Questions about Karma, Reincarnation, etc.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."
-Albert Einstein
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Questions about Karma, Reincarnation, etc.

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I had someone message me, and asked my thoughts on a few subjects. None easy to answer, so it’s now a month later and I’m maybe ready to tackle them.

The first question was asking about my view on karma and reincarnation. Not often I actually get asked about these topics. What I am to share here is a combination of things I’ve read by numerous authors on these topics, and have influenced my thinking, in tandem with my own experiences, personal knowing and remembrances. Edgar Cayce, Mahatma Gandhi, Paramahansa Yogananda, his teacher, Swami Sri Yukteswar, Baba Ram Dass, Gurdjieff, Robert A Monroe, as well as the Christian bible are some. I also read books like God is Red, and even Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment. I was, and still am, an avid reader, and this is just a quick list of some that jump readily to mind. I took a lot of LSD and other psychedelics in the late 70’s, which also influenced my view of life and reality.

I’ve also studied as much as I can find and have time for about our history, but not necessarily that which is commonly taught, but actually a multi disciplinary approach that includes many sources.

A picture does emerge, or at least has enough for me, to come to several tentative conclusions. I used to subscribe to many of the ideas put forward by the above authors, but now feel that leaves several important aspects out, and a few other possibilities to be considered. The short answer is, yes, karma and reincarnation do exist. But not everything that happens to us is karma playing out. I also tend to feel that some of these memories of other lives could actually be ancestral memories, lives of people who lived back in our family blood line. I have some very vivid memories, but not even sure that they are lives that occurred in some kind of linear fashion. As in, I feel time is not what we have been led to believe.

And, there is something that has inserted itself into the narrative that is not human, but does move through certain bloodlines, and appears to be evil, as in, totally anti life in its orientation. I believe that this non human element retains its memories through time as we understand and measure it here, and has slowly infiltrated all levels of upper decision making positions, and basically the administration and control of this planet, the resources of this earth, including us.

I know in my bones my ancestry goes way back, to before the last cataclysms, ice ages, and sinking of many lands. At least part of my ancestry ties to both lines of ancient bloodlines. One was a very goddess oriented culture, that may not have been perfect, but was overall way better than what we have going now. The other one, was patriarchal, warlike, arrogant, and authoritarian in nature. It operated in tandem with an all male priesthood. As these two different cultures began to merge, the goddess oriented culture was subsumed, and slowly became exterminated, if not the bloodlines themselves, the traditions and way of life was eventually forced to go underground, with just a few remnants that have survived. Many of these powerful women, whose orientation was entirely different, were impregnated, because their DNA was needed, valued, even though also feared and subjugated.

Many tribes and cultures have resulted from these early times, with many subsequent myths, stories, and legends, still read about and part of our consciousness today, although obscured and hard to flesh out with so much misinformation and outright fabricated additions to sort through.

So I have come to a place where I don’t believe that the many hardships of my life were solely a result of karma writing the plot to help me give me opportunities to rise above and grow spiritually from the experience. I do believe this has played a part, and has been part of what has resulted for me. But there is also something else at work.

Now this gets into another part of the question. I was also asked :you said your husband saw the depths of evil, did you mean paranormal or human crime/cruelty? I.e. Shadow people, Hat Man

Very hard to come up with a simple answer. My husband was in the military for 23 years overall, not all at one time. He was in Vietnam, though, and has several very interesting stories to tell, as well as a paranormal experience as a child where a non human entity came for him, and his mother and other women in the family drove it away with a all night vigil of continuous prayer. There were even strange footprints in the snow that were discovered the next morning, leading away from where he saw the red eyes out the window. After a little ways the footprints just ended.

Also, when in the military, my husband did experience basic human evil, for one can not host such energies without being of resonance to some extent in the first place. He encountered humans who had none of the normal responses to killing, harming, inflicting great trauma and suffering without conscience, guilt, or remorse. And there are those who exist, who, while not openly engaging in such behaviors, do so more discreetly in secret, but are none the less as diabolical. We have both had experiences with people who only have a thin veneer over an inner consciousness that for all intents and purposes is not even human in nature. And I have personally had experiences with something definitely not human, yet able to push into this reality to some extent. It is a real thing. I do not take these things lightly any more.

I, too, had some paranormal experiences, going back to being in a crib as a toddler. There are some things that exist, not really fully in this realm, except for brief periods of time, that almost anyone would identify as dark, and bearing evil (non beneficial, harmful) intent. Interestingly, there are also benevolent entities, who also exist in the non physical, but can occasionally can interact with us here in this physical realm. There is no mistaking the difference in the way these two different types of energies/entities feel. Although, harm intending energies/entities can be deceitful, so it’s good to make an effort to learn the difference. They also can inhabit others, but hide and only come out and express themselves when certain triggers get tripped. It takes a while to really get to know other people, and see them under different conditions.

