Silence of the Medical Scams with special Guest Dr. Judy Mikovits

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Silence of the Medical Scams with special Guest Dr. Judy Mikovits

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Dr. Judy Mikovits has been interviewed so many times these past weeks, she is a pure scientist in many terms. Often she speaks like she is speaking to peers making it difficult for a lay person to suss out the salient details. That said I have been listening to her with a focus that has helped me comprehend what she is sharing about the development of "medicine". I found this particular interview with Jason Goodman and Charles Ortel particularly illustrative.

When asked about nanotechnology in human cellular biology she gives a short answer to confirm this as augmenting the spread of disease ... worthy listen.

Image Jason Goodman
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Dr. Judy Mikovits joins Charles Ortel and me to discuss Anthony Fauci's decades long diabolical campaign to spread fear along with viral contagions in an effort to control the minds and lives of every person on earth.

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The below video has been shared and mirrored millions of times now, posting it here for those who haven't listened.

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