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Re: On the Journey...

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LostNFound wrote:Just a 5 cent piece, I have been taking MMS for a number years.
Must say it was not a pretty sight
Blue Rising, I am so sorry that this lousy medical system does what it does these days. I know so many other folks that absolutely refuse to have their children immunized. You know that word can be twisted right over to mean genocide when we know that all this crap they spray on us and stick us with and feed us and put in our water is designed to do just that.

Well just a nickle and pray for the children.
Thank you for taking the time to recount your experience and make suggestions! Carmody, over at PA, used to be a poster boy for MMS. I bought some once, but after hearing the stories of how harsh it could be, I eventually just threw it away without trying it myself. I guess I would say...if it works for you, I think that's terrific. But you aren't the only one to say MMS causes spewing forth. And...well...I just don't want to chance that.

And yes, pray for the children. Much Love to you.
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Re: On the Journey...

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I saw this article come across my Facebook feed this morning. I won't copy it all here but it confirms what you've been experiencing. Even back in the 1980s at group health care (Kaiser) when I countered the doctor about the much fewer vaccinations of my new born niece I was run out of the building, you can imagine how fiery I was. Vaccinations were what initially woke me up, I think that is true with many of us.

Blue Cross Blue Shield pays your doctor a $40,000 bonus for fully vaccinating 100 patients under the age of 2

If you are a parent looking for a pediatrician or looking to find a new pediatrician who actually has your child’s best interest at heart, you’ll want to read this. For those of you who don’t know, pediatricians all over the country have begun refusing to accept families who don’t vaccinate, who partially vaccinate, or who want to vaccinate on a different schedule.

Read full article here.
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Re: On the Journey...

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Christine, I had this very same article all ready to post here and you beat me to it! How funny. I had my own experience with MMS. It does work but the trick is to do just a little at a time so you don't send your system into a panic. I didn't take my own advice once when out in public after taking some earlier in the day. It truly was an emergency situation. It really depends on how your overall health is when you use it as to how severe a reaction you are likely to experience. I pretty much opt for other remedies these days, like colloidal silver.
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Re: On the Journey...

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Yes dear ladies, MMS is something that must be taken in small doses and built up to. I also discovered that it can be a not so welcome experience, however it does work. I finally did decide to use it properly and now as I said It is only used maybe twice a year. The last time I used it I started with just a couple of drops in a 4 oz glass of water and over a period of 1 month worked up to 5 drops and then stopped when everything felt in sync for me.

Blue rising, I totally agree with you about using other things for the children. That is always something that a mother knows best about simply because of the strong physical and mental connection. I myself probably would not give this stuff to my young children. However I did have a long conversation with a man that works for Ocean Labs and he told me that he mixed it in bath water for his kids and they would take bath in it. apparently it cured eczema or however one spells that word, anyway topical skin issues. I have used it topically myself and it does work with any number of issues one might have. I can tell you that when I get cuts or scrapes on my hands and arms, if I dab those with a mixture of MMS the things heal faster and the pain seems to be abated. Just my own observations and experiences but here again there are so many different natural remedies that do wonderful things for the human body.

I discovered years back that the damn AMA was on the take for prescribing hard pharma drugs. One thing that caught me was my own doctor was a type 1 diabetic and would prescribe opiate drugs for me to take or some other man made drug for me to take and then give me free samples. That is done to get folks hooked on something then have to keep coming back for the regular fix so to speak. The Pharma corporations make crap up and FDA does not do their purported job to make sure the crap is safe. Or do they? MONEY, MONEY MONEY, bottom line. The doctors or medical professionals actually want to get people hooked on poisons and such to keep them coming back for regular checkups and prescribing more crap to keep the ongoing sickness. Who can we trust? Only our selves Me sees. "you are your own best doctor."

Thank you so much Christine, Spiritwind, Blue Rising. I did not know how much the sociopaths were getting in the kickback but I did know they were getting something. I have always believed that one day I would not have to stick a needle in my body, and I do this 4 times a day to keep the main blood sugars in line,and I could be free from this enslavement. I work with it to keep on moving. I will tell you this, I became this way when I was 25 and now I am past the 67 mark in my life. I watched my older brother die from this shit and saw that he absolutely refused to deal with it so his life ended at a young age of 45. I don't want to go the way he did for sure so I do deal with it. I do my own research and I tell the doctors to stick it when they want to give me the vaccines and Statins. Those things are deadly and when the doctors tell me I have to take them I have to tell them no I don't so they give me the bullshit about having a heart attack because my bad cholesterol is to high. So I ask them how high is it and they tell me it is 132 or some such and I say that ain't high and besides there is no research or proof that High cholesterol causes heart disease or heart attacks.

However there is solid proof that the shit they put into the vaccines causes autism and a whole host of nasty things to happen in children yet as you all know this rotten sick society is forcing this crap into our children. Sorry, I am just going off but it makes me cry everyday to see this happening. I really think we should rise up and pump this shit into those treasonous bastards in DC and all the Pharma turds that make this crap. Let them eat the cake for a change.

Just me

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