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Notre Dame de Lumiere | “Our Lady of Light”

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Notre Dame de Lumiere | “Our Lady of Light”

Postby Christine » Tue Apr 16, 2019 2:53 am


The cathedrale was built on what was originally a pagan site, dedicated to the traditional Mother Goddess – a site to which pilgrims traveled long before the time of Jesus. The original altar was built above the Grotte des Druides, which housed a sacred dolmen, and was identified with the ‘Womb of the Earth.

Many of the architectural drawings for the finer points of the Gothic cathedrals (including the pattern for the famous labyrinth at Chartres) were obtained from a 2nd century Greek alchemical manuscript and were dedicated to the patron goddess of France, Notre Dame de Lumiere (“Our Lady of Light”). This pattern is “reckoned to be one of the most sacred designs on Earth.”

“Other symbols found in this Gothic Cathedral convey strong subliminal messages about the power of Feminine. Carved spiders’ webs—an image repeated in the skylight of the church Notre Dame de France in London—represent Arachne, the spider goddess who rules Man’s fate, or Isis, in her role as weaver of destiny."
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Re: Notre Dame de Lumiere | “Our Lady of Light”

Postby Professor Doom » Tue Apr 16, 2019 7:04 am

Not a random event . A sign of major changes ahead.


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Re: Notre Dame de Lumiere | “Our Lady of Light”

Postby Christine » Thu Apr 18, 2019 1:53 am

This event is already fading from the news headlines and few have yet comprehended the profound depth and far reaching consequences. It is so multi-layered that it truly defies any logical ability to uncover how resounding the repercussions are. My own inability to find words that can possibly encompass the totality of what I feel are being expressed by others.

For now I feel that all perspectives are viable and true, such an odd way to view this however it is what my innerself is perceiving... From a ritual sacrifice of the Cabal to the destruction of a remaining Tartarian edifice, to the most ancient of sacred sites including the release of some mighty energies that have been held in bondage this sacrificial fire bears the all markers of being so earth moving that it will take time for the totality of it to be disclosed.


This article, shared by Bernhard Guenther, and Scott Prier, from an original post by Denver Carl connects the dots on Notre Dame Cathedral and the Tartaria civilization that preceded the so-called "modern world".

As well as the huge fraud of the Gregorian Calendar system that concealed the"reset" and promoted the bloody Roman system;
we now live in a backwater of civilization where ignorant children have played with deadly toys they did not create, nor do they comprehend.

Based on other information I am looking at, we are now in a reset again. The "times and seasons" changed in 2017.


Bernhard Guenther
Yesterday at 11:45 AM

“I’d like to share some personal research tidbits on this … April 15th, going by the gregorian calendar is the 104th day of the year … And that also means that April 21st (Easter) by the Gregorian Calendar is the 111th day … The gregorian calendar is a sham with a 7 day (7 days of creation program) blip installed after the true New Years Day which is December 25th … No you say? Ok well on December 21st, summer solstice, the sun sets (dies) and does not change one single degree on the horizon on Dec. 22nd, 23rd, 24th, and then rises one degree on Dec.25th … Sound like a familiar story?

So guess what day that truly makes April 15th? April 15th is the true 111th day … For those of you that know your numbers and frequencies and how it all works, perfect … For those of you that don't, well … its all just sitting out there … waiting for you to take a peek.

All the establishments that dish this slivered broken unresonant gregorian calendar out don't ever actually work with the gregorian calendar themselves, thats for the "citizens", to assist in keeping one in a fractured unresonant state. Those who spoon feed this program go by outright straight up number of days … Because it pertains to frequency in a huge way and therefore it pertains to every single being on this planet ...
Just what is a "frequency"?

