A Coup in the Making - Amazing Polly

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A Coup in the Making - Amazing Polly

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I haven’t had hardly any time to view or post anything, as I’ve been pretty slammed on the farm. Lots to do, even if I shouldn’t be doing it with the hazardous level of smoke in the air. My husband and I did watch this short video yesterday though, and thought it had some information others might want to hear. If you live in America, regardless of which side of the political fence you are on, this should slightly alarm you. There are definitely some rogue elements that want to take our country down. Some will see this as an endorsement of Trump. Strangely I’m still not exactly endorsing him, but I also don’t suffer from Trump derangement syndrome. I just want the truth, and the other side are making some pretty clear moves that’s making Trump start looking pretty good in comparison. One timeline will turn out to be the better one. Just wondering which one we will choose.

A Coup in the Making - Amazing Polly (36 minutes)

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