A Compilation of Talks on the Alien Agenda and more...

“I wonder if aliens deny that we exist?”
― Anthony T.Hincks
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A Compilation of Talks on the Alien Agenda and more...

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I am posting the recent videos I reviewed in reverse order that I viewed them. I will explain why.

On my recent visit to California I stayed with a childhood friend, she actually was the catalyst for my move to Mexico. She is Jewish and has many of the secular-cultural characteristics of her upbringing. I only note this because like most people she hasn’t researched or even been curious about her own people, the ones she identifies with. While visiting she asked me about my writing on the Jewish question and how I came to it—a question I never expected her to ask. We conversed for over an hour during which time I realized that I knew more about the religion of Judaism than she did, something I often find with people of any culture. I don’t want to write a book on this at the moment however I surprised myself by being as truthful as possible, even talking about the holocaust hoax and who are the ones who say they are Jews but are not. At the end of the conversation neither of us felt any contention or rancor which is important for me when approaching any highly controversial subject that can easily trigger a negative response.

Yesterday she asked me a question about Antartica as this had come up in my speaking with her, she asked if I listened to Michael Sallas. I composed an answer about Antartica and asked why she had asked. She told me a friend in Israel had sent her a link to a Sallas video. I resisted watching it but ended up doing so since it was only ten minutes long. It is linked below as an example of a piece of convoluted trash, watch at your own discretion. I never liked nor trusted Sallas and this video confirmed why. Actually some dots are connecting in my mind about the Antarctic Treaty but I will save those for another post.

It was however the impetus on a thread of thought that took hold of my interest so I next came upon Redacted’s interview with John DeSouza, former FBI who “specialized” in anomalous experiences and UFO sightings. He maintains that all craft are made by humans using technology not known by the public. He also posits that the alien invasion scenario won’t be Project Blue Beam but governments using this technology to attack humanity. I paused listening when he linked the Nazis to the banking bloodline families without elaborating on why he said this. This is a bone I pick—it’s always the Nazis, even those who should know better consistently use this word to focus the blame on them. Much like the war on terror, the virus scare, the Nazis is a mostly unseen enemy who have been conveniently blamed for the evil presenting in our world. People can’t or won’t see the pattern in this; Ukraine is a good example, the constant focus on the Asov battalion being Nazis is covering the fact that this is a Zionist war, run by a Jewish cabal and the drive toward the NWO. Having said that, this is an informative and interesting video.

Just this morning I had an email notification from Here for The Truth announcing an interview with Tom Montalk. Tom is a very well researched and intelligent man who has matured over time. I have always found his information well founded and intelligently presented. He brings up some very good points to contemplate on the paranormal, alien agenda and human origins. A worthy watch.

While we are being distracted by Trump’s arrest, the constant gaslighting of the “woke culture” and a virtual flood of information and moves on the global chessboard to further demoralize humans; something is stirring just beyond sight of most people.


What is the reality around aliens and paranormal experiences?

Are they what we’ve been made to believe from Hollywood?

Are they physical beings or from another dimension?

How can we discern the true from the false?

Well, Tom Montalk joins us in this episode to share his personal history with these subjects and to answer these questions and much more…

Tom is a writer, scientist, musician, and lifelong experiencer of the paranormal. He’s the author of montalk.net and has written three books: "Fringe Knowledge for Beginners,” "Discerning Alien Disinformation,” and "Gnosis: Alchemy, Grail, Ark and the Demiurge.” After studying physics and electrical engineering for four years, he left college to pursue more independent research. His goal is to help others arm themselves with knowledge to better fulfill their evolutionary potential.

RELATED LINKS: https://montalk.net/

25 year veteran of the FBI John DeSouza is exposing the truth of the UFO invasion that the Pentagon is currently promoting. Why now? What is their agenda?

And the winner of the worst video ever on the alien phenomena:

The journey, the challenge is to step into the
projection room and stop being lost in the script.
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