Notre Dame was a main Tartarian Hub building that fed and helped keep all the other cathedrals and Tartarian buildings connected, flowing and strong … But that was along time ago, they are actually not presently connected to the Aether …. What does that tell you folks? It means that Earth is coming into that time frame of the golden age again … Or else they wouldn't care about Notre Dame. They just destroyed any potential for that whole Tartarian shield system to come back online by taking out the main building that feeds and connects all others in the area - and I'm not surprised, the first order of business would be to destroy the fire that France/french people carry … As well there is tons of evidence of the "Dragon" in France and its history … And within its depictions and metaphors and allegories lies the secret on how to neutralize it ...

Notre Dame is a 12/24 fold geometry on the rose window and you'll see that all the other Tartarian buildings in the areas are 8/16 fold geometry… Thats as big of clue as i can share now, for more detail I will be presenting a 9-10 hr video series on all this within 4 months. Its been a daunting yet invigorating process that I have been working on my whole life, especially the last seven years. A year ago i was at around 14hrs of material and have been tactfully attempting to cut it back so that every minute hits home. Gonna try to get it all in 8hrs. Really looking forward to sharing and contributing to this expansion of consciousness wave that we're all riding together. Stay strong, remember that what they fear most is if you know "what" you are and if you know what you are, then you can carry a balanced fire within … Parasites Kryptonite.”

- Scott Prier


Lily Brunton
Yesterday at 3:35 AM ·

Thoughts on Notre Damn

For all of us who see beyond the drama and the obvious smoke’s just a building and it “caught” fire.

Within its precincts in centuries passed many burned to death persecuted by religious institutions that feared the truth of human consciousness and power.

Weep not for the stones, timbers, the “majesty” of the religious iconography and the ancient relics, which were squirrelled away 4 days ago in any case!

These are not icons of hope...they are symbols of oppression, cruelty and slavery. Let them all burn to dust.

We are all so much greater than this. Let it burn, let it smoulder, let these cleansing fires be the fuel to the inner fires of pure consciousness that sees the truth through the smoke.

We need no such “seats of power” when our own holy temples lie withIN, when Nature herself provides such divine designs of miracles, solace and harmony all around us.

Our power is not in stones, in perspiring spires, in crumbling edifices of an outmoded archaic system of beLIEf that seeks only control, power and riches.

Mourn for the children dying in poverty and pain, for the victims of phoney wars, for people with no homes or shelter, for the sick and the suffering, for creatures brought to the edges of extinction, for all the rampant abuses perpetrated by the “select” few at the expense of the many.

And take courage, dear friends, the archaic false power of the Saturnian cult is waning, and let them burn in karmic fires. Amidst the distractions and the smoke screens we RISE.

We are powerful beyond the measuring of it, and as symbols go let’s take this one...WE claim back OUR true power as phoenixes rising from ashes.

No words necessary
The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

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Re: Notre Dame de Lumiere | “Our Lady of Light”

Postby Spiritwind » Thu Apr 18, 2019 3:22 pm

Some interesting information to add to the mix...

The Hidden Secrets of Notre Dame and the Parisii of Isis ... n-6GvTQN8c

Around 250 BC, the Celts settled on the site which was to become the ancient city of Lutetia (Lutetia Parisiorum, “Lutetia of the Parisii”),’ and today is known as the city of Paris. It was named after a tribe of Celts known as the Parisii during the Roman era of the 1st to the 4th century. The Parisians (Pariasians)it had been said were the followers of Isis who was known as the chief goddess of the Greco-Egyptian empire. Hence, the Celtic Parisii came from the East and eventually settled in Gaul.

They are first mentioned in the Commentaries of Julius Caesar who dwelt in a district on the Seine in the town called Lutetia. The Greek geographer Strabo had written during the reign of Augustus Caesar that the Parisii live round about the Seine, having a city, called Lucotocia (Λουκοτοκία), on an island in the river”.

This city of Lutetia would later be renamed Paris in 360 A.D under the Roman Emperor Julian, who named it Civitas Parisiorum ‘the city of the Parisii’ in honor of the city’s original founders, the Celtic Parisii. It was here where the Parisii settled, and with them, they brought their religion and secret rites of the Goddess from the East, and where they had built a temple of Isis in which you could find a statue of Isis.

