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Re: Farm Life

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Want to write a farm life post today, though I don’t know if I will have enough time to finish it. We are having a sunny day at the moment, which is kind of rare these days, and it makes me want to be outside. Maybe an early spring on the way, too. I went to the city to buy whatever I thought we might still need for food (mostly fresh produce), so as to stay at home for an extended period of time, if needed. Don’t plan on being anywhere near the city in the next couple weeks or so, and don’t go often even when things aren’t so strange.

I have no idea what is going to happen, as we continue to move through this unprecedented, in my life, transition of power in regards to the US election. I’ve truly never seen anything like it. Even though I’m quite isolated out here, I’ve gotten to know more like minded people, both in person and online, than I have my entire life, in just this last few months. The differences in ideology are quite stark these days, with not much in between. And the level of hostility appears to be growing, to a concerning level, in those who show all the hallmarks of helping us move quickly into their “New World Order”, ala UN Agenda 21, and 2030, and beyond. For anyone who has studied and researched what they have been planning for us, for some long time now, you’ll easily see they are following the play book rather closely. And so many just don’t see the Emperor HAS NO CLOTHES!

So, while the sleepers are calling us all names, from conspiracy whack jobs, to selfish fascist racist whatever’s, and claiming that we are somehow a danger to society for wanting to maintain those rights, as guaranteed to us by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, those I know who DO see what’s coming, are preparing accordingly. Not because we “Trust the Plan”, but because we all care about our homes, family, community, and loved ones, and want to see a continuity of life, REGARDLESS of what happens. You know, make sure people can get medical help, communicate, eat, stay safe, etc. I don’t see any, that I personally know (and I know A LOT!), that are looking to start a fight with anyone. But, they will stand tall if forces against freedom who try to take it away, or who try to take us to a “safe, secure, location”. And I can’t believe it’s come to this, seriously.....

But, the thing is, it’s all made me focus even more on what is truly important, and what makes me excited and inspired everyday. I have a good life out here, and even though I’ve spent my life moving around, and doing some pretty interesting, and sometimes bizarre, things over the course of my life, I am exactly where I want to be. Since my husband is 75, and I’m almost 63, we do think about things much differently than we did 20 years ago when we met. It’s funny how we still do as much in our head as we ever did, but the time it takes to actually make it happen has changed quite a bit. My husband is STILL working on the laundry room, and the washer and dryer should be here, maybe, by the end of next week. I don’t blame him for dragging his feet a bit on going out there and sanding it all down, after muddling and taping the sheet rock. It’s a very messy job. Plus, he’s spent a couple of his days off trying to fix the starter on the big generator, and working on the smaller generator as well. On the big generator, he took parts of an older one. It’s the same model, but they made some changes on the newer ones, so it’s not as easy as it might sound. And the smaller one, it seems the pull cords like to wear out, and the choke was getting stuck open. They really don’t make them to hold up to everyday usage.

So, we bought a new one, and took the other one in to have it repaired. Parts are made in China, so might be a little hard to get, but now we’ll have a back up. Plus, my husband has a bit of work ahead getting our solar system back up and running. We got more panels, and we’re still waiting on the electric box he ordered (I’m thinking they had to go mine and manufacture the parts, LOL), which he will then be able to wire it up to make it easier to switch from solar to generator, and back. He is also upgrading the wiring. And all of this on his two days off. Fortunately, the days will start getting longer. Plus, there is the ongoing job, we both do, in keeping the wood stove going. Even though we’ve been buying energy logs, we still have to cut them into smaller pieces to fit in our tiny stove. Since it hasn’t been that cold, it’s been blasting us out of here. Always something to complain about, I guess....

I’ve got some of the fencing I will need to put together a new buck pen, so I can use their current space for the new mini orchard. I was thinking I wouldn’t have to hurry on making it so tall, but then I saw Raven jump about 5 feet in the air a couple days ago, and realized he’s still got it in him! Bob has been looking better since I separated him. So far, I have 2 walnut trees, two good apple trees, a peach tree, and a plum tree. Don’t know that there will be room for all of them in the space I have, but I’ll do what I can. I also have a chestnut and a maple tree to plant too. Not such a big deal, really, except that we have gophers, so I have to line each and every hole with some kind of wire fencing that they can’t get through. And then there’s the goats, and large population of wild deer to contend with. So kind of a big job.

I’m probably going to move the chickens and the coop and run area this year too. I also ordered a new beehive set up, with two deeps, one super, the frames, foundation, and queen bee separator. I figured I would start out with brand new stuff, and worry about sterilizing the used stuff I got later, as I need it. I guess varroa mites are the big thing to worry about. But, it seems that local bee keepers have found things that work, and I located a couple places I can buy the bees from, probably in April. You have to get on their waiting list, for they generally sell out quick. I’m finally beginning to understand the process, and the language. It took a while, but I am very excited about this!!!

Plus, I might have an interested party or two in some of the goats I need to sell this year. Kids should be arriving in April and May, which is always an exciting time. And I’m going to be starting some seeds here in the next couple weeks. A lot going on, and a lot to look forward to. I haven’t even mentioned it all, that is going on, but I’m burning daylight, so will end for now. I’m dreaming of pallet shelters for the boys, and hoop and plastic coverings for some of the garden spaces, and on and on, the list never gets smaller! So, I bid you adieu for now. (I managed to finish this all in one sitting!)

Oh yeah, and I found out that my homemade mozzarella cheese goes REALLY good with the wine my friend brought me! Life is good. (Just need the crackers now)
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