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Dolores Cannon On The Use And Manipulation Of The Energy Force

Posted: Mon Mar 09, 2020 4:59 pm
by Christine
Interestingly, at least to myself is that I skipped over the Dolores Cannon material many years ago and listening now I am taken into the field that this video is speaking to, it's all so simple once we shed the outerlayers of identity and the overlays on our souls, not easy but simple. I've been speaking with my dear friend Jeffery lately and he's unpacking a lot of information and we hope to put out a video soon. We'll see....

Meanwhile as the construct is falling down it's an imperative that we stand straight and align our inner most and highest aspects.

And "we ain't seen nothing yet..." as the song goes. Love you all so much. Christine

From my self I've come to find that love is the underlying "weak" force so once we turn our being over to unconditional and unbound love we are indeed with the rudder to sail the cosmic sea.


Image Brian Scott
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I found an amazing session by Dolores Cannon that really rings true with reality transurfing in its discussion of the us and manipulation of the energy force.

This session was conducted in 1989 with Beverly, an artist that I had worked with many times. I used her keyword and counted her to the in between lives spiritual state, where we could have access to information.

D: What are you doing? What do you see?

Beverly: I don't see anything yet, but it's like I'm rocking on gentle waves. I am not in an ocean, but in the universe. I can look down and see the planet. It looks like all the pictures you see of the Earth. Blue and white.

D: Is there anything different about it?

B: No. It's just suspended in space, on a bed of grids, so to speak.
D: What do you mean?

B: It's like the universe is made up of grid lines throughout it. And they fluctuate, they move. They ebb and flow, like full-bodied waves in the ocean. I don't mean crashing waves. I mean waves that move from very deep down in the water. They're gentle, but they're very deep, slow waving movements in space. And the Earth sits within this bed, as do all the other planets and stars and Suns.

D: This shows that the universe is actually alive, if it is moving like that. Does that mean the Earth and the other planets are also moving? I'm thinking of the action of waves.

B: They're not moving like space is. They're spinning and whatever within this undulating space. I have an example for you. Have you seen those glass boxes that have water in them, which flows back and forth, that businessmen sometimes buy to look at because it's relaxing?

D: Yes, I've seen those.

B: They move very slowly and evenly, and yet it goes up and down, and up and down. That's the bed of space.

D: This doesn't disturb the planets that are within it?

B: No. They spin and turn within this bed.

D: The picture of a bed is as though they are lying on it.

B: They're lying in it. As in an ocean there might be a fish swimming within it. Where there would be water above the fish and below the fish, and to the right and to the left. Perhaps if I said it was more like the air in which we live, instead of bed, which would clarify it for you.