In 1163, the site of the Temple of Isis would be the location where Notre-Dame de Paris (IPA: [nɔtʁə dam də paʁi]; French for “Our Lady of Paris”) would be built, and had become the “Parisian church of the kings of Europe.” The original statue of Isis was preserved in the Abbey of St. Germain until the year 1514 when the Archbishop of Meaux had it destroyed.

Modern day archaeologists confirm that this location was the first site discovered during the reign of Roman emperor Augustus (27 BC-14 AD); making it essentially a placed founded under the Roman Empire and Pax Romana, that has almost always been governed by an envoy of Caesar. During the Roman conquest of Gaul , the Parisii participated with Suessiones resistance movement to Caesar organized by Vercingetorix in 52 BC., but later they would unite with Rome. This is why it is considered the only sister city of Paris is Rome and vice-versa.

The Celtic Parisii eventually were strong allies of Rome since the time of Augustus Caesar. They had special freemen privileges under the Roman Law and considered Augustus to be a type of savior or messiah for their people. A title that they still honor to this very day.

Hence, the motto for Paris is, “Only Paris is worthy of Rome; only Rome is worthy of Paris.”

However, I have found that Augustus Caesar did not condone the worship of the goddess Isis, or any Greco-Egyptian cults. They were simply forbidden in the Roman Empire during the reigns of Augustus and Tiberius. In fact, he found the cult “pornographic,” though the cult was known to proscribe periods of sexual abstinence to its adherents. Tiberius, upon hearing of a sexual scandal involving the cult, had the offenders crucified and images of Isis cast into the Tiber.

But this policy would change in 38 A.D. under the reign of Caligula who consecrated the great Roman temple in the Field of Mars to Isis Campensis. From this point forward, wherever Rome went to conquer with the Roman Eagle such as Gaul, Britain, Germany, and even here in America, the cult of the goddess Isis would replace all other deities and religions.

One of the most famous monuments of ancient Paris is the Pilier des nautes (“the pillar of the boatmen”), which was decorated with many deities such as Vulcan, Pan and the sacrificial Minos (Jupiter) bull.

The inscription reads on the Pilier des nautes;

During the reign of Tiberius Caesar Augustus, to Jupiter Best and Greatest,
the Parisian boatmen erected this from public money. These boatmen could be called the Cretans or Phoenicians that I have connected to the island of Crete, in which I will go into further detail below and in future articles.

The origins of the Celtic Parissi may have been descended from a tribe known as the Parrhasians, a people of Arcadia. The 15th century Italian humanist and poet, John Baptist Mantuanus had said that the Parrhasians, whom Hercules led from a corner of Arcadia, came to France, where they settled and gave to the nation the name of Parisians.

The key to understanding the origins of the Parisians is that their history in Crete and Greece is shrouded in mythology, epic poems and mythical names that place a veil over the true origins and the true home of these people. A people who I have traced back to the island of Crete which was also known as Arcadia and many other names.

The town of Parrhasia is mentioned by Homer, and its antiquity may be inferred from its having been said to be founded by Lycaon, or by Pelasgus. Pelasgus is said by Apollodorus to have espoused Melibea, the daughter of Oceanus. According to Ovid, their son Lycaon was king of Arcadia, and his extreme wickedness was one principal cause of the catastrophe of the deluge. Lycaon was the father of Titanas, and Orchomenusd, whose son was the famous Minyas, the ancestor of the Argonauts.

The king Lycaon can be connected to the ancient town of Crete called Lycastus whose inhabitants of which accompanied Idomeneus to the Trojan war. The children of Idomensus were whom Homer had called the royal and warlike ‘Idomen,‘ and who we would know of today as the Judeans (Idaeans, Tribe of Judah).