Really, all of us have shadow work to do, myself included. But, I have been getting better and better at being able to discern subtle differences. These malevolent energies/entities, generally don’t like people who are actively growing, taking responsibility, and engaging in the continuous self reflection necessary to stay in integrity, and self honesty. And, they can’t do as much damage, when we get good at recognizing when they are trying to wreak the usual havoc. They can inflict energy draining, and sometimes physically harmful effects resulting from such interactions with those who are often unwitting hosts for them.

I have also experienced my consciousness in a realm that seems more like what I have felt in special places in nature, but at a very amplified level. My understanding at present is that there is more than one earth, and that this one we are experiencing is somehow a copy that has been hijacked by malevolent forces. The more we embrace technology, utilizing certain frequencies, and engage with this realm in a way we don’t fully understand, the more I feel we open ourselves to being overtaken by these hostile forces that will literally subsume our sense of self, very much like the Borg. At the same time, I have this conviction that I will not be taken over, and that I will actually be transferring my consciousness to a different place more in harmony with the frequency I have been cultivating throughout my life.

Unfortunately, not everyone will be making the same choice. I also want to point out that I don’t feel this earth, even in the organic non copy original, is a place of no challenge. Somehow these forces of creation and destruction must co-exist, in a continuing dance of intricate balance that I do not fully understand. It’s a dynamic process, always in motion, so any explanation tries to freeze frame something that is far too awesome to pin down with explanations and words. It is something “to experience” in the ever present now, if that makes any sense at all.

I was also asked about Adolf Hitler and Zionism. Another big topic hard to abbreviate. And, to be honest, Karelia and Christine know far more about the topic than I do, but both are quite busy with life at the moment. I have not really researched much about who Hitler really was according to what is known through historical sources. I do know that much hatred has been directed at him, when there were many other players involved whose heinous actions were just as bad, if not worse, and have been covered up. I also tend to think that he may have even started out with good intentions, and something went south along the way. There were many influences in the background.

One little snippet that I heard and remembered from years ago I will share, for what it’s worth. I took a mystery school workshop back in 2003, and the facilitator brought Hitler up. He said something to the effect that there was a magical war going on, as in, black magic magicians on both sides of the seeming divide were pitted against one another. He specifically mentioned a team of sorcerer types in the United Kingdom who eventually won the day, and hence, why it appeared the war was won. Personally, I don’t think anything was won, only infiltrated, imported, borrowed, taken over, however you want to put it. And it is still going on today.

I have read some about Zionism. A long subject I don’t have time to delve into here at present. I would recommend reading 1666: Redemption Through Sin, by Robert Sepehr. It’s a short book, only 67 pages. I’ve heard someone claim that Robert Sepehr is a plagiarist. I’ve read several of his books, and watched a number of his videos. From what I can tell, he documents his sources, and gives credit where it’s due. So I tend to think someone just wants to discredit him. My basic perception is that Zionism is just another name for a very old philosophical and religious cult that goes back to at least Babylonian times. Another good book is Money Grows on the Tree of Life, by Tracy Twyman.

And, lastly, I was asked about premonitions. And, yes, my husband and I have both had premonitions, some of which have come to pass. My husband on numerous occasions has shown an inner guidance system that seems to know things, even if he doesn’t know exactly how he knows. We both seem to have something bigger than ourselves that comes out in stressful situations. I will leave it at that.

So, I finally answered these questions. It was a good exercise for me. If the person who asked me reads this, I hope it answers what you were wanting to know. Except, for I will add, that I tend to believe, based on actual experience, that there are many beings in the unseen, who know exactly who we are, all of us, from before birth. Some of us get targeted in bizarre ways throughout our lives. And there is also a benevolent presence, who also seems to help at certain times in ways not easily understood. This is why the question of karma and reincarnation are not so easily understood with the usual standard answers. There is more going on than meets the eye. I think most of us get a memory wipe from birth, and it isn’t just for spiritual growth reasons. And the more aware you become, sometimes the more you get put on the hot seat, and have to develop very good discernment skills. And that can only be done through experience. In many ways, I’m not even the same person as when I came into this incarnation. But, I feel I am more like my real self, than the previously programmed version of me, that was so trusting, gullible, and naive. I can still get fooled though. That comes with keeping your heart open, despite the danger. In that way, it IS all part of the learning experience.
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