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I had totally forgotten about The Economist new year cover until I found myself talking about it with a friend so thought to look for the 2020 one. In some ways it's irrelevant in the face of more cosmic events but most of us like riddles so I thought I would share it.


December 22, 2019
author Mel Brake

The Economist 2020 Cover magazine was released last month when we were feasting on turkey. While too much turkey may help to induce sleep, the cover is no turkey and demands our attention.

The Economist 2020 Cover is for sure a play on words and themes for 2020 because the cover is set up like a Snellen Eye Test Examination with the black, green and red colors.

The Rothschild Family that owns the The Economist are stating what is their vision (in red lettering) and that its a clear vision (20/20 the new year’s play on word).

Unlike the famous Economist 2017 Cover that featured Trump as the King Of The World, the Economist 2020 predict’s Trump down fall. For more information, please read my prediction and interpretation below for the 2017 cover. ... 78405.html" onclick=";return false;

The Economist 2020 Cover is suggesting very controversial people and topics that will have a major effect in 2020 and people will be watching.

Obviously, The Economist 2020 Cover is very serious because there are no fancy visuals for a cover but only words, and the very first word is (TRUMP) but following his name are the letters (BR). We think this means Trump, Best Regards because he will lost power in 2020.

If one looks very closely, the next set of word spell (EXIT and AI) because if Trump were to stay in office after the House impeached him, and the Senate keep him on, and AI computer software has already predicted that Trump will lose the vote for re-election in November 2020.

The next eye catcher is the word (TOKYO) because the 2020 Summer Olympics will take place in Tokyo when a global audience will be watching.

(MARS) follows because Elon Musk along with other countries keep on about missions to the planet Mars. The US has a Mars Mission expected to launch in 2020.

With Greta Thunberg and many others speaking about how environment will effect how we live on the planet and our involvement to act or not (CLIMATE) will be a huge topic in 2020.

The US President is not the only political figure making waves (XI), the President of China is mentioned next. President XI Jinping has made himself president for life and China has aspiration to be the world’s greatest and the superpower.

Things get very interesting because there is a prediction of a (RECESSION) and the US may already be in a recession with zero to slow growth and no real rise in incomes and wages, and new jobs do not pay living wages.

The Prime Minster of India is highlighted (MODI) and the word (EXPOSED), and the Indian people are massively protesting his policy and he may be exposed in more form or the other in 2020.

(SDG) is the next big indication on the chart and maybe associated with (CLIMATE) because the UN has agreed upon a solution on climate changes with Sustainable Development Goals or Agenda 2030. This requires the world’s focus.

(BOND) is up next and if the US and the world is in a recession for 2020 the bond market will be adversely effect and all financial markets.

You may wonder why (BEETHOVEN) , (RAPHAEL) , (AI) and (NIGHTINGALE) are mentioned because they are apart of AI controlling more and more of our lives, and giant Tech gathering data to run our lives.

For example, AI is completing Beethoven 10th symphony in 2020. Project Nightingale (Google) working with Ascension Health (Raphael) and is secretly data collection and data mining patients medical information.

We went out of order to make every attempt to connect the dots and now lets comment on another topic in the magazine (WAR), when have not governments not started a war and enforced existing wars.

(VISION) is self-explanatory because the whole cover is The Economist’s vision.

(BIODIVERSITY) will be a big topic because its disappearing from the planet, and is the solution Agenda 2030 with domed city like in a Steven King movie.

The author or authors of The Economist 2020 Cover has a sense of humor because like a real eye test examination its very hard to read towards the bottom of the chart and in this case the word (RUSSIA) is the very last entry to indicate its lost of prominence, status, influence and power especially when Trump departs the world stage. Very clever of them indeed.

Here is another view of The Economist 2020 Cover that said its more a predictor of future events: ... 62898.html" onclick=";return false;

Happy 2020 the future looks bright, maybe." onclick=";return false;
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