Watch Your Weather Change

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Watch Your Weather Change

Post by Christine »


No matter what words you want to apply to the concept, or what cause you choose to attribute the effect to... Something is changing.

There is a major "glitch in The Matrix", and that Déjà vu. They changed something. The frequency shifted. Something, is very different. Very, off.

Please don't misunderstand me, the results are not all negative. Fairly balanced in my own opinion. Off, none the less. I like to say the masks are breaking, but perhaps you have another metaphor or analogy that better suits yourself. People are acting out. Whether it be good, or bad feelings, these extremes are on the surface. All those little skeletons are peeking out of the closet. You're dancing, but no one hears your music, so you just look crazy.

"Now you'll see the damage I've done, my lies are in the light and my shadow in the sun." - "Everything I want to be I already am and so much more, loved, and powerful beyond imagination."

The creation of a beautiful paradox. The breaking of the masks.

It's that period where the transition begins from the caterpillar to the butterfly or moth. It will hurt. It will be amazing. It will be everything and nothing.

So how do we deal with ourselves? How do we deal with each other?

Isolation is the first impulse. Yet it is gathering that we need. Difference will be so obvious. Yet it's unity that we seek. Damn, it's a good thing we are thinking before we feel.

This is the time all that work you've done was preparing for. All that "raising your vibration" or consciousness or love energy. All that forgiveness and compassion... All to be tested now as you are called to action. You know you hear the call. You feel it in every cell of your being.

For some of you...You came for this. You wanted it. A challenge. For others... This is not, and will not be, enjoyable. Although the end result will be worth the ride.

This is nothing to worry about, merely something to remain conscious of, so that you can act to the best of your ability and minimize potential regrets. Do your best at all times. Just be who you mean to be, that's it. Simple.

Along the way others will surprise you, and disappoint you. Some will lash out and others will embrace... All normal. Observe and enjoy the ride.

Keep your smile when you can, and feel those tears as they come. You're shedding old skin. This is all good. Observe and enjoy the ride.

Your heart may break, or it may grow three sizes. Observe and enjoy the ride.

Your mind may burst or expand beyond reason. Observe and enjoy the ride.

Believe in your preparation. Trust yourself to ACT. Because the masks are breaking and things that were long ago buried are coming to light.

If nothing else... Remember you are loved beyond all imagination.

The journey, the challenge is to step into the
projection room and stop being lost in the script.
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