Pausanias, the Greek traveler and geographer of the 2nd century AD had said; ” of the sanctuary of the Mistress is Mount Lycaeus, which they also call Olympus, while others of the Arcadians name it the Sacred Peak. They say that Zeus was reared on this mountain. There is a place on Lycaeus called Cretea: it is to the left of the grove of Parrhasian Apollo, and the Arcadians maintain that the Crete where, according to the Cretan legend, Zeus was reared, is this place, and not the island of Crete.”

As I mentioned above, the ancient name of Arcadia I have found to be the holy island of Crete which I have written about numerous times on my blog, and whose people  have been known by many various names such as the Cretans, Arcadians, Minoans, Philistines, Phoenicians, Gnostics, Judeans and Jews throughout history. This is the island where the King of the Gods, Zeus (Jupiter) was born and hidden in a cave on Mount Ida by his mother who is sometimes called Rhea (Venus) or Cybelle away from his vengeful father Kronos (Or Saturn).

The symbols of Cybele are, the black cube stone, meteor, crescent of Venus, cornucopia, mural crown, chariot and lions.

She is also known as the “Great Mountain Mother (Mater Idaea or Idaean Mother)”, who was often depicted in a chariot drawn by lions as if she was circling her pray. Virgil had said that the King Aeneas had ships sacred to Cybele and had decorated his ship’s prow in the representation of the sacred Mount Ida and a pair of lions. In Rome, Cybele was known as the Magna Mater.

The connection with Cybele (Rhea, Mountain Mother and Magna Mater) and Isis can be seen in the symbols of the crescent of Venus and the lion. Isis was also known to be depicted in art and on coins with lions.

The poet Virgil during the time of Augustus Caesars’ famous war campaign had written; “Generous goddess of Ida, you, Mother of Gods, who take delight in Dindyma and towered towns and lions yoked in pairs, now guide me in this coming battle; goddess, make this sign favorable, stride beside the Phrygian squadrons with your gracious step.”

I had written about Phrygia and the Phrygians in my article, “Meaning of Freemason.” In that article I stated the Greek word ‘Phrygians,’ Фр£ог meaning ‘free men’ and that the Phrygians came from a country that in mythology and history books was called Phrygia, and today is known as the Mediterranean island of Crete. As part of the Roman ceremonies when a slave would obtain his freedom, he had his head shaven, and then placed upon his head, the Phrygian Cap which was also known as the Cap of Liberty. The Phrygian cap was worn by the revolutionists during the Masonic French Revolution in the 18th century.

It is well-known, that on the island of Crete they had worshiped a goddess who has become known as the snake goddess. In the city of Knossos, Sir Arthur Evans had found the famous ten-inch high statuette of the “snake goddess” holding serpents in her hands with her breasts exposed. This snake goddess of Crete I believe later became Isis, and the followers of this goddess, the Parrhasians migrated from Crete to Paris and later became known as the Parisii.

The statuette dates from approximately 1600 B.C. and shows a goddess subduing the serpent which appears to be similar to other myths such as the Egyptian Fable of Isis and Typhon; “Osiris and Isis lived happily together; then arose the serpent Typhon, and persecuted them, especially the latter, and at length through envy destroyed Osiris, and committed his broken remains to an ark or chest.” Hence, the name of the mythological name of the Arcadians for the Cretans.

It is important to note that the Greeks had called Isis the goddess with ten thousand names or Isis Panthea (”Isis the All-Goddess”).

The goddess Isis is also well known to be seen with serpents. Here is an image of Isis now called the Metternich stele, and clearly shows Isis with serpents like the snake goddess of Crete. It dates to the thirtieth dynasty of Egypt around 380-342 B.C. during the reign of Nectanebo II. Hence, this would have been made long after the snake goddess of Crete and why I believe that the Cretans had imported this goddess into Egypt where she would be later known as Isis and not vice versa.

