truth journey. There is a field of Light penetrating all darkness, it is The Force and can not be extinguished.

The above does not mean I don’t appreciate those folks who relentlessly unveil the ploys of the evil-doers—those who through infiltration by stealth posture as truth tellers but are enraptured by wealth, seek fame—snared by ideological personal glory.

I am also self-aware enough to realize that there are occasions when I have self-censored, concerned about the reactions of those who know me and might be put off by my musings. This concern comes from addressing subjects that are forbidden or too controversial to even be considered. With due diligence I find it vital to put these concerns aside, accept that I don’t have all the answers and may be misled. So be it, for without humility and surrender to the Highest Mind one will ultimately fall prey to the dark force that feeds ego desire-dreams—evil genius is equally everywhere present and always and by any means seeking an entrance to entice the ego and thereby corrupt the human spirit.

Caveat number two: Though I use the descriptor evil-genius it is by no means meant to transliterate into thinking that evil is able to create any new mode of operation, it is by its nature a parasitical replicant which has but a few patterned responses. Thing is—these ploys have worked throughout the ages. Defying evil is and always has been a deconstructive process, ridding oneself of falsely installed beliefs, false senses of safety, ego dreams of grandeur, and then trusting enough to step out of the construct and rise with wings on the wind.

Look at us! Each such an amazing reflection through the fractal of individualism. We are both and all simultaneously, such a dilemma for the human mind.

I will end today’s muse with a smile and profound sense of peace prevailing.

Love unbound, fierce, and free.

Christine 🌹

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