The anti-astrology thread

“Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do.”
― J.P. Morgan
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The anti-astrology thread

Post by Cristian »

Just to be clear I find astrology pretty awesome. And real. No question about that.

I’ve seen , over and over , birth charts that are spot on. They describe the person –or myself better than I could.
But in the back of my mind there was always the question. And the realization that those charts only speak of matter – the body- the mundane . The dirty part if I can say that.

How can a planet arrangement speak of the soul? The thing that was and always will be . One gets to a feeling of disregarding all of that.
Fuck the planets and fuck all the charts. They mean a lot ..until they don’t .

When Spirit takes over there are no birth charts.

There is no sign.

There is only you.

And cats. And Apple pie. Some beer . and nothingness…


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Re: The anti-astrology thread

Post by Christine »

The journey, the challenge is to step into the
projection room and stop being lost in the script.

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