The Celtic Parisii may have also originated through the mythology of Helen, wife of Menelaus, king of Sparta, whose abduction by Paris caused the Trojan War. Where was Helen abducted to? Could Helen be connected with Cybele of Crete who would later become known in the Greco-Egyptian empire as Isis, and their cult moved to the West in Gaul (France) where they would settle on the Seine? A war- like people from Crete who were now known as the Celtic Parisii and who gave rise to one of the most famous cities in the world called Paris which happened to be one of the most powerful Roman allies in the West?
I think we can now say that the history, evidence, and science will prove this as a fact.

Another connection between the Parissi and the Cretans would be a special kind of stone known as limestone. The whole island of Crete is said to be one giant limestone mountain, and my theory is that these people of Crete would not just settle anywhere, but only where there was plenty of limestone to be found. These were the first true Freemasons who used mainly limestone to construct their buildings, and even the king’s famous throne on Crete that was found at Knossos was made of limestone.

The city of Paris was built on top of limestone quarries known as Paris limestone or the Parisian Lutetian limestone. Almost all the ancient buildings of Paris were also made of limestone.

Limestone was one of the most valuable commodities for these people, not only for buildings, but also for the healing properties of limestone. The Western facts are there are not a lot of areas that have an overabundance of limestone such as Paris, and this would be precisely why they had chosen this location to settle.

One interesting final note is that the official residence and principal workplace of the President of the United States known as the whitehouse, is also made of limestone that had to be imported from Croatia. It is well-known that the French Freemasons, or who we can call the Parisii of Isis who built Notre Dame out of limestone and much of Paris, had assisted the Americans in designing and building most of Washington D.C. They also had given the Statue of liberty as a gift to the U.S. in which the foundation of the Statue of Liberty is made of limestone.

One of the last connections I would like to mention is that we now have DNA science that can back up my theory of the origins of the Celtic Parisii. DNA that we now may be able find in both France and Paris that we can trace back how it came to France from places in the East such as Crete, Greece, Egypt and many other countries. The DNA Haplogroups I speak of is known today as the E1b1b1b2a E-M123 and E-M34 Haplogroups.

As I mentioned above, the Parisii were strong allies to Rome. I have traced the E1b1b1b2a E-M123 and E-M34 Haplogroups all around the world spread as far as west as northern France, and as far east as southwestern Russia. You will ALWAYS find this Haplogroup in the exact same locations where the Romans had ventured and/or had conquered. The only explanation for this would be that this DNA was either of Roman origins, or that these people were employed and/or enslaved by the Romans or their successors.

This DNA is said to be the founding lineages of many Semitic and Sephardic Jews, accounting for over 10% of all male lines. It is also found in individuals such as Ethiopian Jews and in arabs.

In Europe E-M123 is only observed at frequencies over 2.5% in southern Italy, in the Spanish region Extremadura (4%), and the Balearic islands of Ibiza and Minorca (average 10%). E-M123 could have been brought to the Mediterranean coasts of Europe by the Phoenicians, and to Italy by the Etruscans (from Anatolia). The Romans might have contributed to spreading it around their empire at low frequencies.(eupedia)

The French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte had belonged to these DNA Haplogroups, and also powerful people in other countries such as the chancellor Germany with Adolph Hitler, and here in the U.S with people such as 33rd-degree Freemason and President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

I’m sure these historical, DNA and Masonic connections are by no means a coincidence. Quite possibly someday soon they may be accepted as historical facts based on science and not mythology.Just
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Re: Notre Dame de Lumiere | “Our Lady of Light”

Postby Christine » Thu Apr 18, 2019 10:08 pm

Troy Lindquist: Facebook friend who shared the above article written by Scott Prier with these comments. I always find Mirra Alfassa's comments echo things that have been seen by many of us

Another perspective on the Notre Dame fire: Generally speaking, I'm in favor of and support the burning and destruction of all and any churches including the Vatican, not just because of the horrors and suffering inflicted by the Catholic Church over centuries, let alone the well documented sexual abuse/rape cases sponsored by the Vatican elite pedophile ring, but because of the occult forces' sucking energy in these places of worship.

