The rise of awareness regarding malevolent inter-dimensional forces

"Evil is a source of moral intelligence in the sense that we need to learn from our shadow, from our dark side, in order to be good."
-John Bradshaw
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The rise of awareness regarding malevolent inter-dimensional forces

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The following is by Ashley Aurora and is from her FB page posted on October 15th:

The rise of awareness regarding malevolent inter-dimensional forces that have played a significant role in the evolution of humanity’s trek here on Earth has increased exponentially over the past decade.

Although occult and religious text have been referencing demonic energy, Satan, Lucifer and Archons for a notable period of time, with the growth of technology, our world now has access to more visual and auditory content about these forces than ever documented.

There are benefits to increased awareness about the forces at play and there are major pitfalls that create further entrapment that quantumly entangles the seeker of higher gnosis.

The entrapment is what I call the blame and paranoia game.

To preface, I am not encouraging doubting your own intuition when you feel that there are oppositional and divisive forces at work in your life. I encourage radical awareness and stillness so one can perceive when strings are manipulated at the cost of our own vital essence and personal heart path. With this noted, here is a personal story of mine that has brought me to writing this post.

I became aware of what people deem the “Matrix” in 2009. As my meditation practice deepened as well as my devotion to nutrition protocols such as fasting and detoxing, I was able to perceive what I called the “Frequency Fence,” an ancient and modern grid that attempts to modulate the frequency of the planet using third and fourth dimensional technology.

The power of language (verbal and non) also plays a critical role in the global amnesia of our true divinity. Language shapes not only our consciousness (our perception) with its ability to program our DNA, but also guides the development of our brain and nervous system.

These markers of physiological development pattern and predict which brain wave states dominate and thus drive our life. Brain wave states: gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta, all play specific roles and functions. Accessing higher states of creativity are within the alpha to theta range; critical problem solving and decision making are within the gamma and beta states; regeneration and nonordinary assimilation are within the theta to delta states.

When humanity has been exposed to severe trauma over generations upon generations that leads to epigenetic trauma (trauma passed down through genes), the development of the brain and nervous system has been severely compromised and brain waves states become more so “cemented.”

This does not mean we will not see all states present within the average humans brain, but through genetic, epigenetic trauma patterns, what we see is a biofeedback loop that autonomically is commanding the nervous system and thus brain wave states.

The biology of our body and the power of our interdimensional nervous system is interchangeable in that our epigenetic trauma influences the neuronal development which influences the dominance of brain wave states ;OR training ourselves to shift our brain wave states can influence our genetics, our DNA and completely shift our consciousness.

This is all happening as individual microorganisms - when we include that we are interconnected on all levels, we must also include the influence of our environment. All organic life is innately programmed to self-heal and regenerate. When we place an individual with severe complex PTSD in a very safe, low stimuli and harmonic environment, where all needs are met, we will witness first a healing crisis on all levels, and eventually through the support of Love in whatever form, will see this human naturally heal and return to homeostasis.

Frequency modulation serves to keep humans within a certain bandwidth that reinforces trauma programming and thus power and control over that human. Going back to archons and interdimensional malevolent beings, they are a reflection, a symptom of this discordance, just as a parasite is a mirror to the dis-ease of the gut microbiome.

We hear that these beings see humans as a farm that feed off of us; what is coined emotional “loosh” which is really just a discharge of electrical energy emanating from a human being and potentially other beings feeding off of that.
The loosh aspect however is more about when humans are forming trauma bonds and when abuse occurs there are injuries that occur within the spiritual, etheric, auric field of the soul in the flesh.

This creates an opening in the biofield, just as antibiotics will damage the intestinal wall and create permeability which the gut can no longer protect against microbial toxins and pathogens. When the biofield is damaged and a human is “leaking” energy so to speak, they are more vulnerable to feeding these forces and becoming vulnerable to attachments and possession that stimulate and trigger emotional responses that create the “loosh.”

Let’s stop here.
That is what we are told, however I encourage every one to remain open to further insight, as I do not intuitively feel this is black nor white, and this has been a big focus to create self-blame and shame within spiritual, truther communities.

If you’re feeling ashamed and saying “omg, this is what is happening to me,” and start to blame yourself, please stop. Time is needed for the development of the luminous body which is the goal of any seeker on the path.

The Christos and Buddhist Light is something that is cultivated through effort, devotion, practice and is not just gained through ayahuasca trips or single-handed “lightcodes” “downloads” and “activations.”

Be loving and ever compassionate with yourself while maintaining firm boundaries with anyone who attempts to shame you with where you are at on your path.

We are here to love, have compassion, forgive and most importantly, most radically and importantly, learn, and reclaim our power.

What I experienced during my journey of “awakening” to these forces was the greatest quantum entanglement of my life. The more I “researched” about these malevolent forces, the more they became active in my life. And concurrently the more I meditated and traveled into my subconscious shadow realms, the more demons/archons I faced.

At times of great darkness and despair, I would blame them, citing my challenges to be caused by “interference” “thought injections” “targeting” or “attack.” Let it be known, I am not denying this phenomena whatsoever, rather, what I learned is that I got got.

I got hooked into their trickery, hyperfocusing my attention on their games and externalizing my problems and reoccurring traumas onto something “outside” of me. The more I placed my focus outside of myself the more I gave my power away.

It nearly cost me my sanity and my life — and I would not take it back in an instant, for I traveled into the underworld and learned invaluable wisdom about duality, about the so called notion of good and evil.

Most importantly, this enabled me to go to the roots of my childhood and uncover patterns and traumas that were governing my waking consciousness. I learned in many cases I created those demons I feared so deeply and through a Tibetan practice of ‘Feeding Your Demons’ I witnessed that underneath that terrifying energy was lost parts of my soul and an inner child who felt enraged and abandoned.

At the peak of my entanglement last winter, I was then touched by the grace of illness and the presence of Tara, the Mother of Compassion, who has been teaching me about self-responsibility, deeper awareness, neutrality and forgiveness.

Often, through the power of my quantum supercomputer (the mind), I was cocreating these situations and quantumly attracting the targeting and interference, perhaps even targeting that is/was military-grade style.

This post does not touch on MK Ultra or ritual abuse as children, but I am aware that as adults much of the same frequency healing and deprogramming modalities I speak of in regards to “unseen” forces are also applicable.
My traumas and entanglement with these forces exasperated a state of paranoia and through that state I continued to feel victimized by beings seemingly out of my control.

Today, while I am still radically human with traumas yet to heal, I understand I am vulnerable to the very forces I have been discussing, however, I do not react and blame them any longer, rather I see this as a prime opportunity to learn more about myself, an opportunity to reclaim more of my power.

Until we jump onto the Eagle’s back and gain a larger perspective of duality, of the unconscious quantum dream state, we will be haunted by terror and fear of these beings.

Discernment advises of to be aware that there are venomous snakes in the garden, but to not allow our fear of those snakes to hijack our sanity and plummet us down a wormhole of disenfranchised thinking and reacting.

In this realm, in this life, there are players, characters of every shape and size.
We may not be able to destroy the antagonist but we may be able to accept their place in this story and learn how to become our own Hero, not by a savior complex, but by a mature awareness of life incarnate.

The more we become aware of the subtle nuisances of this reality, the more shocked we may be, at first.

Remember this is a part of traveling to the underworld to meet our greatest fears, and if we are trusting, to meet our power and find peace with the Diversity of Life.

“Give evil nothing to oppose
and it will disappear by itself.”-
Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching
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