Mindful Fasting

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”
― Rumi
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Re: Mindful Fasting

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Hello guys,

Thank you for this post, I believe reclaiming our health is one of the strongest things we can do for ourselves and to see the world changing through this inner change and alchemy. Stages of acute acidity had me starting walking the detox route 2 years ago. Since then I have healed a lot of chronic issues (acne, chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism) and have reversed chronic acidosis. My kidneys also started to filter again, as they are supposed to.
I wanted to share with you the content I have created, documenting my journey and trying to make something of my hours of research and personal experimentation. I am not trying to preach, just sharing what worked for me and putting seeds everywhere I go for the ones called to find them to read and process.

Video on fasting

Video on cellular detoxification

What transformed my life the most have been: transitioning to a mucus-free diet (I come from a place of lymphatic chronic congestion, this works really well for people who suffer from swollenness and all lymphatic issues) and long periods of liquid fasting, enemas and ear candling.

Articles on the mucus free healing approach, mucus formation, obstruction and the creation of debris according to Arnold Ehret and Walter Last, the work of a french elder on living food and the lymphatic system and my testimony of one year of regeneration and parts of my research.
https://www.ariapersei.com/the-healing- ... free-diet/
https://www.ariapersei.com/eating-a-hig ... arthelery/
https://www.ariapersei.com/one-year-of- ... free-diet/

Articles on how to start fasting (descent and ascent), the masterfast protocol (grapejuice fast), healing with ear candles and iridology (and the 4 different stages of affliction for tissue from acute to subacute to chronic to degenerative).
https://www.ariapersei.com/fasting-as-t ... eneration/
https://www.ariapersei.com/the-masterfa ... -the-body/
https://www.ariapersei.com/iridology-re ... -the-body/
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Re: Mindful Fasting

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Thank you Aria, I so appreciate you sharing this information as it is more important than ever as we re-establish our original body's biology. Working with people in our little shop here in Mexico I am constantly reminded that most folks are clueless as to how the body functions, the true purpose of viruses and bacteria. They are our body's way of cleaning out toxins, the deeper I look into this the more clear the picture is.
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