I've visited several famous churches and cathedrals in Europe throughout my life, even just recently a few years ago, mostly for "research purposes". Tuning into the energy of these places is truly disturbing and icky; literally made me physically nauseous in some instances. Very heavy and depleting.

You don't need any man-made building nor any dogmatic religion (with a hierarchy of priests, bishops and popes) to connect to God, the Divine or whatever you may want to call it. It's nothing outside of yourself either. You know what the most magnificent and powerful "cathedral" was that I visited which brought me "closer to God" within me, seeing the Divine in everything? It was being at the Grand Canyon in silence; pure nature, nothing man-made. No crosses, deities or any forms of symbolism to worship and pray to.

It's also fairly obvious that all dogmatic monotheistic religions have been created and used for social control and suppression for centuries. Religion is an archonic creation, designed to suck your life force, harness your energy, and give away your power out of your own "free will" feeding on guilt and shame for the "sinner" you are based on the lie that God is outside yourself - some being in the sky and judging your every step.

I also recommend letting go of this socially engineered nostalgia regarding "great architecture" based on lies, superstition, and illusion. Rebuilding Notre Dame is like going backward, trying to hold on to something that was never real, to begin with, and essentially only feeds the Matrix. Let it crumble, let it burn, and let go, so we can finally evolve from this childish infantile state of consciousness and move on as a species.

Here's an insightful quote by The Mother Mirra Alfassa (early 20th century) which confirms what I saw and felt when being in these cathedrals and churches (P.S. The reptilian like Gargoyle statues and other grotesque depicted entities on Notre Dame (and many other cathedrals) should be a huge hint what this place was and is really about in light of "topic of all topics": the hyperdimensional control of humanity):


“I saw in one of the most beautiful cathedrals of France, which, from the artistic point of view, is one of the most magnificent monuments imaginable - in the most sacred spot I saw an enormous [non-physical] black, vital spider [occult hostile force] which had made its web and spread it over the whole place, and was catching in it and then absorbing all the forces emanating from people's devotion, their prayers and all that. It was not a very cheering sight; the people who were there and were praying, felt a divine touch, they received all kinds of boons from their prayers, and yet what was there was this, this thing. So, truly, if I had gone and told them "Do you think you are praying to God? It is an enormous vital spider that's feeding upon all your forces!", that would really not have been very charitable.

And that's how it is most of the time, almost everywhere; it is a vital force which is there, for these [hyperdimensional] vital entities feed upon the vibration of human emotions. The majority of people [visit these pleaces] only because of superstition, egoism and self-interest and create an atmosphere of this kind, and that is what you breathe in when you go to a church or temple. And all these people believe this is something holy! But it is a web of the hostile vital forces which use all this to feed upon.

Besides, in the invisible world hardly any beings love to be worshipped, except those of the vital. These, as I said, are quite pleased by it. And then, it gives them importance. They are puffed up with pride and feel very happy, and when they can get a herd of people to worship them they are quite satisfied. For example, there are so many of these entities called Kali - who are given, besides, quite terrible appearances -so many are even placed in houses as the family-goddess; they are full of a terrible vital force! I know them, those entities. I know them very well, but they are vital beings, vital forms which, so to say, are given a form by human thought, and what forms! And to think that men worship such terrible and monstrous things.

From this point of view, it is good that for some time men get out of this religious atmosphere, so full of fear, and this sort of blind, superstitious submission of which the hostile forces have taken a dreadful advantage. It is only when one comes out of that and the abject submission to monstrous vital forces that one can rise to truly spiritual heights and there become the collaborator and true instrument of the forces of Truth, the real Consciousness, the true Power. One must leave all this far behind before one can climb higher."

- The Mother Mirra Alfassa, The Integral Yoga - The Hidden Forces of Life
The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

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