Chapter four: I rather live in a yurt - touching the stars

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Chapter four: I rather live in a yurt - touching the stars

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I am in a mood, rolling with the waves that lap my shore. I sit in this cement box and cry for long cold nights under a fiery sky.

What we lost! What we lost! I scream within the silent spaces in between.

Where is the courage? Where is the out rage against the machine world that keeps you confined huddled in comfortable zones of heated homes, petrol driven cars, beliefs, denials, fortune and fame … wrapped in pain?

When will you throw off your shackles and walk? Humanity!

So, I rather strip down bare and walk across desert sands until they sear my feet. I rather shiver in front of a fire than bear this weight any longer.

You speak, you posture you proclaim… where are you? Under what rock do you huddle counting your coins, calculating the risks, trying to out smart the jokester, don’t you know by now you can’t win? That everything you hold on to is something you have to lose.

Freedom? Ha!

Does one not know I speak to me, I challenge deep to the core. So I dare! Oh my, She dares where angels fear to tread. She is still standing, don’t you see?


Where are you? What will you not bear? Shadows playing with shadows in dueling realities. Who wins? Who wins what?

Answer that.

Ninja shadows playing in moon lit fields, samurai breaks his own vows. Dragon woman speaks now, can you hear her? She can’t do this alone, she calls to the sword in the stone.

Luminous watery world you once destroyed, intent to do so again?

What are you lacking? What arrows in your quiver will you not set to the sky?

I rather live in a yurt out on a cold snowy plain.
The journey, the challenge is to step into the
projection room and stop being lost in the script.
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