What on Earth Happened by Ewaranon

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What on Earth Happened by Ewaranon

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Christine posted the following videos on EE’s youtube, after they were taken down by the original poster. They will probably get taken down again, but you can also find them on BitChute. I have watched most of both of them (I had to watch the ones that were broken down into smaller segments due to my horrible internet service). A treasure trove of information laid out. Even if you initially scoff at the idea of a flat earth (I certainly did!), I still think his information raises a lot of good questions, and made me think deeply, which is ALWAYS a good thing! We need to question every single “truth” we’ve been taught. And, actually, when I go into deep contemplation and ask my guides, what I see is both! A flat plane, and a globe. Now, the globe may be a torus, or an energy field, but either way, I do believe our controllers, and therefore narrative writers, have left something vital out of the picture, and once agin have their own nefarious reasons for their continued magicians trick antics (look at this here, while we’re doing this over there). Could the lie really be this big? I’m beginning to think, yes, it could be.

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